Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Anytime someone gets their ass whooped like Broner or Pacquiao got whooped, I don’t think there’s no coming back!”

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With all the talk in the past week in boxing centering around the rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, discussion about a rematch not happening has also been in the news. Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced that the fans can choose his next opponent, and the options are between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana. The thought was that Maidana was no longer available after Adrien Broner exercised his rematch clause, but when you are boxing’s #1 fighter, clearly you can call the shots, rematch clause or not.

In part 2 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I discuss with him the Mayweather Jr. sweepstakes and what fighter he ultimately prefers to see his son step into the ring with. I also talk with Floyd about his son’s incredible run as a boxing champion and what he thinks about the significance of it. Additionally, Floyd gives his views on the future of Adrien Broner, and if he believes that a Maidana rematch is the right move for the young former champion, and his thoughts on how a rematch would play out. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: Floyd, there is a fan vote to decide your son’s next opponent. As the trainer, who do you want your son to fight?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Like I said, it don’t make a difference to me with either one of them because Marcos Maidana he’s not in Floyd’s class either. He might be better than Khan, but he ain’t better than Floyd. As a matter of fact, Khan beat him didn’t he?

Jenna J: Yeah he did.

Mayweather Sr: Alright then, that’s gonna show you what time of the day it is then. Both of them know the deal, any of them guys, they aren’t slick enough, clever enough, smooth enough. None of them can do nothing with Floyd, none of them. Floyd ain’t even in their class, there’s a whole other different class. Floyd’s an A+ class and these guys are C’s and D’s.

Jenna: Floyd, in regards to your son, have you talked with him about getting back to the gym and start training, because it’s starting to get to that point where you guys want to start making preparations. Have you had any talks with him?

Mayweather Sr: Oh my son was at the gym the other day. He started the other day when he got up, he asked, “Daddy, do you think it’s alright what I’m doing right now?” I said, “Yep, you’re doing it right, keep doing what you’re doing.” He just started the other day. He has started the training now.

Jenna: I found something interesting about your son, it’s been 18 years since he medaled in the Olympics, and it’s kind of an amazing stat that he’s at the top of his game after all this time, it’s a rare feat for boxers in history. What do you think about that?

Mayweather Sr: That’s amazing, it is amazing. I never heard of nobody doing it. He’s still right at the top of the game now. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if anybody did it before.

Jenna: Not at this level. Muhammad Ali, he was a champion 18 years after he won the medal but he had lost to Leon Spinks and he had to win back his title, then he retired after that, but not someone like Floyd at the top of their game.

Mayweather Sr: So far in that aspect, Floyd has surpassed that. Ali is one of my favorite fighters. I like the younger Ali, Cassius Clay, that’s who I like. Even though I liked Ali when he was fighting, a lot of things that he did, I realized myself at the end of the day that it wasn’t good, doing the Rope-a-dope and things like that. That’ what I think pretty much got him in this kind of condition that he’s in right now, but it don’t make a difference, he was still one of my favorite fighters.

Jenna: Last time I had you on, you talked a lot about Adrien Broner and his future. Apparently he wants to fight Marcos Maidana in a rematch next, he exercised the rematch clause. I’m curious, do you think he can win that fight after not looking so good last time out?

Mayweather Sr: I’m gonna tell you, anytime someone gets their ass whooped like Broner or even Pacquiao got whooped, I don’t think there’s no coming back, and especially with the trainer that Broner has. There ain’t no coming back. They don’t know anything to do or what to do because they’re one dimensional, they have no plans for him of how to fight.

They’re gonna sit him in there with the same thing that he had before, he’s going up the same row and he’s gonna meet the same man and he’s gonna get hurt worse this time. I’m telling you the truth because when Maidana hits him upside the head again, he knows he went down before.

In this fight right here with Maidana, listen to me and listen to my words right now, he’s either gonna get knocked out by Maidana or he’s gonna quit! He’s gonna quit on the stool or he’s gonna quit in the fight somewhere or he’s gonna get knocked out, it’s gonna happen.

Jenna: Do you think it’s a mistake that he’s going right after the rematch?

Mayweather Sr: I think the way he got beat up, I think he should have took at least two good tune ups, at least. I don’t think nobody should go right back behind a terrible beating like that. As a matter of fact, I know he’s doing it out of anger.

He ain’t doing it by thinking with his mind, because his trainer is not even thinking. If they were thinking, they would tell him, “No, we are not gonna take this fight right now, right back to back.” If his trainers were in control, they would be telling him right now that he doesn’t need that fight and he shouldn’t take that fight, but instead he’s calling the shots and he’s the one telling them, “Look I want it right now.”

He’s talking about wanting Maidana right now, but he doesn’t want Maidana right now, he doesn’t want Maidana at all to tell you the truth. When Maidana gets through this time, you don’t got to worry about it because the whole game will be over. I’m here to tell you, he’s gotta do something magnificent to overshadow what happened to him the last time.

He’s got to do something incredible, and I don’t see that in him. If he’s trying to do the Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. stuff, he cannot do it, he cannot do it. Hey, I’m the master of showing that, I’m the one that showed my son. If he wants to learn it, he’s gotta come here, but you know what? This time he started again without the Mayweather’s, it’s gonna end the same way.

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48 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Anytime someone gets their ass whooped like Broner or Pacquiao got whooped, I don’t think there’s no coming back!”"
  1. dave says:

    you suck both of you father and son gayweather you have to much to say about manny but fighting in the ring with manny was never your intention because we all know PAC is the only danger for gayweather and mark my word if pac and gay meet up i promise you gayweather will taste his 1st defeat and he will cry out loud.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Art says:

      The handsome Mayweather Sr is talking about himself, when his ass was whooped by Sugar Ray Leonard, he was not able to come back…HAHAHAHAHAHA with echoooooooooooooo….

    • centerbolt says:

      If Pac is down as you say old man, why avoid him.
      Fight him or are guys scared of him?

      • hd says:

        Floyd will beat pac no problem. However when he claim his son is the best of all time, he is not serous about it, The best of all time was Ray robinson, Ali,jack demsey, etc etc. If he says he is undefeated 45-0, Chavez sr was undefeated in 87-0 so I think we can call guys like Chavez sr the greatest of all time.

        • artjd says:

          To Hd – So you’re one of those “experts” who said no way Douglas can beat Tyson, no chance in hell Ali beat Foreman, hehehehehehe. Have you ever wondered why, in heaven’s name, despite the biggest money to be made in boxing history, Floydie still refuses to fight Pacquiao? Have you ever asked yourself why since you said Floydie beating Pacquiao easy and yet Floydieboy seems to have lost his balls? C’mon, man, it pays to sometime think so you won’t look stupid.

  2. supersonic says:

    shut up ol’ man. Just like you, your son’s got NO balls.

  3. ANTI FLOMOS says:

    DUCK DYNASTY. hahaha QUACK QUACK QUACK.. and then no fight! wtf is that?

  4. El_Critika says:

    evading tactics…father and son. lolz!

  5. Glen says:

    Jenna… if you got nothing else good thing to write, drop by the house… I’ll keep you busy all night.

  6. evert says:

    you just cant get enough sr. many got his ass whoop before but manny has a heart of a champion
    always get up when go goes down……..

  7. PM says:

    go to hell father & son..including uncle of fmj.

  8. noelzki says:

    you Monkey Gayweather Coward!!!

  9. ironmike says:

    ass clown Mayweathers. 20 years from now boxing historians will write about how Floyd jr ducked Pac to the end. Floyd jr said he doesn’t need Pac to seal his coward ass legacy, well he’s wrong! if Floyd doesnt fight Pac next yr before he reites, his legacy will be tainted forever.

  10. Manny Niyut says:


  11. The ugly clan of Mayweather are Bogus Bunch, self serving words meant to insults the people they are so scared to fight, yet afraid to fight Manny . And then declares the Junior Mayweather is the best. Perhaps the best self-proclaimed champion by being “Scared shit” to fight the little guy from Asia?the one and only , fighter of the decade , The only Eight Weight division Champion in the World and your self proclaimed champion Floyd jr. Is nowhere near it., Floyd will soon runout of Class B opponents and will sure be undefeated for fighting the lightweights but rest assured, Floyd will go down in History as tthe Greatest Ducker of all time. And The ” Bullshit Artist of all time” and The biggest mouth in Boxing or the most hated next to his uncles and the dad!

  12. Amy's Man says:

    Yeah.That is why your son dodges Pacquiao because Manny will not just make it back to the top but your son will never be the same afterwards.

  13. He used pacquiao name to make more money.this tactic is al haymon behind gayweather will be in danger if this man without him.all is hype evretyme there was a fight

  14. Alviend says:

    I hope Broner will prove this Floyd senior, wrong. Go Broner!!!!! And never ask the senior to train you, otherwise you be what???? Popular???? Your popular now. So what? You want me to answer this??? If so, I use the part of the phrase the senior always say…. “I TELLL YOU RIGHT NOW” you’ll be a great con-artist like Jr.

  15. Pro-Box says:

    It dont get more ignorant than mayweather sr. Wish he would just stfu. Tired of the crackhead.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Jenaa U NEED to get laid!!!

  17. jess says:

    Should Pacquiao knock out Bradley, Gayweather Jr. will find another alibi why he should not fight Pacquiao. This is as sure as the sun rises tomorrow. Boxing champion like him will leave no lasting legacy. When he retires, fans will easily forget him. Remember when he semi-retired a few yeas ago? Nobody was talking about him because in his place were more exciting boxing champion. He made a successful comeback only because he cherry picked opponents and ran away from facing those he sees will whip his as…..

  18. Anonymous says:

    quack!quack!quack gayweather a bunch of chicken

  19. Deondre says:

    I hate to agree with Floyd Sr. but he is correct. Pacquiao almost got knocked out dead by Brandon Rios, it’s over!

  20. Dickhead says:

    ass whooping Gorilla

  21. Lope says:

    Even the father got scared with the Pacman

  22. The elder Gorilla spews more Crap

  23. Pro-Box says:

    Lol when did pac almost get knocked out by rios? Maybe u should watch the fight again
    And get your facts straight deondre

  24. Paolo says:

    ” I don’t think there’s no coming back”.
    Thats a double negative, which means he thinks he will be coming back, doesn’t it………..

  25. Roger moore says:

    Who are you to judge gayweather Sr, its u the one who got bitten by sugar ray , you fucker , you are not even star when u we’re fighting ! U fucking oldman ,Im goona whoop your stingky ass : putang ama ka !!!

  26. Nick says:

    Pathetic old man full of hatred.

  27. ronnie says:

    Floyd asked for fans vote with respect to his next opponent and the choice is between khan and maidana. however, Sr. Floyd admits that there’s a deal for a rematch between maidana and Broner. Therefore, Floyd knew it that it is Khan. CHERRYPICKED

  28. amado angara says:

    ohhh, here he is again, Floyd Sr talked too much but he never/can’t encourage his son, Floyd Jr to fight Pacquiaoi. Just because the tandem of Father and Son both afraid of Pacquiao.

  29. Lewie Leonillo says:

    Yeah, just like the way Sugar Ray Leonard whooped….errr over-whooped you black ass

  30. jamcity says:

    but when you are boxing’s #1 fighter, clearly you can call the shots, rematch clause or not.

  31. jamcity says:

    “but when you are boxing’s #1 fighter, clearly you can call the shots, rematch clause or not.” How about the matchmakers, the promoters, especially the FANS? Don’t they have something to suggest about a boxer’s next opponent? Are they fans make *ayweather enjoy the wealth he has now? Jenna Jay, how are you related to Paul Magno and Ben Thompson? What i see in your articles involving one particular boxer named Manny Paquiao are negative things.

  32. dindo says:

    Jenna, you’re a troll.
    If you need some attention, at least make an effort rather than these Gayweathers ugly bunch .
    Who interviews them at this time anymore? Enough already.
    Yes you need to get laid. hehe

  33. dindo says:

    jenna, come see me for the laiding thing

  34. Let’s just see if Sr. is right about this fight. I think all Broner has to do is start faster and throw more punches and keep his jab pumping. Now I just gave Broner the blue print on how to beat Maidana and if he listens he will win and send me my check. See this was free and you did not have to pay Floyd Sr, a dime. Oh I did leave out two small details lol. I guess I do respect Floyd Sr. because now I am not betting on this fight.

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