Jeff Mayweather: “If Pacquiao was supposed to be the second best fighter in the world, that means Floyd is on a different planet!”

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‘Jazzy’ Jeff Mayweather is a well respected boxing trainer who has worked with many star fighters and has brought several of them to world titles. While some people see the former IBO champion as the quieter of the Mayweather brothers, he is actually one of the most outgoing.

In part 1 of my interview with Jeff Mayweather, I discuss his upcoming celebrity boxing match and what kind of a show he expects to put on for the fans. I also get Jeff’s thoughts on the recent Mayweather vs. Pacquiao bout and how he think’s Pacquiao did compared to other opponents. Additionally, Mayweather shares his views on Pacquiao’s injury claims and if he thinks that played at all into the result. Here is what Jeff Mayweather had to say.

Jenna J: Can you give the fans an update on yourself? What have you been up to lately?

Jeff Mayweather: I’ve been real busy doing a lot of different things, a lot of charity stuff. I’m also doing some celebrity boxing, and I’m working with about eight or nine fighters. I’ve been busy.

Jenna J: You mentioned celebrity boxing, are you actually stepping back into the ring?

Jeff Mayweather: Yeah but it’s just fun, it’s for entertainment, it’s not for the purpose of actually trying to fight for a belt or anything like that. It’s just fun, I’ll just put on a boxing show pretty much.

Jenna J: Do you have any idea what type of opponent you will be facing, what type of celebrity?

Jeff Mayweather: Actually I’m the celebrity in this match. I’ll be fighting a guy who actually is a prominent businessman in Philadelphia, I’ll be boxing him.

Jenna J: Fans recently saw Evander Holyfied step into the ring with Mitt Romney, and I’m sure they’re expecting more from ‘Jazzy’ Jeff Mayweather. I know you’re facing a businessman, but are you going to put it on him a little bit?

Jeff Mayweather: No, I’ve done this way before Holyfield and them did it, it’s just that theirs got television coverage. You can see mine on YouTube and it’s way better, way better. It’s gonna be fun for everybody, I’m gonna give them a real good show. I got a few things that I want to do that actually adds a whole lot of entertainment to it than just the boxing part of it.

Jenna J: Lets talk a little about the boxing scene. I last saw you in Las Vegas for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. Now that the event has passed, was it everything that you thought it was gonna be, from the event itself, to the reaction of the event?

Jeff Mayweather: Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day it all depends on who you wanted to win. If you’re a Floyd fan, you’re completely happy, if you’re a Pacquiao fan, you’re completely pissed. That’s the reason why the fight didn’t live up to the expectations.

I don’t know why people were falsely led that Pacquiao was gonna do something. If this fight would have happened ten years ago or ten years later, it doesn’t matter, Floyd was gonna beat him anyway. I thought he would beat him exactly the way he did and possibly even knocked him out if he would have run into something.

I know it was gonna be a walk in the park for Floyd, and that’s exactly what it was. If you’re a Floyd fan, you’re happy with that because Floyd did exactly what Floyd does from fight to fight. If that was supposed to be the second best fighter in the world, that means Floyd is on a different planet than everybody else.

Jenna J: Would it be fair to say that Marcos Maidana did more in the first fight than Pacquiao did, in terms of giving Floyd a tough fight?

Jeff Mayweather: I agree. There are other fighters that have done better, not just Maidana. Maidana did real well in the first fight, but he didn’t do as well as people thought either. The one thing is this, Floyd dominates fights so easy, that any time a guy wins three or four rounds, they say he lost, which is ridiculous. That is what it is, but the truth is that he’s still undefeated. All these years the judges have still been getting it right at the end of the day.

Jenna J: In the aftermath of the fight, Pacquiao came out and said he had a shoulder injury. What do you make of all of that? Do you think the shoulder affected him?

Jeff Mayweather: No, it’s all bs. First of all, every fight that Pacquiao’s had, when he had the calf thing — and most people know where that comes from — that’s the first thing to come out of his mouth. You got a torn rotator cuff and you’re not gonna complain once in the entire fight? When you have a torn rotator cuff, you can’t even rotate your shoulder, you can’t do nothing.

It’s all bs, it was just a way to come up with a damn excuse hoping that he could sell that to the people and get a rematch. It backfired on him because of the fact that he didn’t man up and say that Floyd was the better man, and now Floyd doesn’t want to give him a rematch just based on that. He wasn’t man enough to say that he lost the fight.

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  1. wynwyn says:

    Jeff you have nothing to say but all bullshit. How coud Duck Floyd possibly knock Manny out when he even not tried to. How could he possibly knock Manny out when he was so scared on keep on running to preserve his health?

    • Mike says:

      why do y’all keep on saying Mayweather was running when boxing you have to stick and move duh. Stop hating and appreciate that Mayweather has been fighting nothing but the best fighters and now he needs to just fight someone that’s ok he need a break Pacquio can’t beat him and manny knew he couldn’t beat Mayweather real talk Floyd is good one of the best in our era

      • Anonymous says:

        You are an idiot

      • jei says:

        If boxing is just stick and move and all boxers adopt this style of boxing, boxing will be dead. You still have to have the commitment to hurt and knock out your opponent. Floyd did not win that fight… Floyd gave the already bias judges the illusion that he was wining the fight. Floyd would not engage he run, he hugged, he choke hold, why because he has no power to stop Pacquiao from coming. Pacquiao was staggering Floyd when he connects. Floyd run all night he charged people $100 to see a typical Floyd fight. This is supposed to be the fight of the century… a fight between two great fighter’s Floyd should have showed the world that he was the Michael Jordan of boxing and owned this other man by trying to knock him out Ala Marquez, but he didn’t. He run and run and run. That is not sweet science that’s running.

      • Anonymous says:

        Floyd is shit of this era. Pacquiao and Cung le is the best.

        • Luke says:

          Floyd mayweather is the best BOXER of this generation. Manny pacquaio at the end of the day is a fighter. Floyd mayweather will out-box ANYBODY. Pacquaio’s only chance to win was to force Mayweather to fight, he failed to do that. Ultimately, until someone forces mayweather out of his comfort zone to fight, he will remain undefeated.

        • Anonymous says:

          Each one of them have been knocked completely out. Good fighters but not the best dumb ass.

    • Anonymous says:

      What did you think Floyd was going to do stand there and let him hit him Floyd done exactly what he always does Manny is the one that fell short he could get the distance to fight Floyd Manny clearly lost the fight because Floyd was the much smarter Fight Floyd does not run no more than Leonard & Muhammad Ali go back and watch their fight

  2. wynwyn says:

    Next time Jeff before you open your mouth to say something be sure it not bad odor.

  3. Hernan says:

    Floyd was beaten by Manny at his own game but the Las Vegas mafia work it out. Now we know why Floyd won’t fight outside Las Vegas. Manny saying he was injured add insult, he was beaten by a one-armed foe.

  4. anonymous says:

    Jeff, i understand your opinion because you were not part of the Mayweather Team. But you know what? Floyd Sr. And Roger knew Pacquiao was injured! Ask them, they won’t hide it from you. You gotta check Floyd’s Sr.’s intervirw durin Floyd Jr.’s media day, if i’m not mistaken it must be on May 15, 2015 where he stated that Roach is not telling the whole truth about Pacquiao’s real condition. If i’m not mistaken, the fight would have been cancelled for good were it not for Pacquiao’s injury. Top Rank was not even sure if Team Mayweather was pushing through because the tickets and arrangements for the fight were being stalled. But luckily, Pacquiao was injured so Mayweather did not chicken out. Thanks to Pacquiao’s injury!

    • Anonymous says:

      You stupid

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree 100% I just wrote the exact thing almost word for word what you wrote it so true They only took the fight knowingly that his shoulder needed to be operated on but pac man said ill wait for surgery because if I don’t fight him now he will never fight me anyway glad to see your a educated boxing fan

    • Douglas MacDougall says:

      Not sure if you got my reply but I agree with you 100% I wrote the same thing a couple of weeks ago and educated boxing fans like you get it and most sport writers know this to be true but are cowards to say it because there scared they will get fired or lose money because no one will give them a interview because they gave there opinion on Cherry Weather. But Mayweather will have no brain damage and retire the riches athlete thus far but history won’t be kind to him in 15 years of his retirement he will just be known as the best con man in boxing hit and run boxer

  5. anonymous says:

    In 2010, Pacquiao would have blown out Floyd Jr. He had a pretty good chin back then. The wear and tear sparring bigger men for Margarito fight took away his chin. Sparring Provodnikov for 2 of his fights took away a lot from him too that was why he was easier to get knocked down in sparring from then on. So it was easier for Marquez to knock him out, somebody did it before he did (the one in Golden Boy roster).

  6. Jovijo says:

    Don’t forget This Jeff is a Mayweather and therefore part of the bullshit ‘s The Over hyped boring Floyd.
    The clan so quick to brag about the bogus win but fans so the fight and they witnessed how a one armed Manny defeated the scared crow Floyd who boxed like a girl.

    • Ansar says:

      The only fans that think Manny won are Manny fans. You people are ridiculous! His shoulder story is a complete lie that foolish fans will fall for because they hate he lost. Floyd ran but he threw more punches…and landed more. The photo I am looking at shows Manny standing in the corner after the fight with both hands up to his fans. The truth is that he made Manny look the same way that he made 47 before him look…like a bum! Manny did not engage often because he is afraid of going back to sleep. Anytime a fighter makes up excuses, he is heartbroken! No juice, no heart, no knockouts! Manny can only fight flat-footed boxers. He couldn’t even knock Chris out, a fighter obviously cherry-picked to make him look good. Manny is washed up! He fooled everyone when he was juicing but now the weak chin and real boxers will put him out in the pasture. He talks like hes already half brain dead. Thats from giving the fans what they want and not being a smarter fighter (hit and not get hit). Ariza left and he has no more power. No Ariza, no secret shakes = no power… -b – a = -a lol

      • James says:

        If what you say is true go back and watch the fight. Floyd senior say through almost the whole fight,when are you gonna do something, your letting this guy hit you and your not doing anything.
        Something tells me he knew Floyd lost the corner he also said Floyd was getting dominated. Oh by the way, Leonard and Ali both threw punches not run and clutch. I didn’t see and by the way I think the count on the punches was wrong and bought

    • Anonymous says:

      He really box like a gay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you even think before you speak

  7. anonymous says:

    Truth is, Pacquiao might be more skilled and more intelligent fighter now, but he is a SHOT FIGHTER. Sparring bigger men in Margarito fight and after fighting Margarito, he is never the same. Sparring Provodnikov in his 2 fights took away his chin for good. That was why it was easier for his sparring partners to knock him down and it made him easier to get knocked out by Marquez. Somebody already did before Marquez did it (the one in Golden Boy roster who also trains with Roach). the Pacquiao we have now is no longer “dangerous”.

    In 2009, Floyd would get flattened by a dangerous Pacquiao who would not hesitate to punch and who would not stop punching without knocking out his opponent especially if the one he is fighting can’t hurt him. The Floyd “then” cannot hurt Pacquiao, proof is Marquez fought Mayweather in 2009 and he claimed Pacquiao punches harder than Mayweather. The best and strongest version of Floyd is who Pacquiao fought, thanks to Memo Heredia.

    • Rupert D says:

      Up to this point, the bogus knockout by Heredia who made The Superman Juan only for that day. The rest of Manny’s loses are part conspiracy to bring down Manny. But it’s hard to separate the facts tha a great Boxer like Manny Pacquiao has a record that is so impressived and no matter how you minimize
      His great achievement in Boxer, Pacquiao is a Hall of Famer!
      Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be undefeated for sure up to his last fight and that is so predictable. Why ?
      You don’t need to be an boxing expert. It is a given. That is FLOYD Mayweather jr.. Like a business
      He is a packaged. He will be undefeated! But will he be impressive or the best of the best? Honestly as a fan, do you think his last few fights impressed you as a fan? Do you like Floyd as he became undefeated?

      • Iced says:

        You know what, let’s just eat fried chicken as we watch youtube, watching this guy ala gladiator. There’s so much to be enjoyed there instead of wasting our time watching this ever so boring fight. Lol!

    • Anonymous says:

      Man please you pacquiao fans are so full of shit that steroid baby could never beat Floyd even with the juice

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree

      • anonymous says:

        No evidence of Pacquiao using steroids, not even on his body. But Floyd has been on PEDS SINCE THE START OF HIS PRO CAREER, in fact there was an interview with his first manager relating to this who injected the substance on Floyd. But they split when Al Haymon came into the picture. Floyd’s USADA blood tests turned out positive since Mosley fight. USADA could not produce Floyd’s blood tests in fights against Mosley, Cotto and Guerrero which was subpoenaed in court related to the slander case filed by Pacquiao. So they had to resort to amicable settlement. Who knows what turned out with Floyd’s blood tests thereafter? The latest, Heredia joined Floyd’s training camp since the first fight with Maidana up to the latest. He appeared to have been stronger in Maidana 2. Just like with Marquez teaming up with Heredia which started in Pacquiao/Marquez 3 training camp but the best results were visible in the succeeding training camp. In Pacquiao/Marquez 4, he was able to knock out Pacquiao. Floyd had a “vampire facial” which is proof of roiding or gaining illegal, you can check the YouTube. advantage. So “roiding” should be associated with Floyd not with Paquiao.

    • Anonymous says:

      You lost me with the first line.
      shut your dumb ass mouth

  8. Rupert D says:

    For the last time we witnessed how Floyd will end his career in Boxng and boxing pundits as well as the
    Floyd fanatics will be so quick to solidify their fascination about how Floyd Mayweather jr successfully reached his record, 49-0, that Floyd junior to the point declared himself as the best ever. Does He?
    His last fight with the Great Manny Pacquiao didn’t show any superiority over Pacquiao and more so
    As promised did not overpowered or even displayed any engagement to create a fun boxing bout, instead he hugs and run around the ring until a hometown decision to his favor but a lot of fans saw the
    Fight who favored the one armed Manny overwhelmed him and We saw Floyd running backward refusing to engaged like a scared beaver.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck you too! Before the fight of Mayweather Jr. & Pacquiao the DECISIONS of the fight had been made already. “BUSINESS”? YES!But who’s Mayweather Jr.outside the RING? BOXING? NOBODY! HON. EMMANUEL “MANNY” PACQUIAO is a RESPECTABLE POLITICIAN(PUBLIC SERVICE MAN)! “IF” PACQUIAO still fight more for the sake of having a RE~MARCH FIGHT VS MAYWEATHER; Well HE “MUST” be very THANKFUL! HE can EARN a lot of MONEY AGAIN & HE’LL have a chance to.prove to HUMILATE & KNOCK OUT MANNY! SAY WHAT?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah a scared Gay!!!!Yes F__k that Gay!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey!!! Dumb ass Mayweather won!!!
      You’re such a loser

      • Iced says:

        Relax, he won boringly. Lol! And the casual fans can vote it as the fight of the century.

    • Ur an Idiot says:

      Hey dummy, so in comparison, you want to post an irrelevant link about floyd stating he had an injury when fighting Castillo? Umm…he clearly stated why his ‘performance’ wasn’t up to his ability…. He never stated he lost and and the judges never said he lost. Pacroid complain after the fact BECA– USE he lost. Go try and make yr idiotic sense somewhere else you casual dumb fanboy. Your statement helps prove how great floyd us as he fights with injuries, shoulder and hands, and still wins.

  10. Wtf says:

    Floyd is now exposed as the biggest bs in boxing..for running against a tiny injured opponent.

  11. PACMANUSA says:

    That fuckin bastard is like any other Mayfrag , full of shit and stinking worse then SHIT .

  12. Iced says:

    UFC is the better choice here. They fight like gladiators without weapons though. Who’s the one who claim to be ala gadiator? Lol! Too pathetic! And yet he could not even hurt a one armed man! This fight was so boring, I’d should have just watched a golf tournament or any other sports.

  13. SB20 says:

    Chicken Floyd Gump likes to run from men. Only person and thing he likes to beat are his wife and his tiny prick.

    • Iced says:

      All you have to do is retire and wait for the elite fighters to outclass each other and when its done, come back and say you are the best! Lol! That is the ala gladiator. Lol! In your dreams! I’d rather watch golf then than.

  14. Dog meat says:

    Floyd ran from a smaller dude , who he thought was on steroids! Lmfao!!! Come on now, how did floyd win by being defensive and running ? That ain’t boxing! Everybody knows that in boxing, you’re gonna get hit! And floyd took no risks and was afraid to get hit are you freaking kidding me? Come on. That nigga ran!

  15. Ruben Tejada says:

    It was a draw at most niether pacauiao or mayweather do nothing wtf

  16. Arnel Santos says:

    No more arguments. Reason why Mayweather is always winning is he only wants to fight at MGM LasVegas because he controls the American judges and picked the referee he wants. It’s simple Cheating !!! Why don’t he fight Pacquiao in Macao or Dubai with 3 mixed race judges and an independent referee, just like in the Olympics? That is why when he fought in the Olympics, he only got a bronze medal because he didn’t have full control of the venue. It iscan honest to goodness fight. 100% sure he will say No to rematch in Macao or Dubai because he knows he is going to loose. He is cheater.

    • John Hecker says:

      I had rotator cuff tear and I had to wait three weeks for operation. I couldn’t even light a bowl or use that hand to brush my teeth. Sorry Pacfans. Manny was swinging and flailing his arms about in warmup, like making windmills with each arm. And Floyd was in the ’96 Atlanta Olympics and was robbed of precious GOLD by the “international’s judges”.

      • anonymous says:

        Injury severity varies on a case to case basis. He was taking all the USADA approved anti-inflammatory medicine during training camp that enabled him to perform but on fight night, he was deprived of it. And Floyd punched his injury, go check and re-watch the fight because he knew Pacquuao was injured but Pacquiao was trying so hard to conceal being hurt and pretend because if not, Floyd would have made it a target practice and further incapacitated Pacquiao in the process.

        • anonymous says:

          This is what people did not understand why Pacquiao still had to use his right hand, to confuse Floyd about the injury. But at some point in time, he could not use it anymore. So Roach’s advise in the corner was “just do your best”.

  17. Dog meat says:

    Injury or not, I don’t give a s**t!!! All I saw was a nigga running like he was scared! Floyd fans think it’s boxing! You ask ali, frasier, holyfield, sugar ray, and tyson if that was boxing! Even mayweather senior thought his son was losing and not doIng enough to win! Floyd don’t care about what the fans thought. He just tried to fight careful and keep safe with his perfect record. He didn’t wanna bang with pac! Floyd made it a boring dight! Anybody can run, but not everybody can fight! Bottom line , he ran from a smaller freaking dude!

  18. Beatit616 says:

    What’s terrible is all floyd haters has a excuse for every single thing floyd runs oh he hugs etc it must be part of the sport if there’s no penalty….he tbe ever whether u like it or not the most accurate puncher of all time best defense and best condition fighter ever if he do all the running you ppl say you never see him tired breathing hard nothing just get over the hate and realized u a witness to greatness

    • Dog meat says:

      All do respect, so youre saying floyd did run cuz there is no penalty. Well running and hugging is allowed. Because floyd does it. But I don’t think people are talking about rules, they are talking about being a warrior and having a heart of a champion! Most people would agree. You wouldn’t pay to see a boring fight either! Floyd should of destroyed the small fillipino s**t! That’s all I’m saying! But he ran! Lol

  19. Phil says:

    Why u guys all agueing over the most boring fight of the century. I switch off in round 3.
    If u agree with me, just reply switch off

    • Iced says:

      Alvarez vs Kirkland was a million times better! Lol! They came out with all might! That was the show. Maybe it could be the fight of the year. I think the ala gladiator should fight Rosey next but then I don’t think he can defeat her. Lol! She’s thougher than Pacquiao

  20. kraylegs says:

    You Pacquiao loving idiots ..First round Floyd goes to center of ring Pac ain’t do shit. Pac was slow weak and confused.. He fought Algeri before Mayweather …Lol……weak AF Mayweather master defense and speed …dominated…. A#dholes … #Pacmansucks

    • anonymous says:

      Pacquiao was weak? So why did Floyd ran for his life and did not even engage? If your statement is true Floyd would not respect Pacquiao and should have beaten him up. Count the punches that Floyd landed, it was the fewest in his whole career. And what does that say about Pacquiao?

  21. kraylegs says:


  22. Dog meat says:

    I go by facts, I ain’t hating on either fighter. Floyd did run. It’s on the tapes! Lol, so all the floyd fans think it’s boxing? Hahaha. Last time I checked, boxing is where you hit each other ! Floyd fans think he was being crafty? Get the f***k out of here! That’s why people pay to see fights !

  23. Dog meat says:

    I guess hugging and running is boxing huh? Hahah

  24. Dog meat says:

    If floyd was so tough, why didn’t he al least take a risk and bang with pac? Pac kept the pressure regardless he was losing! That’s why the fight was dubbed boring fight! Floyd didn’t do shit either!

    • Iced says:

      O common, all you have to do is retire and come back and proclaim yourself you are the best! Lol!

  25. Lady GGa says:

    N word. That is all.

  26. dar says:

    Jeff check your ass before say bs. Pac won the fight… all may gay fans picky idol

  27. Iced says:

    Most people who watch boxing are casual fans. Just like me, I want action, I want fighers who are not scared to engage and who give it all. Man sweet science? Common so what is the difference then from ufc? Well ufc, the fighters over there are the modern gladiators. Lol! So funny a man calls himself a gladiator and he could not even wobble a small man coming off from a knock out not long time ago. Yes, your next! Lol! Next for the coming years! How pathetic!

  28. Jonas says:

    Yes, Floyd is from Planet LAS VEGAS, where he can do no wrong. The only thing he needs to do is to avoid being KOed. His usual defensive moves consist of running, hugging, elbowing, and the latest dirty maneuver was, pulling the arm of hid opponebt out of the socket. Floyd never goes out of his turf, because in Vegas NSAC protects him and completely ignores the biased ref, judges, USADA, compubox operators and totally slanted sportscasters. Only outside Las Vegas will we know the real Floyd. At this point, only a total idiot cannot see this standard Floyd dance as choreographed by Haymon. Oh, he’s not after retaining titles, because it requires him to fight the best. He cherry picks his opponent like what is about to do again.

  29. Joe Thornton says:

    Manny is a bum. Why does his fans act as if this was his first loss? This bum has 6 losses. If you lose enough times what you are is a loser! And he actually sucks at that (makes excuses) Why should the P4P best boxer in the world waste any more time on a guy who doesn’t care enough about his own career to train hard enough to stop from losing? He’s even been knocked out cold because he was careless, clumsy, and stupid. After all is said and done, Manny will be the one to remember, because he had so many years to study Floyd, and he still lost, he’s the dumbest contender. Manny had all the pieces to do it, and was still puzzled.

    • Iced says:

      Oh he is a bum? Lol so those people who voted for him as the Fighter of the Decade were bum too? Lol! Watch youtube and tell me who’s crying as if he was sad to leave boxing. Really? When the competition is fully loaded? Lol!

  30. Jose says:

    Jeff and for all Mayweather fans, you are talking too much bull of shit that you don’t want to admit that Floyd did not want to fight pacman, how you all going to say that he is the best fighter when spent the whole fight running and hugging. He is not close as a fighter as Leonard that he could box anybody without running and hugging he was a real fighter not a chicken as Mayweather.then you Jeff says that Mayweather could knock pacman out how is posible that you can say that that the only guy that was hurt was Floyd he never hurt pacman once in the 12 rounds of the fight. Now he does not want to give him a rematch because he knows that with shoulder injury he gave Floyd a hell of a fight, imagine what will happen if pacman is in good health, I die ti see that rematch.

  31. Anonymous says:

    let’s get one thing clear to everyone who supports mayweather…is the man still undefeated? yes and something can be said for that. but don’t get it twisted, when Pac man was doubling up the jab, it affected mayweather. it’s affected him in previous fights as well. some of you have said it’s about sticking and moving and you’re right except, what mayweather was doing the majority of that fight was sticking and holding. if you’re going to step in the ring for a fight of that magnitude then fight. Pac brought it early til his shoulder shirt him and mayweather ran. mayweather doesn’t compare to the tysons n the Ali’s . when did u see them run or constantly hold? never….they brought it, they let their hands go night in n night out no matter who they were facing. this fight was supposed to save boxing and it did the complete opposite.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re smoking crack.Ali coin the phrase float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, hit an not be hit.Clinching and holding was a part of his style but much worse then.Check it. Tyson y’all hated when he was chap.Ali same thing hated him when he was champ.So kill all that noise.Floyd can’t win because no matter what he loses in haters eye’s.Last time I heard Tyson was convicted of rape have him on video saying he wanted to f another man now you love him?ALI refuse to fight a B.S.war y’all hated him n Now he’s considered the GREATEST?Everybody wanted Floyd to lose and PAC was the so called great white hope in boxing.Just so he happened to be Filipino so they made it a GOOD vs EVIL fight plain and simple.Styles make fights.Floyd outsmarted you all and PAC deceived y’all.Get over it….

    • JC says:

      You’re smoking crack.Ali coin the phrase float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, hit an not be hit.Clinching and holding was a part of his style but much worse then.Check it. Tyson y’all hated when he was chap.Ali same thing hated him when he was champ.So kill all that noise.Floyd can’t win because no matter what he loses in haters eye’s.Last time I heard Tyson was convicted of rape have him on video saying he wanted to f another man now you love him?ALI refuse to fight a B.S.war y’all hated him n Now he’s considered the GREATEST?Everybody wanted Floyd to lose and PAC was the so called great white hope in boxing.Just so he happened to be Filipino so they made it a GOOD vs EVIL fight plain and simple.Styles make fights.Floyd outsmarted you all and PAC deceived y’all.Get over it….

  32. skinner says:

    All of you’ll are full of shit unless you’ve boxed your looking at the payday hurt or not money plays a big part in the whole equitation a hundred million dollars torn rotator cup would you fight. Not in your prime your not going to trade punches hold and clinch would you fight. You’ve got all of Las Vegas in your pocket would you fight. Fellas it’s called a payday. ….

  33. Ochads says:

    Did you notice then red spot on manny’s shoulder
    after the fight when they hugged each other….
    Well check it out guys… it’s a real proof of injury…

  34. Anonymous says:

    What am out now to see in my hear that we’ve got to threw a weekend of fun with your family rate is a way I want es Como est de