Brandon Rios: “This is a do or die fight for me, and I’m gonna make it a do for me instead of a die!”

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Tomorrow night at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brandon ‘BAM BAM’ Rios will make his return to the ring against hard hitting Argentine boxer, Diego Chaves. The fight will be the first time Rios has stepped in the ring since his one sided decision loss to Manny Pacquiao. Many are hoping Rios can bounce back and show the aggressive brawling style that made him one of the most exciting fighters in the sport.

In part 1 of my “On The Ropes” interview with Brandon Rios, I speak with Brandon about his upcoming fight with Diego Chaves, and get his views on his opponent. Rios also talks about the time away from the ring and why he thinks the Ruslan Provodnikov fight did not happen. Additionally Brandon discusses the impact a loss in this fight would have in his career, and what the fans can expect to see on Saturday. Here is what Brandon Rios had to say.

Jenna J: How’s every thing going today Brandon?

Brandon Rios: Everything is going great. I’m just hanging out in the gym, getting ready to do my last training before I head out today.

Jenna J: You have an upcoming fight on August 2nd, against Diego Chaves. You’ve been out of the ring for quite a bit of time. How do you feel getting back in the gym and how do you feel about the opponent?

Brandon Rios: I feel great, getting back in the gym was good. I needed this little time off. It was good for me but then again it wasn’t, but I’m glad I took a little bit of time off to realize everything and just see everything that has happened in my last few fights. I’m just getting my mind straight again and getting ready for the fight.

I’m fighting Diego Chaves, I know it’s not an easy task. I know he has tremendous skills, so we’ll be ready, one hundred percent. We’re gonna give the fans what they like watching, they enjoy watching me fight.

Jenna J: You had the opportunity to fight Ruslan Provodnikov earlier this year. What went on with that and how close was that close to actually happening?

Brandon Rios: As far as Ruslan Provodnikov and me, I don’t know how close it was but I know they wanted too much money, they didn’t want to give me nothing. That’s what I know so far, that’s why the fight never got made.

I don’t know how close it was from getting done, but I wasn’t really worrying about it because I have my manager Cameron Dunkin, he’s the best at what he does and he knows what he’s doing, so I leave everything up to him.

I don’t really worry about my opponents — who I’m fighting and where I’m fighting. Cameron is the one that picks out the fight, he passes it to Robert, if Robert okays it, then we’ll be ready.

Jenna J: Your next opponent only has one loss, to Keith Thurman. When you look at Diego Chaves as a fighter, what do you see?

Brandon Rios: I see that Diego Chaves has tremendous skills. He does have boxing abilities, he does have skill. We just gotta be smart, and this time just be ready one hundred percent. That’s what we’ve been doing, we’ve been focusing. I’ve been following instructions actually, this is the first camp that I’ve actually been disciplined. I’ve been following every instruction that Robert’s been telling me. I’ll be ready.

Jenna J: This is your second fight at welterweight. How do you feel now that this move seems to be official?

Brandon Rios: It feels good. Welterweight, I think that’s my weight class and I do feel good at it. I feel comfortable, I’m not killing myself like I usually am. I feel great, I feel really great.

Jenna J: If you win your next fight, it puts you in line for a title shot. Is there anyone in particular that you’re looking at in the 147lbs weight class?

Brandon Rios: Right now we’re just looking at Diego Chaves. We’re not looking past him because I know this is a do or die fight for me, and I’m gonna make it a ‘do’ for me instead of a ‘die.’ Right now I’m too busy concentrating on Diego Chaves, I’m not really thinking about other fighters and other names out there right now. My mind is focused on Diego Chaves.

Jenna J: If you lose this fight, do you believe it’s the end of you at the elite level?

Brandon Rios: It could be. It could lower me down to the smaller pays. It could put me back on the pays that I’m not getting now. That’s what I mean by ‘do or die’ because I don’t want to start back over and start way down in the bottom of the food chain again.

I just gotta work my butt off — which I’ve been doing — and follow the instructions and listen to Robert this time — which I have been, I’ve been disciplined. This fight I’ll be ready, one hundred percent.

Jenna J:What can the fans expect to see from Brandon ‘Bam Bam’ Rios?

Brandon Rios: Well people are gonna see me back again. People are gonna see the old Brandon Rios back. I feel comfortable, I’ve been training my butt off and I’m ready to go out there. I got too comfortable making money and everything, I did get too comfortable. Now it’s back to the basics to how hard I was training to get where I was at. I feel great and I’m ready.

Jenna J: Do you think fans can potentially see a knockout from you?

Brandon Rios: I’m not going out there to look for a knockout, I’m going out there to win the fight. If the knockout comes, it comes. I’m not going out there seeking for a knockout. This time I’m going out there just to win the fight. Usually I do go out for a knockout but it’s been costing me, so this time I’m looking to just win the fight.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Brandon Rios interview, in which he speaks on fighting Manny Pacquiao and gives his thoughts on Mayweather

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  1. Ron says:

    Chaves is going to finish what Pacquiao started.. Chaves TKO 8

  2. tito45 says:

    I don’t get why Rios gets all the attention that he gets. He has zero skills, probably should have another two loses on his record, and his trainer is a known cheater. I expect Rios to win only because the guy he is fighting sucks more.

    • Anonymous says:

      probably because he is exciting unlike a lot of other fights. Chaves doesnt suck though, he is quick and has a very good knockout ratio. I can see him hurting rios but most likely going the distance where rios might get another gift win