Sampson Lewkowicz: “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was lost because of ego. I hope that that is not the case with Martinez-Cotto”

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It is one of the most anticipated match ups in boxing, Sergio Martinez vs. Miguel Cotto. It is a fight that has been talked about on and off for the past few years, but with Cotto’s recent return in October in which he looked impressive by quickly stopping Delvin Rodriguez, talks heated up again and it seems this fight could become a reality if the camps can come to terms.

In this special “On The Ropes” interview, I speak with the manager of Sergio Martinez, Sampson Lewkowicz to discuss the potential Martinez vs. Cotto bout and get his thoughts on Sergio’s return to boxing after a long lay off and surgery. Sampson also talks about Martinez’s last fight against Martin Murray and why his fighter got injured in the match. Additionally Lewkowicz gave his views on who will be to blame if the Martinez-Cotto fight does not happen, and how that fight compares to the one that never happened, Mayweather-Pacquiao. Here is what Sampson Lewkowicz had to say.

Jenna J: Sampson, there has been a little hang up in the negotiations for the Martinez-Cotto fight. If Sergio Martinez doesn’t get the fight with Miguel Cotto, do you think he’s still targeting coming back at around June to be fully healed?

Sampson Lewkowicz: Yeah, maybe in May, or June.

Jenna: Well, seeing as Sergio had surgery on his knee again after his last fight, he hasn’t gone back to the gym yet and had a chance to test it out. Is that something that once you get him back to the gym you’re truly gonna know the time table?

Lewkowicz: Yeah that will most likely be in the month of February. He will go back when he finishes all his treatment on the last week of January, the doctor will give him the results and depending on the way he’s feeling, but he’s feeling very good.

Jenna: What options out there do you see for Sergio if the Cotto fight falls through?

Lewkowicz: Well most likely he would fight in Argentina, because the people will like to see him again.

Jenna: There have been many rumors regarding Sergio’s last fight saying he was not fully healthy going to it. Did he mention anything to you before that bout?

Lewkowicz: No, that’s not true. He fought before with small minor (injuries) but regardless, he’s a warrior that will fight and will never tell you the truth if he’s hurt or not, but Martin Murray he went in with the plan to hurt the knee. It’s very hard to see it on TV but if you were ringside, you would see that every time that he clinched, he hit him knee against knee.

Even though he denied, we have pictures that show that the knee got in contact many times during the fight, he did it on purpose. It was like Martin Murray was the local guy, doing all kinds of fouls and infractions and the referee didn’t put attention on that.

Jenna: Sampson, people have been wanting to see Sergio in there with Gennady Golovkin for a while.

Lewkowicz: Sergio wants that fight, Sergio believes that he can beat him, but he needs to be healthy to beat him.

Jenna: So you guys would want to make sure that he comes back and fights healthy once before you talk about that kind of fight?

Lewkowicz: That is correct.

Jenna: Well if he does get that fight with Miguel Cotto, Cotto’s a smaller guy coming up. How do you think that fight goes?

Lewkowicz: Well based on the age, walking from the dressing room to the ring he can age. We expect that not to happen but you never know, that is a 50-50 fight that people like to see.

Jenna: You say it’s gonna be 50-50, but a lot of people would say that Miguel Cotto only has that one win against Delvin Rodriguez, his previous two fights he fought Mayweather and Trout, and he didn’t look that good against Trout. Honestly how do you think Sergio does if he’s healthy?

Lewkowicz: No, because it depends on the motivation too. He’ll be well motivated to bring history to Puerto Rico, so that will make the extra percentage to be a 50-50 fight.

Jenna: Same thing can be said about Sergio though, they say that he always rises to the occasion when it’s a big fight and a big name. Do you think we will see the best Sergio next time out?

Lewkowicz: Oh definitely, if this fight happens, Sergio will be probably be equal or better than he was with Chavez Jr. Hopefully without seeing round 12 (laughs).

Jenna: One more question Sampson, if that fight doesn’t happen between Martinez and Cotto, what is the main reason for it not happening?

Lewkowicz: It will be shameful for both, actually more for Cotto of his demand, but it would be shameful for boxing because already we lost the best fight that could happen, Mayweather and Pacquiao, and it was because the ego was bigger than their ass with both of them. I hope that that is not the case with the second best fight, which would be Martinez-Cotto.

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22 Responses to "Sampson Lewkowicz: “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was lost because of ego. I hope that that is not the case with Martinez-Cotto”"
  1. kenneth says:


  2. Mike says:

    Right it’s ego,but it applies to Mayweather(scared to lost the zero),Cotto does’nt have zero,so the fight will go on,unless,he demands blood test,flat fee no.paper view share for Sergio,dump your promoter,it is not ego anymore it is called DuCKING.

    • jess says:

      Locowitch does not know what he is talking about about the issue between Pacquiao & Fraud Jr. It is Fraud Jr. who is really the big problem today.

  3. romeo says:

    if we remember there was this FLOYD fight that he said “PACMAN” ur next but after the fight he said he was misquoted ergo its the EGO of FLOYD is at STAKE

    • jess says:

      Leckowitz is another confused soul in boxing for saying it is the ego of both fighters that is keeping the fight between Pacquiao & Fraud Mayweather from happening. It is plain and simple to see that it is Fraud Jr who really does not want the fight to happen. Just enumerate the excuses made by Fraud Jr in not fighting Pacquiao while Pacquiao has agreed to meet all the demands of Fraud jr. After the issues on blood testing has been settled, here comes Fraud saying that as long as Pacquiao has Arum as his promoter the fight will not happen. Then another time Fraud Jr. said he will not fight Pacquiao because he is not in his class as a fighter. How can he say this when he fought & plans to fight boxers with lesser credential than Pacquiao who has received a lot of recognition including the BWAA Boxer of the Decade for defeating world class fighters including boxers whom Frraud Jr defeated in less than convincing ways like DL Hoya, Cotto, & Hatton. Now former great boxing champions like Tyson, Holfield, Lewis & others are saying it is Fraud Jr who is preventing the fight to happen. Tyson even went to the extent of saying it is Pacquiao that is exciting to watch. When someone commented how about Fraud Jr,.he responded “If you say Fraud Jr. is exciting then you don’t know what boxing is”. The issue between Pacquiao & Fraud Jr. should make the latter be ashamed of himself.

  4. richard steele says:

    Correction, “FEAR” is the reason why may-pac fight did not happen and not ego..

  5. Barok says:

    After the Pac dumps Bob Arum, Floyd’s next demand would be, “Manny you’ve got to pay the IRS first before I can fight you. After Manny pays the IRS, Floyd will demand, “Manny you’ve got to divorce Jinkee coz I can’t stand her crying when I knock you out. You get the point. Floyd Chicken Gayweather will ask for the moon to avoid the fight. HEHEHEHEHEHE. LOL

    • jess says:

      As long as he lives Fraud Jr will never run out of excuses not to fight Pacquiao. From where I sit I think Fraud Jr. is now a mental case. See how he behaves inside & out of the ring? Inside the ring he uses sucker punch to KO opponents. Even with a huge penalty for coming overweight in a fight, he went on to have excess pounds because he can afford by having a lot of money to pay the penalties. Outside the ring, he taunts his potential opponents with shameful messages in the social media. Boxing is a sport where stars should be respectful, act as true sportsman and role model to the youth. Because of his arrogance & shameful behavior there is now a growing number of fans who wanted to see him fight & lose.

  6. Bigfoot` says:

    I beg to disagree to Samson its not ego why Pacquiao v Mayweather didn’t happen. I’ll tell you why the real reason why these mega fight never materialized because Floyd is a fucking TERRIFIED over Pacquiao that’s basically it. there is no other reason but Floyd ball shrank every time he hears Manny “pacman” Pacquiao name. Floyd just beat Pac thru his filthy mouth but inside the boxing ring hes SCARED!!!!!!!!!

  7. joe rogan says:

    EGO my @ss!!! the truth is mayweather is suffering from rare disease called “PACUIAOPHOBIA”..When pacquiao ends his contract with top rank comes the end of the year.The duck will announce his retirement..He loves to fight puss!es such as amir khan..F2ck!

  8. santanas says:

    Well, that’s all your opinion. Pacquiao has two fight left this year with TopRank while Gayweather has 3 fights more with GoldenBoy/Showtime. Gayweather has 46-0 record, would you think people risk his record for Pacquiao, He wants to even the record of Rocky Marciano of 49-0 so just 3 fights remaining he will not risks this to Pacquiao. This man Gayweather focusing on numbers, his records, his payperview, his purse. Gayweather uses so many alleby not to pursue this fights. It obvious if you understand & know boxing. I think why Gayweather fights cotto that KO by pacquiao???? if Gayweather scared why Gayweather fights Cotto????

  9. Glen says:

    Martinez could face Golovkin or/and Stevenson. But we all knew Martinez would avoid them fighters. Lewkowicz will not make that fight by any means. He only have Martinez.

  10. EdL says:

    Yes, fear is the reason this fight (Mayweather-Pacquiao) has not happened yet. The Greatest Ducker of All Time Mayweather is so scared of the Pacman he has never run out of excuses to avoid the fight. It is not ego on both sides. Mayweather is just playing all of the fans and thinks he can continue to fool them. So what can we do? We should all BOYCOTT all of the Duck’s fights for taking us all for a ride since 2009. BOYCOTTING all of the Duck’s fights will enable the fans to say to Mayweather that we are fed up with his running from Pacquiao and fighting his cherry-picked opponents. When his PPV’s drops to below 500T Showtime will have to find out why. Then they might try to find out what the fans want. That’s where the fans can tell Showtime and Mayweather that the whole world wants to see him fight the Pacman.

  11. boresam says:

    there is a thing i can see that fmj forced to face pacman in the ring,first lets boycott his fight unless it pacman who will he fight in the ring, 2nd the rest of professional boxer today will not fight him until he fight pac man first.i know it is impossible to do this.

  12. Kenducky Flyd Chicken keeps taunting, insisting he will easily beat and coming up with excuses about Paquiao but doesn’t want to fight with him, wonder what his next excuse will be,

  13. filimon says:

    cowardice not ego

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