Why do we Love Boxing?

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Boxing is a hugely entertaining sport and boxing events always draw the most enthusiastic crowds to matches. In fact, boxing is one of the rare ancient sports which has stood the test of time and is practiced in more or less the same format as it was 2 thousand years ago in ancient Greece and Rome.

This is because of the relatable nature of the sport and the fact that most of us have faced some sort of a personal fight throughout our lives which in many aspects mimics the dynamic and intensity of a top-notch boxing match.

Another aspect which makes boxing so interesting is the fact that it facilitates sports betting better than any other sport out there. Most people will argue that the origins of sports betting are in fact rooted in betting on boxing and it is easy to understand their claim if you look at the sheer number of sports betting sites which have boxing as the main sport in their offers.

Betting on boxing adds a whole new element of excitement to the sport. The possibility that your favourite boxer might win a round, landing you a payout is a very tempting prospect for a lot of boxing fans. If you’re a fan of boxing and also enjoy placing bets, take a look at these sports betting promotions for some of the latest deals and offers.

In this article we will look at some additional things which make boxing so appealing to people. People who are bombarded daily with more lucrative sports, but still prefer the passion and heart which only boxing can offer.

No Hiding

When Joe Louis famously said that you cannot hide in the boxing ring he hit the nail on the head in terms of how difficult it is to make it in the sport. Once you step in the ring it is you versus another victory hungry person and it is up to you to show that you possess more will, determination and strength than your competitor. If you cannot do this you will be on the wrong end of both physical and mental barrage of punches.
Boxing is not like football where there are 10 other people who can run the field and cover the ground for you if you have a bad day or are feeling lazy. In boxing, you are put on a pedestal for everyone to see your blood, tears and wounds. There is no one to cover for you and if you lose you’ve got no one else to blame. More or less the same like in the real life of the boxing aficionado.

Personal Connection

People establish real personal connections with the fighters they support. This connection is not like the one where a fan supports a boyhood football club or a star studded basketball team. No, an affiliation with a favourite boxer is something completely opposite to the superficial admiration of a group of individuals paid to do their jobs.

When you support a boxer you do it with your heart and soul. You feel for his struggles in his early days, you can see the scars that life has left on his face, you know that he represents everything that you believe in and that if you knew him in real life he would be the first to protect your back in a bar fight. That’s the magic that boxing wields over its fans.

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