Iceman John Scully: “A lot of people wrote Pacquiao off, they were clowning him, now they are all over him again. Never count a good man out.”

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The talk of the boxing world since the weekend has been on boxing star Manny Pacquiao, who made a successful return to the ring this past Saturday in Macau, China against Brandon Rios. The fight was as one sided as it could have been, as Pacquiao showed that he is still an elite level fighter, capable of competing with anyone in the world. Rios showed his toughness by going all 12 rounds, but he was not able to do anything that put Pacquiao in any sort of danger. With this win Manny Pacquiao improved his record to 55-5 (38 KO’s) and talks of a potential fight with Mayweather are beginning to reignite.

After the Pacquiao-Rios bout I hosted a special live edition of “ON THE ROPES” that boxing fans were welcome to call in to and share their views on the event. Among all the calls I had on the show there was one that stuck out the most, that being of boxing trainer “Iceman” John Scully. John spent 15 minutes on the show breaking down the event he watched and discussing the future of the “Pacman.” He gave his thoughts on if Pacquiao is really back after this win and who he would like to see both Pacquiao and Rios fight in their next bouts. The John Scully interview starts at the 28 minute mark of the show. Just click play on the audio player to listen to the official “On The Ropes” post fight show.

John Scully Quotes:

“Pacquiao showed that he’s still a formidable guy, he showed a lot.”

“I’d love to see Manny fight Ruslan Provodnikov and fight Bradley again, but I just don’t see him competing with Mayweather at this point.”

“I think Rios was exposed in a lot of ways, but I’m sure he’ll be back.”

“I honestly believe Andre Ward is the number 2 pound for pound fighter in the world.”

“A lot of people wrote Pacquiao off, they were clowning him, now they are all over him again. Never count a good man out.”

“As much as I respect Pacquiao, and I like him a lot, I think he’s an elite fighter, but I just don’t see anyone touching Mayweather.”

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16 Responses to "Iceman John Scully: “A lot of people wrote Pacquiao off, they were clowning him, now they are all over him again. Never count a good man out.”"
  1. Edd says:

    Pacquiao can not touch Mayweather because Floyd does not want to fight Pacman

    • henny o says:

      Pacman could not touch Mayweather because Mayweather would not fight.
      Mayweather would not fight because he has no balls.
      Something hurts in Mayweather.
      Mayweather’ pussy hurts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fuck gayweather

  3. Joe Sarmiento says:

    Mayweather is a cherry picker and will not be considered a pound for pound ATG best because, he does not like to take chances against fighters that can actually beat him. He fought a overhyped Alvarez and a no name in Guerrero. lol.

  4. Jim says:

    “As much as I respect Pacquiao, and I like him a lot, I think he’s an elite fighter, but I just don’t see anyone touching Mayweather.” John Scully may have missed the fact that there are now two versions of the Pacman.

    The first is the devil-may-care whirlwind willing to take punishment in order to give in exchange. The second is a calculated, and more technical Pacman who picks his opportunities, in and out, slides right slides left to outflank his adversary. The latter version, which he displayed against Rios, being the least appreciated skill of the Pacman, so much so that the so-called experts are now saying the current vesion of the Pacman has no chance against Mayweather compared to five years ago. I disagree.

    In a Mayweather fight, in my opinion, the first version of Pacquaio is an easy target to Floyd’s snipping jabs and potshots. Since Manny fights flatfooted sans feints and no head movement, he is a sucker to those rapid fire one-two’s and uppercuts. However, the second version is a different story. The latter version has the better chance of handing Floyd his fist defeat. Manny’s foot speed can match Floyd’s, and his multi combination coming from different trajectories will befuddle Mayweather and keep him honest. So can the current Pacquaio win against Floyd? Maybe not maybe yes. That’s why they still have to duke it out.

  5. mojow-jowjow says:

    When manny was at his peak, Mayweather won’t fight him saying that he’s onto drugs, PEDs that sorta stuff. Now, when Manny lost his last 2 fights. They were now saying that Pacquiao’s old and a has been and out of Mayweather’s league already. Excuses excuses…

  6. eddie king says:

    So in the eyes of Mayweather, Guererro have more relevance and so is Canelo and so is maybe KHAN than Pacquiao. Every fifth grader knows that Mayweather is afraid, very much afraid. To all the boxing fans routing for mayweather and giving him money, YOU ARE BEING SHOWBIZZED AND FOOLED by this pretender.

  7. EdL says:

    These so-called experts are saying that Pacquiao has no chance against Mayweather. But do anyone of these experts know that Pacquiao has been challenging Mayweather for a fight ever since Pacquiao beat De la Hoya? But Mayweather has never run out of excuses. The first excuse Mayweather gave was that he needs some tune up fights first because he was coming off from that “retirement” that he used to avoid the rematch with De la Hoya. When Mayweather announced his “come back” during the Pacquiao-Hatton fight he has turned down already Pacquiao’s challenge saying he needs some tune up fight first. One of the reasons Pacquiao finished off Hatton quickly was because he did not want Mayweather to “scout” his strategy in that fight so that in case Mayweather agrees to fight him he would have not seen his whole strategy. But if anyone can remember, Arum immediately challenged Mayweather to fight Pacquiao after the Pacquiao_Hatton fight. And as early as after the De la Hoya fight Mayweather Sr. was asked if he was willing to pit his son with Pacquiao and his reply was” Pacquiao is a winnable fight but my son needs to study first Pacquiao’s style” and on he went on to be at Hatton’s corner so he can try to devise a plan against Pacquiao but as history would have it, Pacquaio separated Hatton from his body in just 2 rounds so any of his (Mayweather) plans did not see the light of day. The point I am trying to make is, all these experts believe that Mayweather will beat Pacquiao but Mayweather himself believes he cannot win against the Pacman so he has avoided him like the plague.

  8. Bigfoot says:

    Pac cannot touch Floyd simply because Floyd had no pair of balls to face Pacman.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love manny, I would cheer for him whenever he fights and whomever he fights against, but there is little chance he beats mayweather, in a boxing fight nonetheless. PAC would have to make it a fight. But mayweathers reflexes and defense is just too much for PAC at this point. Fu*k Floyd and all, but he would win. Hands down

  10. cj says:

    Did anybody hear FLOYD CHALLENGING PACQUIAO? or even saying I WANT PACQUIAO next?.

  11. Totoy says:

    I don’t know why a lot of PEOPLE who thinks that Mayweather cannot be beaten does not want him to fight MANNY and yet they are willing FLOYD to fight KHAN???

  12. Penny Hardaway says:

    Pacman’s resume over Mayweather’s, any day.

  13. Al Alicer says:

    We have to accept that both guys are really great fighters, past and present and truly deserves to test
    each other as their talents will allow. Too, they owe it to their millions of fans around the world. Earning so much millions of dollars between them, their match together is but a little return, to their adoring
    fans, yes, the minutest of return. The smile, the excitement and the satisfaction, that indeed, they saw
    their idols in that one square canvas together, giving their all for history and posterity to see. Finally,
    please allow me to initiate a signature campaign for this “fight of the century”, to finally happen. I hereby
    cast my vote and signature for this great event to become a reality, at an appropriate time within the year of our Lord, 2014.