Floyd Mayweather Sr: “My son wouldn’t mind taking a fight with Marcos Maidana right after he gets through with Amir Khan!”

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It has been less than a week since one of the most controversial boxers in the sport met defeat at the hands of a hard hitting Argentinian welterweight. Adrien Broner lost via unanimous decision to Marcos Maidana, and with the loss came a tremendous amount of backlash from fans and media that felt his accomplishments did not warrant his behavior. In part 1 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I get his thoughts on the Broner-Maidana result, and get his views on where Broner goes from here. Senior also discusses the possibility of training Adrien Broner, and if he thinks he can improve with his style. In addition Floyd speaks on the future of his son, if Amir Khan is next, and if Mayweather Jr. would take a fight with Maidana. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: Floyd, I’m happy to once again have you on the show, I’m proud to announce that the fans of our show have named you the 2013 Trainer of the Year, it’s one of the first awards given out this year. How do you feel that the fans are acknowledging your work this past year?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I’m overly excited about it, I said one time before that I didn’t even care about any awards, they can say what they say, but I’ll be very happy to accept the award.

Jenna: It’s because of the year that you had, you led your son to two victories over Robert Guerrero and Canelo Alvarez. How do you feel about the two performances that you trained your son for?

Mayweather Sr: I feel really, really happy about it because I feel happy about what I did and also my son is still happy about what I did, so two A+’s. We can’t do nothing with that right there but accept it and run with it. He looked fantastic in both fights to me.

Jenna: They are already talking about what’s next for your son, I’m sure you’re on the inside track. Is it looking like Amir Khan or are there other options out there?

Mayweather Sr: I’m gonna tell you this right here, to be honest with you, to me it looks like Amir Khan, but I don’t think Amir Khan is gonna want to fight because Amir Khan is gonna be fighting King Kong. So you know how that’s gonna end up being.

Jenna: Floyd, one thing I want to get your views on from a trainers perspective, this past weekend we saw Adrien Broner who has tried to adapt his own style that looks like Floyd’s style, he recently lost to Marcos Maidana. I’m curious what did you think of that fight?

Mayweather Sr: I’m gonna be honest with you, everything that he was saying about how good his defense is better than Floyd’s and this and that. He had been talking about all that kind of stuff, and “Floyd’s my big brother” blah blah blah. When Broner finally fought and the way he looked, you know, I’ll be honest, I want to train Broner and bring him back to the top.

I will have a talk with Broner to as well, if it happens. I will have a talk with Broner too and let him know that all that mouth ain’t where it’s at. You don’t fight with your mouth, you fight with your legs, your feet, your hands and your mind. I wanna talk to Broner as well as teach him, groom him and show him how to be a real professional, just like the guy he was talking about.

Him and Floyd are two different entities. Him and Floyd is nothing alike, in no kind of way, in fighting or anything else. I’d like to take Broner and if he wants to fight like Floyd, I can teach him how to fight that style and protect yourself at the same time, which right now he’s not doing. The guy kept hitting him with right hands and hooks and everything. I can teach him everything, I can teach him how to stop all of that. The same way I taught my son.

Jenna: Now Floyd, the fight that Broner had with Maidana, he was getting hit a lot. He was trying to use the roll of shoulder style, but he was getting hit with a lot of overhand rights. I’m curious, why did you think Maidana style was such a trouble for Broner?

Mayweather Sr: I can’t even say that Broner did no hell of a training like he’s supposed to do. If a camera’s around him, he gonna throw his punches in and go back to talking. He do more talking that training. I think I can make a big change in that, I know I can make a big change in that.

Jenna: Going forward Floyd, do you think that you need to be in the corner of Adrien Broner to really get the full potential out of him?

Mayweather Sr: Well I can’t get the full potential out of him if there’s other people in the corner telling him stuff that they don’t know that I know. I don’t think that he’s gonna go very far again. I can’t say that he will do as well without me in the corner.

Jenna: In regards to Broner, he jumped up from 135 lbs right to 147 lbs. He didn’t fight at 140 and his power didn’t seem to be as effective at the higher weight. Do you think it was a mistake for him to jump up so much?

Mayweather Sr: What you said is very, very true. You have to gradually do that stuff, you can’t just jump. You’re jumping to a whole other mans weight class. You’re skipping a weight class, jumping over a weight class. It don’t work like that. As you’ve seen my son, he goes from one weight to the next, that’s how you should do it.

I don’t know whether he wants to try himself at 140 or whatever. I don’t know what it is, he may want to fight Maidana again. I don’t think he should even take another fight with Maidana right now, I think he needs to get a few fights, and I don’t think he needs to be fighting at 147 right now.

Like you were just saying, I think he needs to go to 140 and do the fights there and if it gets to be a struggle with him fighting at 140, then you go to 147, you will have better strength and everything else. If you’re struggling to make 140 then you go to 147, but just changing weight classes because you ain’t doing your job, that ain’t no good. I think he can be at 140 lbs.

Jenna: Now back to your son for a second. A lot of people aren’t thrilled that he will be fighting Amir Khan, but after Maidana beat Broner, there are certain fans out there that are suggesting, why not throw Marcos Maidana in with your son?

Mayweather Sr: It’s an easy fight, I’m telling you. It ain’t no different than Khan. He’s easy to hit, Broner hit him easy. Believe me, he is easily hit. He’s a tough guy but there’s too much speed, too much trickery, too much mind over power. I’m just telling you, I don’t see no kind of way in that for him.

Jenna: Well Floyd, don’t you think that it would be a bigger fight for your son because Maidana’s got this newfound stardom after beating Adrien Broner, a guy that was using a Floyd type of style. Don’t you think that fight would be more interesting for boxing fans?

Mayweather Sr:
I just told you that Broner was doing everything wrong. I’m the one who taught my son, so I know when I say he did a lot of things wrong. As far as my son, I taught my son, you can see the difference between that and Broner.

I’m just trying to tell you right now that if they wanna put that fight together, I’m pretty sure my son wouldn’t mind taking it right after he gets through with Amir Khan, if that’s who he’s gonna fight. I can’t just say who he’s gonna fight right now, but I think my son would do a good with Maidana.

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  1. ding says:

    Dear Mr. Mayweather Sr.

    All boxing fans knows who should your son fight next and that is neither Amir Khan nor Maidana, therefore I am appealing to you. What you did on boxing was great considering your’s and your son’s achievement and don’t let them be spoiled by not acceding to what the boxing fans request. We have a saying “strike while the iron is hot”. This is the right moment because the perception of most fans, that Manny Pacquiao is still right there to challenge your son and if your son wins he would be the greatest boxer of this time hands down, if not then there will always be a question mark.

    Thank you and good day.

  2. winston says:

    rios + PEDs vs PACMAN = punching bag = floyd scared….. simple arithmetic

  3. EdL says:

    The Greatest Ducker of All Time (Mayweather) will always invent excuses after excuses to avoid a fight with the Pacman. What a bunch of pretenders, frauds and cowards. Pweeh.

  4. Edz says:

    ” You don’t fight with your MOUTH (???) you fight with your legs, your feet your hands and your mind ” – Fraud Maynever Sr. ( creator of Fraud Maynever Jr.) Huh!!! tell it to your son to fight the Pacman

  5. artjd says:

    The whole family is really scared stiff of Pacquiao, yet all claim they beat Pacquiao easy, duh?

  6. artjd says:

    One good thing about Floydie, he’s really smart, he knows who to duck. These so-called experts who think Floydie beats Pacquiao easy should take it from Floydie and start rethinking their analyses of the fight.

  7. agot says:

    your a boxer mr.floyd why did not accept the challenge of mr.pacman to see what is the greatest boxer in walterweigth div. accept the challenge.and give the fans what they want.you are a woman to much talkative.

  8. Paolo says:

    So Floyd is looking to fight a so so light welterweight in Khan, and do so at Welterweight, what kind of a challenge is that? You either fight the man, Pacquiao, or you fight the other man that people would like to see, Maidana. Khan is a fool for waiting, he may well have beaten Alexander, but preferred to take no risk, meaning everyone has forgotten who he was, plus he will have been innactive for over a year by the time he faces Mayweather, and he simply isn’t good or established enough to be allowing himself such liberties.

  9. BahoPuwet says:

    Crack Sr. did a great job preparing & training Mexican legend Ricardo Hatton of Manchester, England how to fight Pacquiao.
    WHY are Father & Son JailWeathers afraid of Pacquiao? They don’t want any part of him. Jail Jr. keep invoking “Self-Preservation” even after Manny agreed to all the drug-testing up to the day/night of the fight. Pac even said recently he’ll take a lower cut of the pie (purse & PPV).

  10. Angel says:

    Good choice for Mr. Floyd Gaywether,,
    “She” is really a ducker,, if “she ” thinks she is the best, she should not pick boxer who is not in a caliber level with Pacman.. WBC should should intervene with her easy pick, Pacman is the mandatory challenger of Mr Gaywether,,, hope this should not be left unattended by the WBC,,, or relinquiish gaywether’s championship belt.,, instead the fans will make a new recognition for her as as the new ducker champion for life.

  11. gorio says:

    Mayweather Sr. your mouth is full of shit! wipe it off it’s smell already just tell your ducker son to fight pacman and then you talk with out shit in your mouth,or you can talk with male sperm in your mouth better….

  12. Duck Dodger will has too many excuses, he comes up with a new one every time

  13. Deondre says:

    I think Floyd should fight Pacquiao. It would be easier than fighting Khan or Maidana. Pacquiao is washed up so bad, he can’t even stop Rios.

  14. fmj mp says:

    Here is the link guys, Read it and we will reach all the Boxing fans all over the world and urge Mayweather to fight Pacquiao- https://www.facebook.com/byctt.mywthr

  15. They can make the fight with Maidana after Floyd fights Amir Khan lol Floyd Sr. is a fool and he is only about him self. I have been around this clown many times and he set’s around like he is a boxing GOD. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is MY SON THIS MY SON THAT ,I TOUGHT MY SON,MY SON,MY SON. Ok Floyd we get it Floyd Jr. is your son and you helped train him. Floyd Jr. is nothing like Broner Sr. has that right.

  16. gerard says:

    Floyd called out every1 coming up he’s fought the best proved he’s pure skilled against canelo I can’t see any1 beating MONEY he dsnt need. Da call out any1 he fights any1 an always fight a fighter coming off good wins top drawer floyd is…..floyd sr wud be just wat broner needs he cud teach him 2 move better evade punches use da shoulder roll proper broner shud let Floyd sr hav trial period