Zac Dunn: “Everyone who has won the Commonwealth title has moved on to win world titles, so I’m in a good position”

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Former IBO super middleweight champion, Zac Dunn, has had an impressive start to his boxing career. Dunn is an undefeated contender with a 23-0 (18KO) record and is currently rated by all of the sanctioning bodies, putting himself in line for a world title shot. I recently had a chance to speak to Zac Dunn and I got his thoughts on his most recent win against Liam Cameron and talked to him about how he got into the sport. Dunn also gave his thoughts on the division and who he would like to face in the future. Additionally, Zac shared his views on a Green vs. Mundine rematch, what that fight means to the sport and who his is picking to win. Here is what Zac Dunn had to say.

Robert Brown: You had a good win over Liam Cameron and you got the Commonwealth championship. What did you think about the fight?

Zac Dunn: I was happy, I was pretty confident going into the fight. I was looking for the big punch to stop him a bit early but he was tougher than I thought. He’s pretty tough, he’s got a good defense but I believe that I was the better boxer and I backed my boxing and I backed my fitness.

Robert Brown: Your left hook to the body has really improved, is that something you have been working on?

Zac Dunn: Yeah, I got a good body shot and we’re constantly working on the body punching, always trying to perfect every part of our boxing.

Robert Brown: How did you get started in boxing?

Zac Dunn: I started boxing at around eleven or twelve years old, just going to the gyms and training. I did it to get fit and then one thing led to another and I started really enjoying my boxing. I enjoyed the discipline as well, so I kept the same routine each week, going to school and straight after going to the gym instead of hanging around doing nothing. I enjoyed the routine of it and I got really good at it at the same time. At fourteen I decided that I wanted to have some amateur fights, and 170 amateur fights later, 23 professional fights, here I am today.

Robert Brown: Who are you looking to fight in your division next?

Zac Dunn: I’d like Tyron Zeuge from Germany. I believe he just won the WBA title just recently. That’s a fight I would definitely take any time next year. That’s a fight I want, a fight that’s going to lift my boxing career.

Robert Brown: Is that the fight you’re looking to get for next year?

Zac Dunn: I jut want to defend my Commonwealth title because the Commonwealth title is a prestigious title and it’s held it’s own over the years. Everyone who has won the Commonwealth title has moved on to win world titles, so I’m in a good position at the moment and I’m happy where I’m at.

Robert Brown: Anthony Mundine will rematch Danny Green in February. What are you thoughts on that fight?

Zac Dunn: I believe they have done tremendously in their careers and have set themselves up. I don’t think it’s good for two fighters in their early forties to be fighting still, but we live in a world now where fighters seem to be fighting for longer periods. Fighters are fighting longer than they used to.

Robert Brown: Do you believe this fight is bad for the sport or positive?

Zac Dunn: It is what it is, they still have big names. To people who aren’t boxing fans, they know the name Danny Green and Anthony Mundine and they will tune in to watch it because there are no big fights going on in Australia at the moment. Do I think it’s good for Australian boxing? It is what it is, it’s two forty plus year old fighters fighting each other. I don’t think it’s the best but they still have big enough names to draw a crowd.

Robert Brown: Do you have a prediction of who will win the fight?

Zac Dunn: I think Green should win. It’s going to go twelve rounds regardless and I believe size always win. In saying that, I saw Green’s last fight against Kane Watts and he was gassed by the fourth round. Mundine is a big younger, so he’s got s bit of youth on his side and he may get on top.

Robert Brown: Where do you hope to be by the end of 2017?

Zac Dunn: WBA world champion or WBC world champion. I’m going to meet with my management team and we’ll have a chat about what we want to achieve and what we want to accomplish in 2017.

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    Zac might join the fate of most that come out of his country, but that is only if he comes over to the US. Stay over there and he might be a star. Has a good head on his shoulders and if he don’t think to far outside, he should do well.

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