Jason Gavern on Toney upset win & Pacquaio vs. Mayweather. Bobby Gunn discussing Jones Jr & more – OTR spotlight show!

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“On The Ropes” Boxing Radio is back! This time the show brings an installment of the Spotlight Series, in which I shine the light on boxers, events and news that have been flying under the radar. During this show I break down the events that unfolded over in England, with Carl “The Cobra” Froch defending his title belts against George Groves in a fight that delivered exciting moments, drama and a whole lot of controversy in regards to it’s ending. I will also be previewing the upcoming December 6th unification match between WBA featherweight champion Chris John and IBO featherweight champion Simpiwe Vetyeka.

The spotlight series show will feature two boxing guests. First up is heavyweight, Jason Gavern. He will be on to discuss his recent upset win over future Hall of Fame boxer, James Toney. Gavern surprised a lot of boxing fans with his performance in the Prizefighter Tournament, and with his runner up finish he has brought new life to his career and he is looking for a big fight. Besides talking about his bout with Toney, he also talked about the possibility of fighting Antonio Tarver and also gave his thoughts on the recent return of Manny Pacquiao.

Also on the show, we have former cruiserweight title challenger and bare-knuckle boxing champion, Bobby Gunn, who makes his debut to “On The Ropes.” Gunn has been given a shot to face boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. Bobby lets the fans know what they can expect from the fight, and also gives Roy Jones a message on why this bout will be no tune up fight. Bobby also talks in detail about his experience as a bare-knuckle boxer, and if he plans to continue with it in the future.

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8 Responses to "Jason Gavern on Toney upset win & Pacquaio vs. Mayweather. Bobby Gunn discussing Jones Jr & more – OTR spotlight show!"
  1. Holt says:

    Sweet show, Bobby will give Roy Jones a very tough fight. Maybe i see Jones pulling out a UD but i can easily see Gunn getting a tko

  2. Johnny_UK says:

    The ref in Froch/Groves is a wanker!!!

    Froch was gonna get the decision anyways. FFS

    • Oliverr says:

      I believe Froch was seconds away from KO’ing Groves….talk all you want but he took all that George gave him and he was coming on strong.

      • Johnny_UK says:

        Uh no he wasn’t. Froch got beat down for 8 rounds and groves was just off balance.

        As a matter of fact he was still fighting back when that cunt face ref stepped in. Imbecile.

        Groves is going to end Froches career in the rematch. Mark my words

  3. ROBCOP says:

    Cool dudes. Gavern really outworked Lightz Out, shame he got injured in the last round. As for Bobby, he’s a good BKB fighter but ROY is an all time great. Get Groves on the show!

  4. Pacquiaoisgoat says:

    Pacquiao is better than gayweather

  5. Haymaker says:

    Awesome show 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    YAWN to the gunn rhetoric. He git his arse handed to him by a 45 year old last minute sub Glen Johnson.