Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Manny Pacquiao better be clean. That’s the only way that he can win, if he takes something!”

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(transcribed Michael Readman) The fight the world has been waiting is now only five days away, and with the bout now entering fight week, the anticipation from the fans has reached a fever pitch. The trainers for both fighters has been anticipating the fight more than anyone, as for five years they could only talk about the fight happening, but now can actually let the results speak for themselves.

In the third and final part of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I get his thoughts on what each fighter brings into the fight, and what advantages he believes his son has over Pacquiao. Senior also talks about the possibility of an early knockout and how he thinks this fight will effect his sons legacy. In closing, Mayweather Sr. gives his official prediction and shares a poem with the fans. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: What do you think the biggest strengths your son has against Manny Pacquiao? The biggest strengths in terms of what Floyd brings in terms of ability?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: The biggest thing he brings to the building is, he’s a much better fighter than Pacquiao and he’s a much smarter fighter than Pacquiao. So this right here would pretty much sum everything up that Freddie Roach had been talking about. I’m just saying because I already know what time it is, and what the day is, there’s probably gonna be an early knockout. I believe there’s gonna be an early knockout.

Jenna J: Why do you think that’s going to happen?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: All that jumping, jumping back and forth, I know what the fighter can do with him doing all that jumping. I already know what to do, and what I’m gonna do is say I’m gonna get the job done, trust me.

Jenna J: In terms of Pacquiao, what things do you see that he actually does good in the ring? What do you think he does well?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: (Laughs) Oh my gosh!

Jenna J: I’m putting you on the spot there but you have to see something that you might think he does decent.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: You ain’t putting me on the spot, you’re taking me off the spot because the only thing I’m gonna tell you that he can do is when he take the random tests, he better be clean. That’s the only way that that he can win, if he takes something, hey, that’s what he’s all about right there, that’s what it’s all about right there, believe me.

It’s gonna be an early stoppage anyway, believe me. If it ain’t no early stoppage I still think that Floyd can beat him anyway. So I think that if it ain’t an early stoppage, he gonna get beat on real bad.

Jenna J: In terms of legacy for your son, this Pacquiao fight, what do you think it does for him when people remember him? Where do you think that puts him as an all time great fighter?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: That puts Floyd on top of the books. I’m just saying that he beat everybody that they put in front of him, he whooped everybody they put in front of him, big and small. He beat the welterweights, the junior middleweights, all of that. All the prizes that he won, I think he should be somewhere up there with the all time greats.

Jenna J: On May 2nd what can the fans expect to see from that fight, what are the fans gonna see in terms of a fight?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I will be honest. My honest opinion, it ain’t that Floyd fought a lot of southpaws, I don’t think this southpaw right here is gonna be no tough southpaw, that’s all I’ve gotta say. I don’t see this southpaw being no real tough southpaw. I think Floyd is gonna pick him apart and I know a few other things that little Floyd can do. But you know, all that’s neither here or there, all of that’s gonna be taken care of.

Jenna J: always wanna hear something from Floyd Sr. Do you have a poem for May 2nd?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: A poem.

A man to meet if you wanna get beat,
He’s back, it’s amazing, ain’t no jive, Floyd comes alive.
With moves and groves and dance and prance, you fools better recognize who’s the man.
And I know you fools don’t wanna fight, even though you came here tonight,
but your pockets looking tight so it’s forcing you to fight.

We know you’re mad, sad and talk a lot of trash,
hey, you’ll be flat on your ass.
When Floyd break your jaw it’ll take time to recoup,
and when the hitman’s finished you’ll be sucking on soup,
Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see,
if you keep talking shit, I’ll make him cut it to three.

You see, he’s the man with the man that’s gonna make a plan to put you on your pants.
So don’t be shocked if you get stopped, by combinations galore.
Look real close doc, I think that last shot put the ‘Pacman’ on the floor.

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15 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Manny Pacquiao better be clean. That’s the only way that he can win, if he takes something!”"
  1. val says:

    Mayweather is determined to do everything to win this fight at all cost.
    The secret weapon: Money!, Armed with blank check (Mayweather believed everyone have the tag price) He negotiate with Memo Heredia to provide him the “power pellets” that Marquez used to KO Pacquiao. Then bribe the USADA. If there‚Äôs no KO, all judges will declare Mayweather the winner. The 3 blind mice and the referee were amongst Mayweather payroll. In case Pacquiao KO Mayweather, the USADA will declare Pacquiao blood test result will be positive on PED. Before the fight, USADA will draw lots of Pacquiao blood more than it required, they know that’s the reason Pacquiao lost to Morales 1.

  2. pikkon says:

    Floyd Sr is still can’t believe Manny’s strength and power is natural…After Manny KO2 Hatton Floyd Sr said he wont allow his son to fight Pacquiao because he is a machine..

  3. Anonymous says:


    between the two, there’s far better chance floyd was the one shooting up PEDs since his side has always been ambiguous and uncertain about fighting pacquiao while paq actively pursued it. it gave TMT free time to enable chemical memo to work his magic unmolested that floyd may achieve the superhuman strength CM developed in juan marquez.


  4. takeo says:

    floyd sr. was jailed for apparent drug trafficking and floyd jailed for assault on his ex-wife and girlfriends and all other sorts of criminal activities. this family of criminals are too ugly to look at and too Sh**ty to listen. I don’t know why this Jenna J keep interviewing this criminal.

  5. Floydfan11 says:

    Floyd Sr. is right! watch Pacquiao right now cause he will
    stick his self with some of that sh&t Ivan Drago had in
    Rocky 4. Cause he was two seconds from turning Green
    and gaining 450 pounds of MUSCLE in the Margarito
    fight. So Floyd should make sure they test him right
    before the fight AND right after too.That’s why his
    calves are always hurting because the MUSCLE start
    Weakening for good after so long.

  6. Robert Redfield says:

    Floyd Jr. has history of domestic violence. Is it roid rage?

  7. ed says:

    And the clown speaks yet again. If manny beats floyd atop the ring, I hope that you won’t leave your son just like what you did to ricky hatton.

  8. sol says:

    Man you shut the cap up you ignorant. Every time this Mayweather sr. Talks nothing but stupidity comes out his mouth. Talking about coming clwan. From a Mayweather that the whole family is anything but clwan. The guy is using his sons success . He has never won anything that was worth putting on the books. Look at that picture and you tell me whose juiced up? Almost 40 and AL the sudden looking like that. Why didn’t he have that when he fought Madeina? This whole family of Mayweather will cheat and do anything they can to win. How will they ever get cough with a positive test result? They are good friends with the CO of the company who’s doing all the testing. The Mayweather are the ones who picked them to do the testing. Now you tell me who’s coming clean you a#@!!!!

  9. kevin says:

    JENNA, come on you gotta be cracking up inside everytime you interview this moron. Just once would tell him he’s full of shit. I get it, just widhful thinking? More power to you.

  10. D'Source says:

    according to a friend from inside Money’s camp.. FMJ really had secretly doing dirty tactics with Memo Heredia.

  11. wbox says:

    why Floyd is on PEDs
    1. he hires a conditioning coach he accuses of PED practice
    2. he hires / consults with another conditioning coach who is a PED peddler
    3. he has been 3x reportedly tested positive of PEDs
    4. he didn’t sign penalty of 5M if caught using PED
    5. wants a drug testing agency he favors / a friend
    6. reportedly using cyclocaine, a prohibited substance
    7. doesn’t want to fight at cowboys stadium because cylocaine is banned in that place
    8.HE WAS JUST FORCED INTO THIS FIGHT _ HE DOES NOT BELIEVE HE CAN BEAT PACMAN – he has to take something like Marquez’ PEE

  12. Anonymous says:

    ibutang ang usa ka tualya sa iyang mga tiil.
    sa mga lapalapa sa iyang sapatos kinahanglan nga mamala.
    kanunay pagpahid sa iyang mga glabs sa pagtangtang sa grasa.

  13. jimmy pop says:

    Usually the person who screams the loudest and points the finger has something to hide.. mayweather is using PEDs so he assumed manny must be..

  14. Anonymous says:

    Making a shitload of excuse already you Pinoys. Its really embarrassing.

    Let the dudes fight.
    Then call into question anything that comes to light after the event.

  15. iceman says:

    He was the coach during Hattons fight.,he forget what happened during that fight night,
    I want to refresh the man with respect maybe he is developing Alzheimer diss,he will be feel rebooted after reading this:

    In front of a sell out crowd of 16,262, Pacquiao knocked down Hatton twice in the first round: a right hook knocked down the Briton the first time; the other knockdown occurred after a combination by Pacquiao with 9 seconds left. In the second round, Pacquiao unleashed a left hook to knock Hatton out to end the bout 2:59 into the round. Hatton was left sprawled helplessly on the canvass after Pacquiao’s left hand, with referee Kenny Bayless’s saying that “[he] didn’t have to count.” Hatton lay on the canvass for several minutes before getting up; he was eventually taken to a local hospital for a precautionary brain scan.

    HE WAS the COACH and TRAINED HATTON in this fight…..
    After the loose he blame hatton thats y hatton go in coke.