Why Nonito Donaire will struggle to knockout Vic Darchinyan in the rematch

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Tonight, the “Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire makes his return to the ring. He is fighting for the first time since a 12 round unanimous decision loss to Guillermo Rigondeaux. The defeat was only the second of Donaire’s career and his first since 2001. The now 30 year old Donaire steps back into the ring with a very dangerous opponent, one from his past, former 3 division world champion, Vic Darchinyan.

It was back in July 7, 2007 when the two first met in the ring, and while Donaire was the underdog, he did not fight like it. Nonito consistently beat Darchinyan to the punch, and timed each one of “The Raging Bull’s” wild lunges. In the fifth round of the bout, Vic, as he had done many times in the fight, wound up for a big left hand, only this time to be met with a big counter left hook, getting knocked down, and ultimately getting stopped by the punch.

The rematch was talked about for many years, but with promotional changes and the fighters moving to different weight classes, it seemed their paths would never cross again.
Now, over 6 years and 4 weight divisions later, they are set to face each other once again at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. Many believe the rematch will play out the same as the first, and think the fight is the perfect bout for Donaire to bounce back to the dominance that had him ranked the #2 p4p fighter in the world.

I believe the rematch will play out much differently than the first bout, and the reason for this is not because of any type of decline in Nonito Donaire, but actually due to the improvements with Vic Darchinyan. The wild swinging brawler has over time calmed the raging bull inside of him, and now at age 37 is probably the most technically sound he’s been in his boxing career.

Darchinyan has developed some defensive ability and has started working behind a jab, which has disguised his telegraphed punches and allowed him to land his shots without being on the receiving end of a big counter.

Even with Vic Darchinyan’s late development, Nonito Donaire has also improved since the first bout and while I think the rematch will be closer the first, I still believe Donaire’s superior speed and skills will be the difference in the match. I can see this fight going into the late rounds, and while I see Darchinyan still being dangerous throughout the night, I believe Donaire’s poise in the ring will overcome the swarming attacks from the former champion.

I see Nonito Donaire coming away with a unanimous decision victory, with scores somewhere around 117-111. I think this rematch is playing out at the right moment in both fighters’ careers and with both fighters having so much on the line, I believe they with put on an entertaining fight for the fans, and I would not be surprised if the bout produces some drama before the night is through.

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8 Responses to "Why Nonito Donaire will struggle to knockout Vic Darchinyan in the rematch"
  1. BATO BALANI says:


  2. Glen says:

    Donaire will taste defeat again…. Bad luck is stuck on him….

  3. darchinyan will kiss the canvas again for the second me around this time no question about it., easy work for donaire,………………………………… koed,…………………………in 8 rd,.

  4. Bigfoot says:

    Vic is doomed, his ass is going to kiss in the canvass.

  5. Jam-Jam says:

    a wide swinger brawler is fit to kiss to the canvass.

  6. PONG says:

    I see no improvement on Vic. 5th round KO again by Nonito!

  7. phoenix says:

    Darchinyan improved his losses and struggle to boxers way too far the caliber of Donaire, watching Darchinyan fights I can say his technical improvements wont affect the fight bec. you need to have brain which Darchinyan does not have and his reflex is slow and still giving lot of openings and his punches cant hurt Donaire. It would tko in the middle for Donaire.

  8. Ping says:

    Pong is correct, i’ve seen many fights of darchinyan and no improvements. The first fight will happen again. Darchinyan will be knocked out. He will kiss the canvass again.