BJ Flores: “Floyd Mayweather’s got everything to lose because nobody thinks Manny Pacquiao is actually gonna win”

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I had a chance to speak with cruiserweight contender and boxing commentator, BJ ‘El Peligroso’ Flores to discuss the latest news on his career and get his views on the boxing scene. BJ shares with us what he has lined up in his future as he continues to move closer to fighting for a cruiserweight belt. Flores also gave his insight into the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight and spoke on the public’s perception of the bout. Additionally, BJ speaks about the rise of the Premier Boxing Champions series and the recently announce bout between Amir Khan and Chris Algieri. Here is what BJ Flores had to say.

Robert Brown: We have had an influx of boxing back on free television recently with the first Premier Boxing Champions telecasts. How do you think it’s gone and are you happy with the ratings results?

BJ Flores: The ratings have been great, the first show had almost 4.5 million viewers at the peak time. It was the highest rated boxing program besides the show that Oscar De La Hoya did on CBS almost six years ago. It was the second highest rated show in the last twenty years and the last show in New York City was only trailing the first show by a small number. Those were the second and third largest shows that have been seen in America over the last twenty years. It’s exciting and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Robert Brown: With Al Haymon buying up so many dates on so many different platforms, do you think Al will be able to continue putting on quality fights on all these platforms?

BJ Flores: Yeah I think so. With the stable of fighters he’s got — now that he’s matching his fighters against each other — there’s just no reason why. I think he’s always had a grand plan, a master plan of how he wanted to set it all up and I think in 2015 we’re gonna see what Al Haymon’s plans have been these entire ten years.

It’s all coming to fruition now with all the fighters Al signed in the last few years and the great weights that he’s got completely a monopoly on as far as being able to control both sides to get both guys to agree to the fights. The guys want to fight each other, they just want to be paid fairly and Al does more than pay his fighters fairly. It’s a great situation for the fighters and the public.

Robert Brown: You got a fight coming up in Chicago which will be on Spike TV, how have preparations been?

BJ Flores: Preparations have been good, I’ve actually been training for it already for about five weeks. It’s going to be a very difficult fight against a very highly rated opponent who I’m not allowed to release the name yet but it’s going to be a very difficult fight. Hopefully Marco Huck will be on the undercard and if he’s not, then the show will move forward with or without him. We’ve been trying to get him over here for a long time.

I’m excited to be on a big platform to fight on national TV again — I used to do it a lot when I was coming up but the cruiserweight division kind of got lost over the last few years but Al Haymon is bringing it back. I’m very grateful about that and appreciative and just looking for an opportunity to show the fans what I can do.

Robert Brown: The big fight that I thought wasn’t going to happen and you thought wasn’t going to happen is happening. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is happening, what are your thoughts on it?

BJ Flores: I think you can never bet against Floyd Mayweather. I think it’s going to be a good fight because this will be his toughest opponent on paper. Actually I think Miguel Cotto at the time when Floyd fought him at 154lbs, I think that was probably a tougher fight, and I think maybe even Canelo was probably a tougher fight.

I think people were just buying too much into the Pacquiao hysteria. He’s fought Chris Algieri, Brandon Rios and Timothy Bradley as his last three opponents and you can’t compare those with the Floyd Mayweather opponents. I think it’s going to be a one sided fight for Floyd Mayweather.

I think people have bought in a little too much as far as Pacquiao and what he’s going to be able to do against Floyd and I think Floyd is going to have an easy time with him — not because Pacquiao is easy but because Floyd’s preparation is one hundred percent perfect and he’s seen it all and he’s fought the better opposition as of late.

Robert Brown: Does Alex Ariza’s inside knowledge add anything in your eyes?

BJ Flores: I don’t think it matters at all. I think Ariza is just something to get in Pacquiao’s head but it doesn’t matter. Floyd’d been a world champion since 1998, he came out of the Olympics in 1996 and won his first title in 1998 against Genaro Hernandez, we’re talking almost eighteen years as a world champion, it’s just unbelievable. It doesn’t matter who’s in his corner at this point. Ariza is a new addition, it doesn’t matter at all, Floyd is going to go out there and be Floyd and win those fights.

Robert Brown: So you feel the addition of Ariza is just a psychological ploy on Floyd Mayweather’s part?

BJ Flores: I think Ariza could probably do some things that Floyd hasn’t done before that may be able to help him out a little bit but it’s not like Floyd hasn’t been the best fighter over the last ten years without Ariza.

I’m sure there’s things Ariza can do to make him better but it’s not gonna matter — Floyd’s too much of a complete fighter for Manny to be able to contend with. It’s not gonna matter at all. I got Floyd winning at least eight or nine rounds, maybe even ten rounds against Manny. I don’t think it’s gonna be as close as everyone says.

Robert Brown: Who’s got more on the line for this fight?

BJ Flores: Manny has nothing to lose, Floyd’s got everything to lose because nobody thinks Manny is actually gonna win and the people who do are more so fans, not really boxing people. Floyd’s got everything to lose, Manny’s got nothing to lose.

Manny’s making probably five to ten times more money than he’s ever made in his career and Floyd’s making not even double what he’s even made — but it’s still good money though. Floyd’s got stuff to gain too but it’s not near the same as Manny does.

Robert Brown: I want to get your views on Amir Khan’s decision to fight Chris Algieri. When Amir’s got people like Kell Brook and Keith Thurman with belts out there, why do you think he’s chosen Chris Algieri?

BJ Flores: He’s just not confident in himself, that’s it. Why else? I can’t really explain it. When you have all the power that be, you got Al Haymon behind you and you got a million guys like Shawn Porter, Kell Brook, Keith Thurman, all those guys that are just now trying to decide who they want to fight and then you pick Chris Algieri. He doesn’t want to fight those guys, it is what it is.

I think Khan is a very good fighter, he’s very tough, very game, but please stop calling out Floyd Mayweather’s name when you’re fighting Chris Algieri and Luis Collazo. You can’t beat guys like that and get to Floyd, you gotta beat a name guy. Fighting Chris Algieri doesn’t get the job done.

Algieri’s coming off a loss where he was absolutely dominated by Pacquiao and Pacquiao is getting ready to get dominated by Floyd. It’s a far way down the ladder from a Floyd Mayweather quality type opponent. He’s fighting a guy who got dominated by a guy who Floyd’s about to dominate.

Robert Brown: In closing BJ, what’s the exact date for your next fight?

BJ Flores: It’s June 12th in Chicago. Everybody stay tuned and watch for that. I’m back to work, I’m going to be working hard this week and next week and one day at a time. I’ll be ready to put on a show June 12th.

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10 Responses to "BJ Flores: “Floyd Mayweather’s got everything to lose because nobody thinks Manny Pacquiao is actually gonna win”"
  1. Fedder says:

    If nobody think pacman will win, how come this fight is soo huge??? Why it is blockbuster and surpass every record in boxing events? Dont tell me because of floyd fighting styles? Then why all of his previous fight are not like this ??? Nobody think huh? Bullshitt

  2. berto says:

    Blow job flores pacman will beat the shit out of loudmouth gaywethear

  3. Ed says:

    FMJ had tougher fights as of late? That to me says it all, Manny had an easier fight with Cotto who FMJ got Rocked! Yeah, you’re right, FMJ had a tougher time with same opponent…

  4. Chavacano says:

    BJ is just too much of an FMJ fan.. I don’t think FMJ would make this much money fighting other fighter not name Pacquiao with that said it goes with Pacquiao as well. This fight can go either way. I’m going with the Pacman on this one, like BJ I have my favorite.

  5. Lacson says:

    BJ a big joke. No boxing knowledge whatsoever. Buying the Floyd Hype like everyone else. Speed, power, stamina all in Pac’s favor. He will set fast pace and Floyd will not be able to keep up. I predict 8th round knockout.

    Floyd is fighting a man who at 16 yrs of age had his best friend die in his arms after a boxing match. Then climbed the ring right after and KO his opponent in the main event. That’s the kind of man Floyd will be dealing with. Floyd is weak he can not even control himself from hitting women. Who do you think will fight to the death and who do you think will give up.

  6. oz3 hoy3 says:

    Relax guys take it easy on BJ. BJ Flores – beaten by Danny Green in a lopsided decision about 5 years ago. Then decided to fight nobody’s in an 8 and 6 rounded fights. WTF. At least Chris Algieri used to be a champion and always fought on a 10 or 12 rounded fightand you think you know better.. tsk tsk tsk

  7. barry gil r. pilar says:

    ..Bj Flores though ignorant of boxing hAs said an interesting assessment concerning the upcoming fight. Floyd has a lot to lose in this fight. He is the favorite because of his Vegas connections. Pacman is prepared to deal whatever he Floyd brings on the table and being an underdog makes him more dangerous. He has nothing to lose, hence the confidence of Pacquiao is greater than the fight itself. I hope Floyd fights well because Pacman will kick his arrogant ass!

  8. donnie isaac says:


    Stop thinking because your minds are out of order.. How would you say nobody believe Manny will win,,how about his worldwide fans…why is this fight a huge demands than any other else…Let see BJ Flores on May 2,,, I want to read you comments again…

  9. glen says:

    Nobody? I guess this guy only sees Floyd Maywewather fans and not majority of the world… What a kiss ass!!!

  10. kidlat says:

    What a Floyd d-ck rider!! OMG!! Can’t wait for May 2 so this punk will see that shoulder rolls don’t work on the Pacman!