Exclusive boxing radio interviews with Jeff Mayweather & Joel Diaz – On The Ropes #238

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“On the Ropes” Boxing Radio returns this week with host Jenna J to recap all the latest news and fights in the sport of boxing. In this episode, I will be looking back at this past Saturday’s Premier Boxing Champions card, which featured a welterweight clash between the hard hitting Keith Thurman and long standing veteran, Luis Collazo. I will also be recapping the co-main event in which unbeaten Tony Harrison took on his toughest challenge to date in Willie Nelson. Lastly, I will preview the next PBC events in which Julio Cesar Chavez Jr returns on Showtime and unbeaten British star, Carl Frampton takes on Alejandro Gonzalez on CBS. Click play on the audio player to listen to the latest edition of “On The Ropes”


The first guest on this episode is one of the best trainers in the sport, Joel Diaz. Joel speaks about Timothy Bradley’s recent bout with Jessie Vargas and the controversy surrounding the ending of the match. Diaz also shares his thought on the development of Diego Magdaleno and his performance in his latest win. Additionally, Joel Diaz talks about the boxing landscape and the future of pound-for-pound star, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. Lastly, Diaz talks about his stable of fighters and what we can expect from them in the future.

The main guest on this week’s show is former IBO champion and current trainer, ‘Jazzy’ Jeff Mayweather. Jeff talks about the aftermath of the big fight between his nephew, Floyd Mayweather Jr, and Manny Pacquiao, including the post fight injury allegations. ‘Jazzy’ Jeff also discusses the future of Floyd Mayweather and how he thinks Floyd will close out his career. Lastly, Mayweather gives his thoughts on the new wave of fighters that could carry boxing in the future.

Mailbag Segment

The mailbag segment returns this week. Fans have been submitting questions and today they get answered. Topics covered in this episode include:

Carl Froch’s retirement

Deontay Wilder’s next opponent

Shane Mosley-Ricardo Mayorga rematch

The future of Gennady Golovkin

Berto and Mayfield as possible Mayweather opponents

and much more!

Click play on the audio player to listen to the latest edition of “On The Ropes”

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36 Responses to "Exclusive boxing radio interviews with Jeff Mayweather & Joel Diaz – On The Ropes #238"
  1. Hatecrusher says:

    Floyd’s camp still believing their fooled fans Floyd won that match against Manny,huh? There’s no other opponent can play another piglet-chasing boxing of Floyd but Manny….Floyd still afraid of Manny a 100% ….why Floyd’s camp cannot accept this reality….Floyd still a chicken on Manny.

    • Kalabos says:

      Hey retard, Algeri “ran” as you call it way more than Mayweather, yet Manny had zero issues with him….mmaybe one day you will pull your head out your ass and realize after the first two rights in round one, Manny abandoned his normal reckless style and tried to out counter the best boxer/counter puncher this era has seen.

      • Anonymous says:

        Spoken like a true boxing fan.. Nobody should even try to dispute what u just said.. The first 30 seconds of that fight i knew Floyd was gonna win.. Floyds the greatest of his generation.. Greatest ever well thats up for debate… Just remember haters, hit and not get hit is the moddo of this sport.. Like anonymous said.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow sir you are a full Retard!!! Really .. look Manny was never in his league 2 a injury lmao wow Manny and his lame ass Manger Freddy stole from all the fans .. Srry to break tht to ya..3 if you are goin to post dumb shit tht makes no sense stop watching boxing … you have no club about the sport I’m sure you’ve never stepped in a ring in your life.. so please stop and do not reperduce!!!

  2. Jason Lake says:

    The exconvict family cann’t accept the fact that many people never gave them a credit and that’s ugly Jeff was ashamed off. How can the people give you a respect when you fooled the peoples? The expensived ticket of the fight the century turned into marathon show and that’s Floyd running scared to engaged put him to the hall of shame.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like you have your own issues

    • Anonymous says:

      Anybody that knows boxing should know that definition boxing is the art of hitting while not being hit. The people who have no knowledge are always the one’s who want to change the rules to suit their own minds. These are the people who want to make boxing a tuff man contest. Learn before you speak !!!

      • Jason Lake says:

        Like what learn on how to run? On how to show the young and aspiring boxer on how to fool the peoples in exchange of money? On how to excecute a boring fight? On how to battered your wife and flashing your bills infront of a million peoples of africa who died for hunger? To show them on how to be an arrogant model?

  3. Joe Thornton says:

    Manny Pacqiao can’t fight. In fact, he never could. And Floyd proved that back in May. He’s a bump who just throws punches hoping to land something. I can beat Manny Pacqiao.

  4. Lorenzo Giccominato says:

    Floyd is the only boxer in history to have little to no offense and be undefeated

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how floyd have so many haters smh, I was nervous about the fight as well, but floyd that he’s a smarter fighter than pacman…toward the end of the fight he could have knocked him out.

  6. Lorenzo Giccominato says:

    It is sad that people are blind and ignorant about mayweather. Even after having the fight done all on his terms, fight at MGM etc., he says in an interview when asked about a rematch that he will never do business with Manny again.

  7. osha says:

    Get over it mayweather is good @ wat he does and that’s box.manny’s camp is all about excuses…the man lost period….seems like everyone from the top so called boxing pros on the sport all the way down to the haters forgot how u win a boxing match!!!!mayweather boxes hands down….the sport is won by points….and he’s dam gud @ getting them!!!!the sport is not won by going blow 4 blow that would b suicide!!!!u wanna c dat try uf

  8. Lorenzo Giccominato says:

    People are sick of hearing the cliche ‘hit while not getting hit’. What did mayweather do? He hugged, held, elbow lock, ran, low blow.

  9. Lorenzo Giccominato says:

    I am not a mayweather fan, I am not a pacquiao fan. I am a boxing fan. At the end of the day pacquiao’s losses are more impressive than mayweather’s wins.

  10. Rashi says:

    All of Floyd’s fights are the same, he looses terribly in the beginning then by luck he comes back. If I were a judge I’d vote him out.

    • Lorenzo Giccominato says:

      I agree. Have you watched the documentary ‘the real story behind pacquiao vs mayweather ‘. I agree with Skip Bayless, Manny is classy and honest.

  11. Boxing fan attic says:

    Lorenzo? Have you ever heard of Rocky Marciano. He still holds the undefeated record. Funny things is if you ask anyone about Rocky they will say, “ehh, he only fought people he knew he could beat or were on there way out.” Mayweather is a talented fighter but only in a ring can you talk shit and get away with running an entire match. Lastly, I don’t care who win but if you check any boxing forum that went through the fight round by round, Manny clearly won more rounds. Boxing is a mirage these days. That’s why it is dying. Mayweather may have pulled his last big ticket sale and most of the people who bought a ticket wanted to see him get his arrogant ass whooped anyway. He need a star opposite to him in the ring to make money. The ticket sales were not for Mayweather, but rather Pac-Man and everyone knows it. So please don’t credit the money made as a, “Mayweather supporters money” just when you though you had a good fight money Mayweather comes through, takes your money, does not fight, at all! And this is why no one will remember him in 5 years. He will be another Rocky. Oh he is undefeated?! Oh well, he will never give you the kind of fight you talk to your kids about. The kind of fights that stand the test of time. The Tyson fights, sugar, hearns, holyfield, Ali. He will never be that kind of fighter. He will never be a legend. He needs this undefeated record to make it into the records by default. When he retires, for real! Boxing will have a second wind and soon become the sport so many great fighters fought hard to make it become. As far as I am concerned, fights like that last one shame the fighters who gave it all to fight the best and be the best. Fighters that said I want him at his best. Not, let me dodge him for 10 years and fight him when he is broken down. Ehh, its whatever. Can’t wait for thatbreture date.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who cares what you all thinks ok so hating except the facts Mayweather is good dancing like Ali or not he is good.

  12. enoch maddox says:

    Why are yall still mad at Floyd??? LOL behind close doors manny knew he was gonna lose but that check is were they both won. Saying Floyd mayweather runs LOL. Well there is BKB, go check it out. You might like it. God Bless

  13. John says:

    Running isn’t defined by out throwing and out landing your opponent.it isn’t a popularity contest. Manny lost, then he served up excuses. Deal with it

  14. Arnel Santos says:

    The reason why Mayweather is always winning is simple. He only fights @ MGM Las Vegas because he controls the judges and referee’s with his money. When he fought in the Olympics, he only got a bronze medal simply because the judges came from different races, not all Americans. So, I call Mayweather’s boxing carreer Cheating at the highest level. If he can fight Pacquiao in Macao with 3 independent judges and referee, and he will win, then I will eat all my words and proclaim him TBE but for sure he will not agree in fighting in Macau or Dubai because he cannot control the outcome of the fight.

  15. adewole says:

    Omghhhh, why people don’t give Floyd the kind of credit and respect this young man deserves?
    Floyd is a legend, he’s a great guy whenever you talk about boxing you talk about Floyd. Anyway, whatever a black man does best he’s still a niggar infront of you mother…fuc…kers. Floyd is the best fighter of his era pound for pound king with a perfect record of 48.0.26ko the richest athletics in the world. He beat pacma no doubt about that, pacman can do what previous 47 fighters failed to do he’s a reckless fighter not a boxer. Floyd was born in a gym he was born to fight and win because, he knw nothing than to fight and win very smart, calculating, defensive and strong that’s why he remain unbeaten he never taste a defeat and he will remain unbeaten undefeated throughout his boxing career. Whoever you put in front of him he will always find his way to win it doesn’t matter how he won fox win is win Floyd, he’s a true champion, pacman is a sole loser, coward and a true pretender he knew he lose the fight with Floyd why can’n’t he accept the defeat and move on instead of given a stupid excuses shame on pacman. Pacman is a mother..fuc…ker lier and he’s also a pretender is not a Christian at all because he lied to the whole world, Nevada boxing commission that he’s fit and ready for the fight he and his sugar mouthed coach said a lots of trash talk before may2 but when genius Floyd whooped his bitch ass mother …fuc…ker .. ass pacman came out with shoulder injury excuses common men. Floyd, don’t worry about what any mother….fuc…ker ..son of a bitch say about you, always care for what you do and have reasons for your actions you’re always the best of your kind in boxing history. Don’t worry Floyd, Jesus Christ was criticized when he was alive, Tupac Amanru.m. shakur was criticized when he was alive, a lots of great people like that I knw people gonna miss you in the ring and in boxing as a sports when you retire. I love you Floyd….

  16. Margaretta says:

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  17. Fanny says:

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  18. Anisha says:

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