Tyson Fury: “Emanuel Steward told Wladimir Klitschko that he’d get knocked out by me”

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I recently had a chance to speak with undefeated heavyweight contender Tyson Fury during the 205th edition of “On The Ropes.” Fury was coming on to answer claims made by world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko about a potential fight between the two. Tyson also spoke on his 2013 year that included two scheduled match ups with David Haye that both ended with the former champion pulling out of the fight. In addition Fury discussed the WBC title situation and possible fights with Deontay Wilder & Dereck Chisora. Here is what Tyson Fury had to say in part 1 of this 2 part interview.

Jenna J: It’s definitely a pleasure to have you back on the show. I had to get you because the week previous, I had Wladimir Klitschko on the show and he claimed he talked to your people and they said that you weren’t ready for him, I wanted to give you the opportunity to speak on that. What do you think about what Wladimir had to say?

Tyson Fury: Well, I can put my life on it and everybody else’s life on it, one hundred percent of that is bullshit because if Wladimir Klitschko offered me a fight I’d go there and I’d smash his jaw all over the ring for him and he knows that. Emanuel Steward told him that he’d get knocked out by me.

He knows he’s gonna get knocked out by me, his brother’s retired because he didn’t want to fight me and now he’s trying to avoid me this Wladimir, who they say is this great champion but won’t fight anybody his own size who’s any good. Now, I’m sending a challenge to Wladimir Klitschko, I’ll fight Wladimir any time, any place, anywhere, just give me a date and I’ll be there, I don’t care if it’s on one days notice.

There is definitely no way I’d avoid Wladimir, he’d be the last person on earth that I’d try to avoid. I’ve been chasing him for two years and he won’t fight me, so if he offered me a fight, I’d take it, I wouldn’t say the money wasn’t right cause I’d fight him for free, so if he’s saying I’m scared of him or not ready for him then I’d like to know who he spoke to because Mick Hennessy wouldn’t dare say anything like that, Peter Fury wouldn’t dare say anything like that and I would definitely not refuse the challenge.

If Wladimir wants it, he can have it and I’ll definitely relieve him of all his belts. The last big person he fought was Mariusz Wach, he got wobbled and Mariusz Wach is useless. Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight in the world, never mind a top contender, I am the man, I am the man without the titles and he won’t fight me. I’m the most avoided fighter out there, the only ones that do wanna fight me are the ones that nobody else wants and I fight them and I knock them out, so there you have it.

Jenna J: Tyson, the one problem that’s came up for you, you had a bit of a trying 2013, you tried twice to have a fight with David Haye and he didn’t really want any of it. Can you tell me what that experience was like in 2013?

Tyson Fury: Well, excuse my French here, but I’d just like to say that David Haye is a pussy and a shit house. He never deserves anything to be talked about his name because he has got no morals. He signed and agreed to fight the first time yeah, shit himself, decided to pull out and fake the cut, I don’t even think the cut was genuine I think it was a movie cut like you put on in a movie.

The second time he’d signed the contract and gone into a fight, knowing full well that if this is true that he cant fulfill what he’s gonna say, so in my opinion that’s just fraud. He says his shoulder had been playing up for ages, why did he sign a fight? Why did he fuck me around because all I’ve done there is gave up my mandatory challenge to fight Wladimir when I beat Pulev, to fight David Haye and David Haye didn’t want no part of me so, unless it was a publicity stunt to use my name to try and get publicity we will not know.

Now he’s gone into retirement, he doesn’t wanna fight me, he was offered a hell of a lot of money, five million pounds sterling, which is about eight or nine million dollars, it’s a hell of a lot of money. I’ve got no excuses for David Haye, all I’ve got is hatred and if I did ever fight him, I’d leave him in a funny state in that ring I tell you because all my aggression and anger, I’d definitely take it out on his face.

I think you can tell how I feel about David Haye, I passionately hate the guy with a vengeance and I hope he never comes back boxing because he’s a disgrace. He’s pulled out of three fights now, he pulled out with Manuel Charr and me twice, he’s no man at all in my eyes.

Jenna J: Now you mentioned that before the last time you were on the show, that it was a certain path that you were gonna take to become Wladimir’s mandatory, you would have to beat Pulev and then be the mandatory so the terms couldn’t be dictated to you. I know obviously there was a certain amount of money, very large amount of money was offered at you to fight Haye. Do you now regret the move because of what David Haye has done?

Tyson Fury: No, no I don’t because Pulev’s a nobody and nobody knows his name, so to go and fight Pulev in Germany or bring him over, people think you may as well go and fight somebody that’s useless because Kubrat Pulev may as well be Joe Bloggs.

Nobody in England has heard of Kubrat Pulev, and even if they did, they’re not interested because he don’t speak English and he’s a foreigner, he’s Bulgarian or something, and even if I would of fought Pulev and beat him, then Wladimir would have had me waiting till next year anyway, so I wouldn’t of got my two fights in 2013.

I’ve heard now that Pulev will fight Wladimir in October, that’s a hell of a long time to wait for some idiot to decide who he wants to fight and who he doesn’t and now I hear Wladimir is gonna fight Alex Leapai in a mandatory position for the WBO belt. Lets not forget that Kevin Johnson knocked out Leapai only three fights ago so I don’t know where they are going with these easy touches. I wish they would let me fight some easy fights.

Jenna J: That’s what people are looking for now, an easy fight because now Vitali Klitschko has retired, that belt is open and it seems like people are looking for the least resistance to get that title belt. I know you’ve had interest in that belt for a while. What do you think of Vitali retiring?

Tyson Fury: I think it’s the best move, because we’ve got one bore fest out of the division you know. We’ve been bored by the Klitschko’s for so long now, they pick and choose who they want to fight, they don’t fight any dangerous opposition so that’s why they’ve held it for so long. Now is the start of a new era, that WBC is vacant and two new fresh faces are gonna fight for that and hopefully it should bring the glory days back to the heavyweight division.

I personally think there’s only three people in the running for that WBC vacant belt, one of them is Bermane Stiverne because he fought an eliminator against Chris Arreola and beat him. The other one’s me because I fought a WBC eliminator against Kevin Johnson and beat him, and then Chris Arreola beat Seth Mitchell in another eliminator.

There’s been three elimination contests fought for that belt, so two have got to fight and ones gotta sit back and get the winner. I think we should spin up and whoever loses the spin, the odd man out gets them next, that’s two fights and then the odd man out fights the winner, that’s how I think it should go.

As for Deontay Wilder, if he thinks he’s gonna get somewhere, well if Deontay Wilder gets a shot at that WBC before me, boxing is definitely corrupt and bent because he’s fought nobody, his last fight was against Nicolai Firtha, who I beat three years ago, so he’s fighting people in his thirteenth pro fight who I was fighting in twelve fights! Why does he deserve to fight for the world heavyweight title in front of me when he hasn’t fought an eliminator contest or nothing?

He’s fought a load of bums, 30-0 record, and now he wants a world title. I suggest if they wanna put him in for that world title they had better get behind the queue, because there’s Chris Arreola, Bermane Stiverne and Tyson Fury who have all fought elimination contests and won, so it’s either two of us three should fight for that title if all things are straight.

Jenna J: I definitely agree there. In regards to yourself, there has been one other fighter calling your name out of late, a fighter that you have beaten, Dereck Chisora. Do you have any interest in that rematch?

Tyson Fury: Listen, I’ve got interest in all big boxing matches because in the UK it would probably be a big fight again. But you know, that’s going back two and a half, three years ago I beat that guy, he was no good to me when he was undefeated, never mind when he’s lost three or four fights. I don’t know what they are gonna accomplish by fighting me again, I’ll knock him out this time.

I’d like to have that fight with Chisora, but I’d like to win this world title, this WBC title. I’d like to fight Stiverne or Arreola or let them two fight for it and I’ll get the winner and I’ll definitely take that WBC from either of them two because they’re not on my level and then I would like to defend it against Chisora, just like Vitali done in an easy defense.

All these people who are ranked in the top ten, I see them as easy defenses, like Deontay Wilder, he’s a disaster waiting to happen, Chisora an easy defense, he’s gonna give me a bit of a tussle but gonna get smashed to bits, Manuel Charr, any of them top ten people are all easy fights for me but not one of them we can get.

Chisora, now he’s ranked number six above me, I don’t know what the WBC are doing, they have dropped me from number three to number eight, so he will be on the tails of that WBC title as well. There are so many people trying to get hold of it, but the only legitimate people who can fight for it because we fought eliminators is Chris Arreola, Bermane Stiverne and Tyson Fury.

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  2. dyna says:

    I can only imagine what kind of interview it would be if Fury somehow beats Wlad. LOL

  3. GlassJaw says:

    Fury reminds me a lot of David Haye, except that Fury will actually fight the people he constantly talks shit about. I think Wlad destroys him and if he doesn’t KO Wilder early I think Wilder beats him too.