Gennady Golovkin vs. Miguel Cotto: The Super fight that should be made in boxing

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The most prolific puncher of the current generation, Gennady Golovkin, took center stage on Saturday night to coldly dismantle the capable Daniel Geale. The result and manner of victory a formality in the eyes of many, Geale crumbled upon impact from a ‘GGG’ right hook in the third to bring a close to proceedings. The Kazakhstan native emerging with the 160lb title intact, expressed an interest in a unification bout against the man who dethroned Sergio Martinez as the 160lb kingpin, Miguel Cotto.

Despite the highest knockout ratio in middleweight history and a world title nestled on his resume, Gennady Golovkin continues to pursue that career defining victory. Numerous options have surfaced throughout media outlets. Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez cast bait into the murky waters of negotiations, expressing interest in a Floyd Mayweather clash at 154lbs and Carl Froch in the UK at 168lbs. Whilst both fighters are tantalizing options, neither are realistic options at this point. Post Daniel Geale annihilation, Gennady made his hit list public knowledge with Miguel Cotto in the most wanted spot.

Gennady Golovkin vs. Miguel Cotto is a mouth watering prospect, on paper. Cotto has experienced a career resurgence under the tutelage of Freddie Roach. Whilst Cotto’s near punch perfect destruction of Sergio Martinez was impressive, the rapid decline of Martinez must also be taken into account.

On the opposite end of the career spectrum, Golovkin has utilized calculated aggression to coldly dispatch all in his wake. Reinforcing his reputation as a fearsome puncher each time out, Golovkin is technically adept meshing smoothly with superb footwork. A formidable foe for any fighter, let alone a fighter in his twilight years.

Miguel Cotto’s arsenal would present Golovkin with his most challenging opposition to date. Cotto’s inbuilt gauge for judging distance was on display perfectly against Rodriguez, Martinez and Mayweather. Closing the distance efficiently, Cotto landed at will on a somewhat immobile Martinez. Whilst against one of boxings most defensively sound fighters in Mayweather, Cotto effectively cut off the ring and unloaded shots when backing Floyd on to the ropes.

In recent years, Cotto had abandoned the ferocious left hook that had brought him much success in years past. In the Delvin Rodriguez bout, Cotto’s first outing under Roach, it would be the left hook that would be Rodriguez undoing. A formula repeated in the Martinez victory.

Gennady Golovkin has garnered an imposing reputation during his ascent to the top of the middleweight division. Thus far ‘GGG’ has exhibited a perfect blend of technical prowess with brutal finishing ability. Cotto may present Golovkin with issues early on, as Gennady has shown a slight vulnerability to being tagged cleanly at times. Something Cotto would look to exploit. However at 160lbs, Cotto may struggle to keep Golovkin at bay beyond four rounds. I expect Golovkin to grasp control of the fight before the mid rounds and not relinquish his grasp.

Despite accelerating through the division and walking through second tier opposition such as Matthew Macklin and Daniel Geale, fans and pundits alike clamor to see ‘GGG’ tested against an elite foe. Miguel Cotto fits that bill. Whilst many will argue Cotto’s size detriment and career point puts him at a distinct disadvantage, Cotto’s recent run of form in lifting the Middleweight title justifies the bout.

Should the bout materialize, Gennady Golovkin has likely found the right opponent at the right time. Cotto carries the required credentials to propel Golovkin beyond the hype label he still carries, whilst notching up the marquee name that is absent on his resume. As the unified kingpin at middleweight, Golovkin could set his sights on the super middleweight division. A clash with Carl Froch is an option fans would relish.

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7 Responses to "Gennady Golovkin vs. Miguel Cotto: The Super fight that should be made in boxing"
  1. Pjohnson says:

    Cotto would expose GGG for being nothing more than a one trick pony. If you line up 10 bums, and you knock them all out. YOU STILL BEAT BUMS. Cotto is world class and would ruin Golovkin

  2. Aimar Cruz says:

    Cotto is acting like Fraudweather Jr and ducking the fight

  3. Cotto will win if the fight against Golovkin

  4. Olly Scirasco says:

    no its not canelo vs cotto is the true big fight!!!!!and more fair !!!

  5. ALBIS T. MAGHANOY says:

    I have been a boxing fan for five decades and studied every pugilist. GGG will surely lose to Cotto. Miguel is defensively educated and his left hook will surely lands first than the telegraphic left of GGG.

    • Horacio says:

      What of the size difference? And the power difference? And age too? Cotto may keep GGG off for a couple of rounds, but slowly and surely he will start wearing down and in the mid-late rounds, GGG can capitalize and I don’t think Cotto can quite handle the power of a big Middleweight.

  6. CD says:

    With cowards like Roach and Arum guiding him (guys who made sure Pacquiao’s career was spent fighting pensioners, weight drained guys, bums and tailor made slugs), no way will Cotto step up and take the battering