Tyson Fury: “I’m calling out Deontay Wilder live on US radio, I want you p*ssy boy!”

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In part 2 of my interview with undefeated heavyweight contender Tyson Fury, I get his views on WBC title belt that was recently vacated by Vitali Klitschko and the contenders that are set to contest for it. I also get his thoughts on potentially winning a heavyweight title belt without facing the champion Wladimir Klitschko, and how he thinks a fight with Wladimir would ultimately play out. In addition, Tyson called out Deontay Wilder to a bout and gave his thoughts on boxing’s two biggest stars, Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Manny Pacquiao. Here is what Tyson Fury had to say.

Jenna J: Tyson, winning the heavyweight title is obviously a big accomplishment, something you would like to do, but would you feel truly like a champion if you don’t beat the guy who people consider to be the champion? So if you win a vacant belt, will you truly feel like a champion or do you feel that you will have to fight Wladimir to really have that recognition?

Tyson Fury: Listen, if Wladimir wants to fight me I’ll gladly, gladly go to Germany or Istanbul or China, anywhere where he wants to go to fight Wladimir, okay. Let me tell you this, I’ve stated it now for a long time, you can look at all the internet blogs, Wladimir Klitschko will not fight Tyson Fury ever, as long as day lives, and if he does it will be a miracle because that man is frightened of me.

Whether people wanna believe it or not, whether they say I’m fat and useless and can’t fight and I’ve got a glass chin or whatever they wanna say. I can’t be that bad because I’ve won twenty one times in a row, I’ve won two world title eliminators and I’ve won five different titles. He is frightened of me because Emanuel (Steward) told him that I’d knock him out and I saw the competition with him and I mentally broke him down in the sauna.

He will not fight me, no matter what he says, unless he gets in that ring, even if he signs the contract like David Haye did, I won’t say it’s on till I’m in that ring and I’m going to knock him out. But like you say they are all there, I’m not going anywhere, I’m twenty five, Wladimir is thirty seven or eight, Bermane Stiverne is thirty five, Chris Arreola is in his thirty’s.

All these guys, let them fuck around even if they wanna make me wait till last. I’m still gonna be here, I’ll be a little bit more tanned, my hair will be a little bit longer, I’ll be a little bit sexier, a little bit older and I’ll still be knocking on that door.

Jenna J: Tyson, would you agree that the biggest fight that can be made in the heavyweight division is between you and Wlad right now?

Tyson Fury: Do you think that the biggest fight? Because I do, and I don’t believe that any of those guys I’ve mentioned are as big a name as I am. Tyson Fury is the man to beat, I’ve got the name, I’ve got the reputation, I’ve got the record, I just ain’t got the belts and if Wlad fights me I’ll have all four of them and he knows that. I guarantee you Wlad don’t fight me, Wlad’s gonna retire rather than fight me, or fight some easy victims like he has been doing.

Jenna J: Tyson, as we’re talking about the biggest fights that can be made, I do wanna ask you this one here because it’s now the talk of boxing again because Manny Pacquiao has been elevated to the number one position for Floyd Mayweather’s belt. I’m curious do you think that fight will ever happen?

Tyson Fury: To be honest with you, that fight is like a David Haye vs Tyson Fury fight, one of them wants it and the other one don’t for whatever reason. I don’t think it’s gonna happen and if it does happen, it’s too late now.

If it would have happened two or three years ago when everyone in the world was talking about it, then it would have been a big fight, but Pacquiao in my opinion has lost a couple in a row and won one as well, but he’s shot, not shot to a lower level fighter but shot to somebody like Mayweather. It’s happening too late in their careers, why did they not fight each other when they were both in their primes?

Them lighter weights, they don’t interest me, any weights, ten stone and 140, 147, 154, any of them weights I’m not interested in. All I’m interested in is heavyweight boxing. It’s a total different sport, a total different game and that’s the division I’m in and that’s the only one I’m interested in. Any of them fights, Mayweather, Pacquiao, whoever, Mayweather fought whoever, Pacquiao fought whoever, I’m not really interested in it, I’m only interested in heavyweight boxing.

Jenna J: You mention heavyweight boxing, that used to be the most prestigious title that you could win in boxing, the lower weights didn’t matter as much. Do you think if you hold that title, you can bring back some of that prestige to the division?

Tyson Fury: I don’t know it, I definitely, definitely, definitely think that the heavyweight title can be the biggest goal in sports, never mind boxing. To be the heavyweight champion of the world is the ultimate goal in any sport because there’s has been so many courageous champions in the past.

It’s going through a dull moment at the minute because the Klitschko’s have got all the belts and although they are educated and people think they are role models, they are not colorful, nobody is interested because they are Russians or whatever, Eastern Europeans and nobody cares.

If that title goes back to America or England or Ireland or any English speaking country, then the heavyweight division is gonna be back on course. Listen, when I get that championship, the world is gonna have the most colorful champion since Muhammad Ali, definitely, and it’s coming, it’s only a matter of time.

Whoever they put in front of me I’ll beat, and listen let them all fight each other, they don’t want to fight me, I’ll definitely get my shot sooner or later. There are a couple of fights I’d just like to mention, considering I’m on US radio; I’d like to fight Bermane Stiverne one hundred percent, or whoever wins out of them or if I get the shot or whatever.

I’d like to fight Deontay Wilder, that’s the fight. Bermane Stiverne isn’t really known in the UK, he’s not a big name. People don’t really know Chris Arreola in the UK, but who they do know in the UK is Deontay Wilder. He’s the man with the big punching record, he’s America’s greatest hope so lets get it on with Britain’s greatest hope and let the two greatest hopes of the two allies fight each other and may the best man win, but there’s only gonna be one best man and that’s Tyson Fury because I believe that Deontay Wilder is no good to me, I’ll knock him out.

Yeah, I can guarantee if I fight Deontay Wilder it will definitely be awesome action, the heavyweights will definitely get some glory then because there’s gonna be none stop punching and action and someone’s getting knocked out early on. It’s definitely not going the distance, it’s definitely gonna be explosive, and somebody’s definitely gonna get carried out of the ring.

I’m calling out Deontay Wilder live on US radio, I want you pussy boy! Fight Tyson Fury. Either fight me in an eliminator or I’ll fight the winner of Arreola and Stiverne or if I get straight in for the vacant title. I don’t know what’s gonna happen yet but over the next few weeks or months I think we’ll know what’s gonna happen and all the cards will be laid on the table.

Jenna J: Well, you just spoke about what would happen if you faced Deontay Wilder, but as you think that Wladimir will never ever meet you in the ring, I want you to describe how you think that fight would play out from the opening bell to the finish because it seems like now were not gonna see it so only you describing it will tell us how it would of went?

Tyson Fury: I’ll tell you what will happen yeah, Wladimir would have no idea what to do with me because his jab and grab little trick and lean all over someone who’s six foot two, it’s not gonna work. I’m six foot nine and two hundred and fifty odd pounds. He’s not gonna lean on me, he ain’t gonna out jab me, Wladimir’s a jab and grab, he hasn’t got another punch has he?

He sometimes throws a right hand if he definitely thinks it’s gonna land. If he ain’t landing his jab and he can’t grab hold of me and lean on me, he’s lost the fight. Wladimir would lose heart like tipping a bottle of coke upside down with no lid on it, that would be Wladimir’s heart draining out of his body and then he’d go into his shell and then he’d get knocked spark out, that’s the only thing I can see.

Okay, he might throw a couple, but when they don’t land he’s gonna fall to bits because he’s used to being the bigger man in there, he’s used to bullying his opponents and he’s used to fighting people who are knackered after a few rounds. No disrespect, but the average American heavyweight today, after four or five rounds he’s shot his bolt. It’s only really Deontay Wilder who is a proper athlete and Brian Jennings, the rest of the guys are a bit chubby and a bit fat and they don’t really have the good work rate you know.

Just as a pure athlete alone, that’s how Wladimir has beaten these guys. When he’s got someone who’s fitter than he is, younger than he is, more hungry than he is, he’s not gonna do it, he’s not gonna win. I’ll tell you what would happen yeah, I’d give Wladimir a boxing lesson before knocking him out.

Jenna J: My final question for you Tyson. You have one of the most active Twitter pages that I’ve seen from any boxer, one of the most popular ones, you’ve got a lot of fans out there, any message you want to pass along to your supporters?

Tyson Fury: I just wanna say hold on everyone because they cannot deny me any longer, no longer they can deny Tyson Fury for the world title shot. If they can give some bums who can’t fight a world title fight, I fought two world title eliminators and I’m one of the biggest names in heavyweight boxing, so what am I doing wrong? Is it the fact that I can fight or the fact that I can talk? I don’t know, but they won’t fight. They have to fight me this year coming, I can’t wait another year without a title fight, but we will see all to be unveiled.


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