Will Kell Brook & Liam Smith be the Big Summer British Boxing Clash?

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For the past few years, Kell Brook has tried to land a huge British boxing match, most of the time with Amir Khan. However, he has failed to land that, instead fighting a foreign opponent.

The biggest of those came in London against Gennady Golovkin back in 2016, will Brook have one last big night in 2020 against another big British fighter?

He will certainly be hoping so, with that being his last pay day before retirement, and Liam Smith appears to be the perfect opponent for him.

Can Brook vs Smith Happen in the North?

Should Kell Brook get his wish then at this stage of his career, it would have to be a big northern matchup.

This is what Brook has tried to do in the past, with his attempts to fight Amir Khan, although they ultimately failed on numerous occasions.

Will things be different with the Liam Smith team when it comes to setting up this fight?

The thing to say about Khan is that while both fighters said they wanted it, did they really? The same cannot be said about Brook and Smith.

These two have grown up sparring on the odd occasion with each other, and respect what both have done in the game. Smith was ringside when Brook made his return at the beginning of February, watching him defeat Mark DeLuca in seven rounds.

With both expected to box in the Spring, that could set up a big summer event with these two at the top of the bill.

Brook vs Smith: Who Would be Favourite?

This would be a very even contest, and it is likely the bookmakers would not be able to split the two athletes.

That would make it the perfect bout for boxing fans to enjoy, with wagers no doubt being made on both the Yorkshireman and the Scouse boxer to come out on top.

While Brook has slightly more experience in bigger fights, Smith does have a two-year advantage when it comes to their age, which could prove pivotal in the contest.

The return from Brook was good, those who backed him to win in Sheffield will certainly not be put off doing the same again. However, it is a big step up in opponent, and Brook would need to be near to the peak of his form to topple Smith.

With a rivalry between the cities of Sheffield and Liverpool to think about here too, this will be a betting event where the money is split fairly evenly.

Ahead of the fight, should it happen, boxing punters will easily be able to source  free bets offers for the fight on freebets.uk from online bookmakers to use on the bout.

Will Brook and Smith Fight Before a Potential Matchup?

This is one thing that looks almost certain, especially for Kell Brook.

The Yorkshireman announced after beating Mark DeLuca that he was heading straight back to the gym to prepare for another fight, and not going on holiday as he normally would.

His next bout is expected to happen in April or May, around the same time we are likely to see Smith return to action. The Liverpudlian will want a warm up bout too before his main event in the summer, whether that is with Brook or somewhere else.

This is an exciting time for British boxing fans, hopefully with a big fight being made in the summer for us all to start looking forward to.

All eyes are on the Spring now when these two will likely fight, with the hope they can then meet in the summer.


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