Floyd Mayweather Sr: “It’s finally time, I am excited that I got named trainer of the year!”

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Floyd Mayweather Sr, the trainer and father boxing’s pound for pound best fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was recently named “On The Ropes” boxing radio 2013 trainer of the year. The fifth annual award ceremony named many top athletes, but Mayweather Sr. was the first to physically receive the award and humbly accept it.

Floyd Sr. stated, “It’s finally time, it’s finally time. I’m so glad to hear that, you are so correct. I’m overly excited about it, I said one time before that I did not even care about awards, but you know people say what they say. I will be very happy to accept the award.”

Regarding his 2013 training year that included two successful return appearances by his son, Floyd said,

“I feel really, really happy about it because I feel happy about what I did and also my son is still happy about what I did, so two A+’s. We can’t do nothing with that right there but accept it and run with it. He looked fantastic in both fights to me.”

To many fans out there Floyd Mayweather Sr. is now known primarily as the head trainer of his son, but long before that he was a boxer himself. Fighting in the welterweight division, Mayweather fought the likes of Marlon Starling and the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard, in a career that saw him build up a record of 28-6 17 KO’s.

After his career as a fighter, Mayweather went on to become a trainer and worked with notable fighters such as Chad Dawson, Steve Forbes, helping both become world champions. Aside from them, Floyd has also trained the likes of Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya in world title fights.

Discussing what getting this recognition meant to him, Floyd commented,

“It’s up there with my other awards and stuff that I got. I got a lifetime achievement award and I got another award, it was for runner up manager.”

Mayweather Sr. is a defensive minded trainer, and is the self proclaimed originator of the now famous shoulder roll style, a style which he himself implemented in the ring before it became popularized by Floyd Jr. Nowadays the shoulder roll is synonymous with the Mayweather family, and although many people have attempted to copy the technique, no one has been too successful with it.

When asked why he and his son have had such great success working together he commented,

“Well you know the thing is, with me and my son we have been together, even when he was in the amateurs, the nationals, stuff like that, he knows what I taught him and I know what he can do. Even with (Saul)Alvarez, I told him to go in there and how to go in there and he just do it, he knows what I’m talking about, what I’m saying”

Finally in regards to other news media outlets acknowledging his year he said,

“Whatever happens, somebody acknowledged me for what I’m doing and that’s all that matters to me. Even with this year award, my son has fought the toughest of fighters and Alvarez was definitely one of them and he was way out of his weight class and he beat him real easy. What’s happening here is the truth, everybody knows who trains my son, they ain’t crazy and everybody sees what my son is doing. I’m satisfied with what I got, and if they want to give me one fine, if not that’s fine too. Everybody knows what time it is.”

To listen to all the award announcements or hear the Floyd Mayweather Sr interview, just click play on the player below.

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  1. jr says:

    the predator…if ur son quit running away from pac…u will be a hall of fame trainer

  2. TondoBoyUSA says:

    You trained Hatton, how to lose in a devastating fashion against Pacquiao.

  3. TondoBoyUSA says:

    Coward Of The Year: Chicken Floydiot Gayfeather Jr.

  4. erap estrada says:

    Father of the Coward / Duck / Chicken of the Year / Decade.

  5. renvillz says:

    who cares?

  6. george says:

    freddie roach should get it for the pacquiao come back fight, provodnikov fight
    and cotto

    anthony mundine should get fighter for the year for his stoppage of shane mosley

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