Floyd Mayweather Sr: “If Manny Pacquiao wants to fight my son clean like he is, he’s gonna get his ass whooped!”

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Ever since talks first surfaced of a potential Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, there has been speculation from Floyd Mayweather Sr. about Pacquiao’s rise up the weight divisions. Senior first started making accusations regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs after Pacquiao stopped Ricky Hatton, who Mayweather was training at the time. Now with talks again surfacing about a potential bout between his son and Pacquiao, Mayweather Sr. has a new view on what he sees today.

In part 2 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, he talks about some of the rumored match ups for his son’s next fight, and how he thinks those bouts would go. Mayweather also gives his views on Manny Pacquiao’s recent return against Brandon Rios, and what he thinks could be next for Pacquiao. Additionally Senior discusses how he thinks a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would go now if there is drug testing for the fight. Here is what Mayweather Sr. had to say

Jenna J: Floyd, if you had your choice of who your son fights next, would you prefer someone like Marcos Maidana, or the guy that’s expected to get the fight, Amir Khan?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I would train him for either one of them, it wouldn’t be no difference. He can fight Amir Khan or get could fight Maidana, it would make no difference to me in my mind, in my head because I’m just saying we can’t say what will happen in life, but hey there is no fear there to me for him to fight either one of them. I think Amir Khan is not going to be nothing spectacular, and neither is Maidana.

Jenna: Floyd if for some reason it does get switched up, and it does become Marcos Maidana versus your son, how do you see that fight playing out?

Mayweather Sr: He might end up fight him, I’m just really telling you that I have seen Maidana and he used his jab good against Broner, and Broner did not use his jab like he should, there is a lot of things that Broner did not use, but like I said anyway it goes I think those two guys are tailor made for Floyd. If you bring one, it’s just like fighting the other one to me, because we are not expecting for them to be hitting anything.

Jenna: Alright Floyd, I do have to get your opinion on a recent bout. Manny Pacquiao returned to the ring and won a wide decision against Brandon Rios. What did you think of that fight?

Mayweather Sr: (laughs) That’s the biggest joke in the world. I’m going to tell you that is the biggest joke in the would because I thought Brandon Rios, the way they were talking about him, I thought they had a real monster that was going to fight Pacquiao. That man can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, I’m telling you the truth.

I thought Pacquiao was getting ready to fight a monster, Pacquiao just fought somebody that don’t know how to fight, he fought a sub novice fighter, that’s what he just fought. I’m not even going to say open with the way he looked, that guy can’t fight at all, he don’t even know what the hell a jab is, he don’t even begin to think about a hook, the man can’t fight.

Jenna: What did you think of the way Pacquiao fought against Rios? Even though you don’t believe Rios can fight.

Mayweather Sr: Pacquiao did fantastic. Pacquiao did everything he needed to do and everything he’s supposed to do, he did it. Rios, I don’t understand why these guys, like I said, not only just Broner did all that cussing, Rios is another cusser, that’s all he is, a cusser. He ain’t no fighter, he’s a cusser, he do all that cussing and that ain’t nothing. You gotta show more than that. That cussing ain’t whooping nobody, it’s just slander of the mouth, that’s it.

Jenna: Now do you think Pacquiao winning that fight against Rios proves anything at all that he’s back or not?

Mayweather Sr: I think he did good, I think he’s in the picture now, no question about that. I think he’s in the picture. As far as somebody going the distance with him, that says something. It says that he ain’t the Pacquiao of old, so that’s good to know that a bum went the distance with him. I just don’t know how in the world…what was that guy ranked, do you know?

Jenna: Well he wasn’t ranked at welterweight but he was ranked relatively high at 140 lbs.

Mayweather Sr: Whatever he was ranked, Pacquiao is around his weight anyway. I think Pacquiao did a great job with him.

Jenna: Now Floyd, the natural question is, with Pacquiao coming off of that type of performance, is he now worthy of a fight with your son?

Mayweather Sr: I can tell you this, my son is by far ain’t what that guy(Rios) is right there. I’m gonna be honest with you, I believe that my son would have gotten him out of there in someway. The reason I say that is because the guy is so hittable, he’s so hittable in so many different places and spots. You can hit that guy with anything you want to hit him with.

I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m surprised that the big banger Pacquiao didn’t knock him out, I don’t know where that came from. Anytime Pacquiao hit anyone that many times, they definitely get up out of there, and that guy was still there.

Jenna: Why don’t you think Pacquiao was able to knock him out? Do you think Rios just has a really great chin or do you think Pacquiao doesn’t have that power like he used to?

Mayweather Sr: No, no, no, that has nothing to do with it, and I think you know where I’m at with it. I don’t think it’s nothing about his chin and I could see right now that it ain’t got nothing to do with his power. Where did he get the power? That’s what I’m trying to tell you, where did he get that power from?

We already know if he had that power that he had before, that guy would have been gone, but instead he went the route. He went the route easy because he never did come close to being knocked out, he never even come close to being rattled. That tells you something.

Jenna: Well interestingly enough Floyd, when the drug test came back, Brandon Rios actually popped up for a banned substance. Were you surprised that he was the one that came up?

Mayweather Sr: Who cares if Brandon Rios would have put anything in his body, because he can’t even fight anyways. You got to at least be able to find somebody to hit them. He couldn’t even do that, so who cares what he put in his body. I’m just saying, being that we know that he did what he did, and he didn’t win. You know that even if he used something, he still can’t hit you, then he ain’t gonna win anyways so that’s what it was with him. He was just there as an opponent.

Jenna: Are you surprised that Pacquiao didn’t come up positive for a drug test?

Mayweather Sr: I’m just saying that if he didn’t do it then I’m glad that he didn’t do it. I’m glad to see that he didn’t do it, that way he may get a fight with the person where he can make what he needs to make, and clear up some of his bills.

I’m just telling you right now that it’s very, very good that whatever he was doing before that he was getting all these outstanding knockouts, hitting everybody, fighting middleweights and all that. It just shows you right here, he had a guy he could hit all night long and the guy couldn’t even fight, plus the guy had drugs in him.

I’m telling you, that’s the way life is. The guy couldn’t fight at all and Pacquiao still didn’t get him out, it wasn’t meant for Pacquiao to get him out because like you said, Pacquiao came back clean this time. If he was clean all the other times, he wouldn’t be where he’s at today, he wouldn’t be talking about fighting my son right now if he hadn’t been doing what he was doing back a while ago. Now if he wants to fight my son clean like he is, he’s gonna get his ass whooped, simple.


To read part 1 of the interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, follow the link below.


read part 1 here –> https://ontheropesboxing.com/?p=2633

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62 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Sr: “If Manny Pacquiao wants to fight my son clean like he is, he’s gonna get his ass whooped!”"
  1. Anonymous says:

    Here you go again, Sr. Juice..juice..you talk about juice. Bring your son in front of pacquiao and we’ll see

  2. Mayweather Jr. says:

    I’ll beat the shit out of Usain Bolt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Keep saying asswhopping.then why not fight him.easy money for your son.he wants to fight Amir,a sparing partner with Manny…..to many BS.bussenis is a bussenis.what about your legacy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Niggah please

  3. MrPredator says:

    If we will use Mr. Mayweather’s argument then it is very safe to say that Mayweather Jr has something with him when he was able to knockout his previous opponents. after Jr’s 26 knockouts he wasn’t able to knockout his opponents, where did he get his power before …hmp…Sr’s brain is permanently damaged LOL!

    • erap estrada says:

      I, too, have the same suspicion.

    • zabjab says:

      Tell that to Victor Ortiz and Ricky Hatton. He shattered that Hatton’s jaw first, and Pac got the leftovers, and then he destroyed Ortiz legit, as it’s protect yourself at all times. Pacquiao can’t KOing anything but left overs.

      • gorio says:

        mayweather jr is simply on peds when he figths ortiz and hatton! common sr. just tell your cherry picker son to figth Pacman and then you talk shit if he beat Pacman…

    • HD says:

      Floyd was knocking people at 130 lb,135 ib and 140 lb. Manny was knocking people at 144lb 147lb and 154 lb. Manny is naturally smaller than Floyd, so now you know if you did not know.

    • max says:

      Its called being in lower weight classes. Floyd stopped knocking guys out becaue he was moving up in weight. Manny was moving up and still knocking big guys out which is why people think he was using peds.

  4. tred says:

    All the mayweather clan do is talk talk talk. They tell us this is the easiest fight available for floyd out there. And it’s also the most lucrative for floyd. Yet they keep throwing roadblocks for the fight not to happen. Something is definitely wrong in this picture.

  5. Rob says:

    Shut up……just let your boy fight pacquiao

  6. WIllyCoyote says:

    Same banana… why can’t this Mayweathers just answer a simple question. Can Floyd fight Pacquiao? A simple yes or no should suffice…

    • friends army says:

      floyd is really right… even he fight a taxi driver at a pro match his winning no, still count why should he fight pacquiao if he feels his not safe simple his a real coward,,

  7. kirbie says:

    and im gonna be honest to you too mr. floyd sr. ….i think the whole world thinks youre son is a pussy!!!!

  8. Dani masangkay says:

    Floyd Sr. Stop talking like that instead convince your son that it’s about time to put on gloves and fight manny

  9. Barok says:

    Just because Sr, Jr, and Roger are drug users, they think everybody else is a drug user. The Mayweather family who were all incarcerated do not even believe in God. Pacman kneels at ringside post before a fight and prays to God for strength. Pacman’s PEDS is faith in God. That is where he draws his power. As has been proven many times, faith can move mountains.

  10. erap estrada says:

    Talk is cheap.

    Just shut up and convince yourself and your cowardly son to face the Pacman in the ring without any conditions.

  11. erap estrada says:

    It is Floyd who is juiced.

    Sr is a drug dealer.

    The people around Floyd are juiced or are users / dealers of drugs.

    Should we be surprised that Jr is in it, too ?

  12. Glen says:

    Funny how Maywether Sr. down played Pacquiao’s accomplishment over Rios and laugh about Manny not being able to knock out Rios. But he never mentioned Floyd’s not having a legit knockout for a very long time.

  13. al says:

    Mr.Mayweather sr. STOP cussing too–Just let your son fight manny.period

  14. nolan says:

    agree barok…! gayweather family is drug user….

  15. LILO says:

    Who has Pacquiao knocked out to insinuate that he was juicing? He only koed one guy and that is hatton, cotto was a tko because the ref stopped it, margarito was a ud, clottey was a ud, delahoya was also a tko due to quitting but he did say that pacquaio had no power in his shots just speed. Same with rios he said power was okay but it was the speed that got him.

  16. pikkon says:

    I thought part of the settlement agreement aside from monetary on the defamation case was that the Mayweathers would issue a public statement saying they have no knowledge and would not hint that Manny Pacquaio is using PEDS…

  17. manny ucat says:

    Talkative Clan face and fight Pacquiao on the ring tha’ts all.

  18. Fraud says:

    Here we go again, more talk of ass whoopin’ from PREDATOR DAD- tangina mo hayop ka imbes na sat-sat ka dyan for almost 4 yrs now, pilitin mo nalang lumaban ang kupal mong anak para matapos na lahat ng imaginative at hypothetical scenarios mo na kaya bugbugin at talunin ng pukiboy mong anak si manny- buti pa, panoorin mo nalang itong espesyal na video ng anak mo na regalo para sa pasko at bagong taon- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCaSlCFk-vI

  19. Fraud Maynever says:

    Here we go again, more talk of ass whoopin’ from PREDATOR DAD- tangina mo hayop ka imbes na sat-sat ka dyan for almost 4 yrs now, pilitin mo nalang lumaban ang kupal mong anak para matapos na lahat ng imaginative at hypothetical scenarios mo na kaya bugbugin at talunin ng pukiboy mong anak si manny- buti pa, panoorin mo nalang itong espesyal na video ng anak mo na regalo para sa pasko at bagong taon- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCaSlCFk-vI

  20. Anonymous says:

    Shut up..just let your son fight manny,.do not talk too much.i am fed up with your coward alibis.Floyd Jr. go out from your hatchery and fight Pacquiao.

  21. Boyacz says:

    All Mayweather are always making an alibi when Manny Pacquiao’s name is mentioned. Signed a contract if you think Floyd whooped Manny. We will see that in the ring who’s the better fighter than talking always as if Floydie can beat Manny and we will see if Floydie can survived the beating by Manny and we can see Floydie’s face if it can be recognized.

  22. Boyacz says:

    All Mayweathers are always making an alibi when Manny Pacquiao’s name is mentioned. Signed a contract if you think Floyd whooped Manny. We will see that in the ring who’s the better fighter than talking always as if Floydie can beat Manny and we will see if Floydie can survived the beating by Manny and we can see Floydie’s face if it can be recognized.

  23. vicodar says:

    Floyd may fight Pacman because Sr thinks Pacman is no longer the same as before. At least they are sure of winning the game. JUst talk and talk first for media to jack up the prize money.

  24. Anonymous says:

    If Rios wasn’t juicing. He would have fallen and may have gotten knocked out.

  25. jay says:

    Hey mayweather sr. your son is the one using peds he fail his test 3 times, and what are you worried about pacquiao already said he will agree to random testing any blood testing your camp demands. I think thats also one of the reason your son won’t fight is because there will be testing now by vada, your son can’t use peds anymore. admit it your son and you are cowards. if you thinks your son is gonna knock out pacquiao your very wrong. marquez knock out is due to pacquiao’s eagerness to nail marquez . that will not happened in a fight with your son, i see pacquiao training very hard prepared to what ever your son bring. It’s amazing to me every time your camp campaigns that your son is going to knock pacquiao out as if your son is a mike tyson of boxing, i laugh at that all the time. Your son is a ducker period. that tells me that your son is not confident or trust his talent.

    • friends army says:

      floyd always fight on a distance his superior arsenal as every one beleived + a running style all day long. thats why fight with manny won”t be happened it worth boring. see the fight w/ canelo alvarez the young guy can take the shot everytime canelo start to load his cannon floyd is already 3 meters away what a great fight for him as master predator overwhelmed his son tactical style. Ay UNGO…
      the fans wants to see a spectacular match and once again turned to be boring …

  26. Mike says:


  27. Cycluns says:

    why cant your son Floyd chicken TKO delaHoya ? Pacquiao can. why cant your son Floyducker KO Hatton ? Pacquiao can. why cant your son at least send to the canvas Mosley ? Pacquiao can. why cant your son cherry picker Floyd at least send to the canvas Marquez ? Pacquiao can.

  28. “Jr ain’t knocking no Rios out with those glass hands, i’ll be honest with you, last knock out he had was a cheap shot and Ortiz tried to act to get a DQ but didn’t work. That’s not the biggest joke in the world. I’m going to tell you that is not the biggest joke because we are the biggest joke in the world ”
    May Sr

  29. Toughguy Manila says:

    Who would believe that crack head Gay Sr the monkey wide mouth “world class trainer” hahahahhaha…that mental patient has been branded by Schaeffer as an idiot before.

  30. wency says:

    just fight. more than 3 years of talking. put the power of your mouth on your son’s fist!

  31. Deondre says:

    HA lots of butthurt Pacquiao fans. You all know what MONEY would do to Pacquiao. Humiliation!

    • friends army says:

      ha ha ha…your a big joke too. i think i like your stinky mouthed asshole…I joke you beleived?

  32. the Boxer says:

    Champion is made in the ring not writing.
    Floyd fight the Pacman, It’s an easy fight with so many incentives, gargantuan incentives like the pay — hundreds of million dollars; sports magazines and news media will make you the champion of all champions; endorsements will flood you with million of dollars, and you will make Pacman a thing of the past. All of these plus thousands more will be yours with just ONE EASY FIGHT, very EASY with Pacman a fighter that is old, sleeps good, and a has been good fighter pacman.

    Floyd, consider this:
    1. Easy fight for you! Marquez made him sleep, and you made Marquez looks like an amateur.
    2. Receive The biggest pay ever in boxing! plus endorsements
    3. Sports Media, news, magazines, TV and etc. will make you superstar of all superstars.
    4. The whole world will receive you as the greatest boxer in the world.

    So, take the easy fight, the not so good fighter Pacman and grab the biggest pay ever that the boxing world give!

    • jess says:

      It is easy to see who is ducking the fight between Fraud & Manny Pacquiao. The alleged reasons that Pacquiao does not want to fight Fraud Jr. are all accusations but in the case of Fraud jr. his reasons not to fight Pacquiao are too many and are all lame excuses. This space is not enough to name these reasons with explanations. It is outrageous!!!!! Fraud Jr will never make his legacy come true unless he fights Pacquiao. Fraud Jr is a chicken!!!!

  33. Eduys says:

    You Mayweathers always saying Floyd gonna whoop Pacman ash, so fight Pacman if you guys positiveon what you saying or dreamin

  34. Eduys says:

    (KFC) Kencocky Floyd Chicken alibi now is about the pay per view of Pacquiao last fight, Hey Mr. KFC try to fight in Macau with your choice of opponent and let see if you can able to fill up the Arena and let see if your pay per view will reach what Pacman got, i really don’t know why you scared of Pacman and not only you even your Father & Uncles, you ‘re superb boxer as what you said and your relatives then how come you don’t wanna fight Pacman.

  35. jess says:

    The sports of boxing today is a mess because a self proclaimed greatest boxer of all time is a genuine coward. What he is good at really is to avoid a fighter who he feared will whip his ass. He uses one thousand and one outrageous excuses (and counting) to avoid the fight which the fans are being deprived of.

  36. Justin Believer says:

    This monkey is really funny.

  37. jack robinson says:

    they shit knows how to talk and talk! why can’t they get his son and fight pacquiao? everyone knows your son is a pussy right? i know when your pussy son fights pacquiao, expect him to be like cotto or margarito wherein there face was bludgeon into smithereens…

  38. Oledor Leyar says:

    The cowards are talking non-sense again…
    Everyone are doing better.. except Manny’s opponent.. What a joke..

  39. Stop being a pussy says:

    Just fight manny already you scared pussy

  40. Junevilla says:

    tell your son stop running and fight like a real fighter should be.

  41. tirso says:

    A very tiring discussion and reason. Floyd pls. Fight Pacman!

  42. Rob says:

    Boycott Mayweather PPV then he will fight pacquiao

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