Timothy Bradley: “Pacquiao’s trying all he can do to seal that deal with Mayweather, but the train stops here!”

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(transcribed by Michael Readman) When it comes to the promotion for the upcoming rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, much of the talk revolves around the controversy in the scoring of the first fight. The fight was scored very closely by all three judges, with each having the fight decided by only 2 points. The decision shocked many boxing fans and enraged others, and with many experts predicting that the rematch could be potentially even closer than the first in terms of action, could we see controversy once again?

In the third and final part of my interview with Timothy Bradley, I asked him if he feels the second fight will be even bigger than the first. I also get his views on being the second choice from Manny Pacquiao, who first tried to arrange a 5th fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, and if he was surprised Marquez turned the fight down. Additionally Bradley discusses potentially being the man to retire Manny Pacquiao, and gives his official prediction for the bout. Here is what Timothy Bradley had to say.

Jenna J: Tim, do you think the rematch will be bigger than the first fight because of the controversy?

Timothy Bradley: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. I’m at a different level now, I’m at a different level than when I fought him the first time. I just came off a big win against Marquez, I had the fight of the year against Provodnikov.

Everybody wants to see what’s gonna happen in this fight, a lot of people are gonna tune in. Everybody wants to see what Pacquiao’s gonna do, if he can knock me out and everybody wants to see if I can really beat him.

Jenna J: In regards to the whole Pacquiao talks, you weren’t actually the first guy to be offered the fight with Manny, Marquez was, he was offered ten million dollars for the rematch and he turned it down. Were you surprised that Marquez didn’t want a fifth fight with him?

Timothy Bradley: Nah, you get tired of fighting the same guy. It’s even hard to get up when you’re fighting a guy and you’ve fought him like twice, say you lose one and you come back and you have a rematch and then you fight him again it’s easy to get up, but like three, four times, come on.

Then you seal the deal by knocking him out in the fourth fight it’s like, “Hey, why do another fight? Dude I knocked you out cold, it’s over it’s done.” Close that chapter in your career, it’s over, it’s over, you’re just like, “No I don’t wanna do it.”

Marquez don’t have to fight for money, Marquez has tons of money and he’s comfortable and he’s content with his career and where he is and what he’s done. The only thing now is he wants a rematch with me because he wants to prove to himself and the fans that he can beat me and he wants to be the first guy to do that and he wants my title, he wants that welterweight title.

Jenna J: In regards to Marquez, when it’s all said and done, because him and Pacquiao have fought so many times, in your honest opinion, who do you think will have the greater legacy? Marquez, the guy that ended the chapter knocking him out or Manny Pacquiao, who won all the division titles?

Timothy Bradley: Both of them are gonna have great legacies, they’re both on different levels as far as stardom goes. Marquez is a superstar but Manny Pacquiao is an icon, he’s a legend. Marquez is a legend as well but Marquez is no icon.

When you talk about boxing, the two name you hear are Mayweather of course, he’s the best in the business and then you hear Manny Pacquiao. So you know, they are two different levels as far as what they’ve done in the ring, two different levels and all their accomplishments and how many people look up to these guys. A lot of people look up to Pacquiao, a lot more than they look up to Marquez.

Jenna J: One thing you said earlier, if you beat Manny Pacquiao he may well retire, his career may well be over. How would you feel if you were the man responsible for ending Manny Pacquiao’s career?

Timothy Bradley: Man I’ll tell you, I’ve retired more folks than social security, I’m telling you. This not gonna be any different. Marquez is about to get ready to retire and I know Rios said in his last fight he was gonna retire him or whatever, I’m just gonna beat the man and if he retires then hey, he retires.

This can be very, very bad for his career if he loses again because he is trying to rise again and he’s trying to get that big fight with Mayweather and he’s trying to do everything he possibly can to try and seal that deal, but the train stops here, the train stops here!

One day somebody will, there’s a few people out there who support me and I’m pretty sure more than a few people, but everybody is gonna get it sooner or later, especially after April 12th so, that’s all I have to say about that.

Jenna J: Speaking of Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, lets say hypothetically you fall into a punch, he wins the fight, do you think that fight would ever really happen? Do you think even if Pacquiao beat you or beat you decisively, do you think the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would even happen in that case?

Timothy Bradley: I think anything’s possible like I told you, Mayweather hasn’t fought him yet and I don’t understand why. I think Mayweather can beat him but I don’t know why he hasn’t fought him yet, I don’t understand why. If you want to break the PPV record which you already set on your own, you can break it with Manny, I’ll tell you that much!

I don’t know, I really don’t know, but like I said I think anything’s possible, but that whole thing with me getting miraculously getting knocked out, (laughs) that’s not gonna happen. He couldn’t knock me out with two bad feet, he’s not gonna knock me out with two good feet.

Jenna J: Final question for you Tim, fans listening out there, when you get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao, what is your official prediction?

Timothy Bradley: It’s gonna be a high intensity fight, I expect it to be interesting, I expect some of the rounds to be close, and I expect it to be a split decision win for me in my favor. At the end of the twelve rounds they will hold up my hands and I’m gonna be victorious once again, undefeated.

Jenna J: You said split decision?

Timothy Bradley: Yeah, it’s gonna be a split decision, it’s not gonna be a unanimous decision, there’s no way in hell. I can beat him every round, it’s still gonna be a split decision.

Jenna J: In closing Tim, any message you want to pass on to your fans out there?

Timothy Bradley: Oh yeah, to all my fans out there that support me I just want to say thank you for all your support and love and staying with me all the way through this and we’re getting another crack at this stardom in beating a legend so hold on and enjoy this ride.



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29 Responses to "Timothy Bradley: “Pacquiao’s trying all he can do to seal that deal with Mayweather, but the train stops here!”"
  1. Glen says:

    The train stops here… The wheelchair starts here….

  2. kfed says:

    Pac will never seal the deal with Mayweather because he is afraid to take a drug test. I hear that he is trying to cheat against Bradley and will be doing the stuff again. Frankly Pac can do all the steroids he wants and he will still lose. Mayweather is 20 classes above Pac and I can’t wait till broke Manny takes whatever Money offers him, as its the only money anyone will give him after Bradley makes him looks subpar again

    • Andoxxx says:

      Hahaha, you’re funny….you don’t know anything about boxing. If Mayweather is that really good, why he keeps on dodging Pacquiao with all that kind of alibis….and now he wants to fight Khan or Maidana. what the heck? come on nincompoop!

    • loypu says:

      gayweather lover. 20 classes above.sure you moron, I will ask you who has the much impressive win agaisnt de la hoya; your boxer only manage a split decision while manny made him quit on his stool. He cannot even put down mosley while paquiao knock him down. KO hatton in 10 rnds while manny did in two. TKO Cotto while your mayweather only manage a decision. Think again buster.

    • Anonymous says:

      you faggot

    • tre says:

      you just said he aint gonna fight floyd because of the blood test and now your saying you cant wait for him to accept what mayweather offers him. you are just as lost as floyd is. haters totally becomes non sense when they speak. coward supports coward. floyd makes money being a coward but his coward fans lose more money supporting a coward like floyd

    • Alviend says:

      Typical Mayweather fanatic!!!!! If Floyd really believes he can beat anybody fair and square with only his skill and prowess, he is CRAZY!!!!! He cheated in all his past fights when he continue to use that drug in his hand. Is that fair!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! Tell your IDOL to just fight the PAC and try to fight outside of Las Vegas!!! And if he fights MAIDANA, tell him to not turn his back whenever he is get cornered, similar to the Hatton fight. Floyd is a CON!!!! But I do hope that he picks Khan. It doesn’t matter if Khan deserve is or not, most (if not all) of Floyd’s partners doesn’t deserve the facing Floyd, either. Those were paper champions with padded records like him. So Khan, will touch him so to me, that is enough reason to watch his fight, in replay!!!! 20 levels above PAC, Dang, your as CRAZY like Floyd.

    • Anonymous says:


  3. Marcus says:

    You guys are to busy teabagging Pacz balls to admit Pac should b the one scared. Bradley beat the guy who knocked Pac out. Give the man credit he got a clear victory over Jmm. When Pac couldn’t that they kept fighting. I wanna see a knock out it was funny to hear all you haters say Pacowch was winning. He got robbed. (Wa wa wA wa)

    • Alviend says:

      If you think, Brad will knock out pacquiao… Your as crazy as the other guy that commented, Floyd is 20 levels above PAC. Who do you guys think FLOYD is, GOD???? And by the way, I admire PAC for saying he want that fight for the FANS, its just unfortunate that that includes you.

  4. Deondre says:

    I know that Mayweather won’t fight Pacquiao. Because Bradley is gonna knock out Pacquiao, there isn’t going to be any need for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

  5. mike says:

    Why their are so many gayweather lover who support him in his cowardice acts,,?
    Gayweather scared of pacquiao ,,facts

    • Deondre says:

      Its not cowardice, it’s just skill. He’s better than Pacquiao, faster, bigger, smarter. Floyd is an all time great, Manny is just an average fighter

      • tre says:

        then why fight an average fighter like guerrero maidana ortiz/ non sense

      • Barok says:

        Dude, Da Manny was unanimously voted as fighter of the decade by the BWAA (Boxing Writers ASSociation of America). Are you saying that these boxing writers are idiots and morons? Dude you are pointing two fingers to others but you are pointing three fingers to yourself, which means that you are admitting that you are either an idiot or a moron or both.

    • tre says:

      they support floyd by wanting him not to fight manny. they hate manny so much that they put him as an average fighter and he doesnt belong to floyds level. guerrero ortiz maidana or khan are on the same leauge with floyd? are these underated fighters make more money than average fighter like pacquiao? totally non sense. shit i dont even think those names or even bradley would outbox rios! you dont compare fighter fought the same fighter to see what would be the outcome. but the way zab outboxed floyd makes more sense

  6. Jowo says:

    Seriously, I think Pac shouldn’t take Bradley lightly. He’s not the same fighter he fought in 2012 with much more experience now in beating Marquez and Povodnikov. But as for Gayweather, he’s a joke. His whole career’s a joke!

  7. Barok says:

    Jowo. Agree. So let’s boycott all Floyd’s fight in order to force Showtime to make the Pac- Floyd fight.

  8. Alviend says:

    TIM said he’ll win, PAC said he’ll take the crown back. I say, the FANS win!!!!! Can you say the same thing with most (if not all) of Floyd’s fights???? Those fights should have be categorized as an event between Boxing and WWE. Its short to say, its scripted. TIM and PAC is a REAL fight, I think nobody will knockout anybody. If it happens, it more likely that PAC will knock TIM down than the other way around.

  9. True Pound4Pound King says:

    Floyd’s ring IQ is obviously better than Manny.He’s a complete boxer but in my own view,He’s not deserve to be in the All time Great Boxers.I don’t know why Floyd is still afraid or scared to fight Manny.If He’s the best,why He is still avoiding an average fighter like Manny?

    the ingredients to become an All time Great Boxers are:

    Not coward
    Like to fight dangerous fighters
    willing to take the risk

    Do you think Floyd have this to become an All time Great Boxers?He will be remembered by some boxing fans,boxing analysts,medias,and critics as a coward boxer until he’ll not fight Manny.

  10. FOK Duck Dodger Kenducky Flyd Chicken

  11. I'm floyd says:

    I’m scared of Pac man so what? I stutter every time his name
    comes up so what? I retire so many times to duck Manny so what?
    I have many alibi and excuses so what? I been in jail so what?
    I beat up women cuz I was ask to fight Pac man so what?
    I hired my own media to back me up for my alibi and excuses so what?
    I use lidocaine to numb my hands when I box so what?

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  13. LEONARDO C. BAG-AO says:

    The different opinion of boxing fans between Pacman and Timothy Bradley will be proven this April 12 fight, lets gonna wait for that time.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Pacman beat Bradley “in his prime”

  15. Rodney says:

    Even if you triumph and finish while in the money, the usually little rewards
    don’t convert to a high hourly profit.