Jenna Jay: “Canelo likely wins on points, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Chavez Jr get frustrated and quit in the corner”

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I recently had a chance to interview one of the most accomplished boxing radio hosts of all-time, the award-winning Jenna Jay. Jenna is the host of “On The Ropes” radio, a boxing oriented podcast that has featured the biggest guests in the sport for over eight years. During my interview with Jenna, I got her views on Klitschko vs. Joshua and if she think’s there should be a rematch. I also asked her about the future of Joshua and if a Wilder-Joshua fight is the key to stardom for them both. Additionally, Jenna breaks down this weekend’s Alvarez vs. Chavez bout and gives her views on Manny Pacquiao against Jeff Horn. Here is what Jenna Jay had to say.

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Robert Brown: What were your thoughts on the Wladimir Klitschko vs. Anthony Joshua fight?

Jenna J: Not only did it live up to the hype, but it exceeded it in a lot of ways. A lot of people thought that Anthony Joshua was a guy who had the potential to be a superstar at 18-0 with 18 knockouts, but he hadn’t been really tested, and in this fight he was tested against a 41 year old Wladimir Klitschko who still looked good and effective.

It was a fantastic fight. To see Klitschko get knocked down then overcome the adversity, where in other situations in his career he rarely did that, he overcame the adversity and knocked Joshua down in the next round. Then to see the finish by Joshua, it was a star making performance from Joshua and it was a fantastic fight for heavyweight boxing.

Robert Brown: Do you think there should be a rematch? If this is Klitschko’s last fight, where do you rank him amongst the great heavyweights of all time?

Jenna J: There is a rematch clause, but Klitschko hasn’t said whether or not he’s going to exercise it. That is a big decision for him because he knows that he risks potentially losing in a rematch, devastatingly losing in a rematch. He did very well in parts of this fight but still lost and is looking older.

I believe the rematch would take place on Wladimir’s home turf, but still, what is he going to do that’s so much different? It’s a tough call for him. If I were Wladmir Klitschko, it’s such a hard road to travel, I would try to fight someone like Joseph Parker and try to win a title and go out on a high. Don’t go out on a low. If he chases Anthony Joshua, there’s a chance he could go out on a low.

Robert Brown: Joshua has talked about becoming a global star. If he wants to become a global star, Deontay Wilder is the option isn’t it?

Jenna J: That is honestly his best option to become a huge star in this country. It’s a fight that makes a lot of sense for both of them. Deontay Wilder has been doing well but hasn’t gained any stardom, if he knocks Joshua out in the United States, people are going to be hugely excited. It’s a huge opportunity for both of these guys to become global stars, one way or the other.

Robert Brown: Saul Alvarez will be fighting Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. this weekend. Do you give Chavez Jr. any shot in this fight?

Jenna J: Initially I thought that there was a chance for Chavez Jr. The fight is taking place at 164.5lbs and Canelo has never fought above 155lbs, when Chavez has had that kind of weight advantage, he would chop guys down like he did Andy Lee. But his biggest problem is dedication and it always will be his biggest problem.

The difference between Canelo and Chavez is that one fighter grew up privileged, and the other fighter is hungry. I don’t see Chavez Jr. as a hungry guy, I don’t think he’s a guy who cares about his legacy. In a certain way, can you blame him? He can never live up to the legend of his father, and he knows that, so it pushes him back. He’s done a lot of stupid things, he’s smoked dope, he’s blown up between fights, his own father says he hasn’t been training that great for this fight.

Honestly, I don’t give a lot of chance to Chavez Jr. If he came in shape, I would have given him some, but I don’t see much of a chance here. I believe Canelo is going to be faster, sharper, he will pick him apart with a jab, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chavez Jr. quit later on in the fight. It may go to a decision, it may be Canelo on points, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Chavez get frustrated and quit in the corner. I don’t hold out a lot of high hopes for this being a great fight.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn?

Jenna J: This fight is an overseas version of Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri, and honestly I think Algieri is in a higher class than Jeff Horn is. Horn has faced Ali Funeka and Randall Bailey and he got knocked down and hurt in both of those fights. If Manny Pacquiao does not score a knockout, he will never score a knockout in the rest of his career. Pacquiao is still a good fighter, he’s still a top 10 welterweight, he can beat a lot of guys out there. I understand why he’s fighting Jeff Horn, but as a fan I’m not looking forward to it too much, except for the fact that I believe that Pacquiao will score a knockout in this fight.

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  1. enrique says:


    • Jenna Jay says:

      I have talked to a lot of Pacquiao fans, and they agree with you. They love the pacman, but they see Horn as a guy that Pac should KO easy. Horn was dropped by Ali Funeka, who is a former lightweight, and he was dropped by Randell Bailey, a former 140lb fighter who was 41 years old at the time. It’s been since 2009 since Manny has scored a KO, and that is partly due to facing naturally bigger fighters, and top tier fighters, but at certain point you need to KO a give me, and this is that fight. If he can’t get a ko here, retirement might start looking like the best option

      • Arsenio Harold says:

        Without KO retirement? Woh! Mayweather should have retired a long time ago. He has not KO’ed anyone in ages. KO is not the basis of retirement. The stamina of Pacquiao is still tops even at his age. He can still compete with any young welterweight.

        • Jenna Jay says:

          Pacquiao’s last KO was 12 fights ago and while he has mostly fought upper talent and there are a few fights in which he was close to a KO and did not get it, there were a few fights the guys were lower level. I’m not going to name names, but Horn is the lowest Caliber fighter Pac has fought in over 12 years, score a KO!

    • jose martel says:

      he has still 1 thing to prove if he can beat either floyd or terrence crawford
      if he beat 1 of these 2 boxers then it will prove that he is the greatest of all time in this era.

  2. Arsenio Harold says:

    Pacquiao is beyond compare. Most boxers now are overrated and overhyped by boxing media.

  3. robert says:

    he might KO you!

    • Jenna Jay says:

      If Manny can’t KO Horn, then I doubt he could take me out 😉 Pacman is a great fighter and he is still one of the top 5 welterweights in the world…..that said, Horn is the lowest caliber fighter Pacquiao has faced in over 10 years. If it doesn’t happen here, I don’t believe it will ever happen again.

  4. lee may says:

    common guy’s pacquiao is not legitimate welter compare to his all opponents in welter so don’t expect Manny to k.o horn who’s bigger than manny.pacquiao.natural weight is 140 so is really hard to k.o the opponent bigger than him

  5. Reymundo Cruz says:

    Why do boxing fans wants Manny Pacquiao a knockout win against his foe Jeff Horn? It will depends on how Manny fight with this Aussie fighter in upcoming fight event on July 2nd.. Some people thinks that fighting with a guy like Jeff Horn is not going to be that easy. I know that Manny may not have the same fighting power as when he were in his younger years, plus he is trying to control his emotional temperament against his foe in the ring. He wants to have more true compassion for not really hurting his foe. Getting knockout by someone like Manny’s power punch is anyone’s nightmares.But it will depends on Manny if he is going for the knockout victory or not for this fight event against J.H. I do realised that boxing can be a very dangerous sport, because someone’s life in the ring could end up getting critically hurt or even can be fatal. Sometimes boxing fans don’t even think about the true dangers of being in this particular sport event, inspite that boxing is very entertaining to most others but also can be very deadly to some fighters out there. It already had done so many times before. Getting knockout is not that easy, especially when a particularl fighter goes down and goes into unconsciousness state and his life is on the line of life or death situation. I know that Manny had felt that already before, especially when he gotten knocked out by J.M.M. in 2013.

  6. Reymundo Cruz says:

    I would rather see Manny Pacquiao wins by decision rather than by a KO. I feel very sorry if a fighter gets knocked out so badly. Of course, seeing a person get KOed by the other fighter is not good to watch. Some boxing fans out there wants to be sxcited to see a someone gets hurts badly enough, but they don’t seem to realise the outcomes of getting into unconscious state, especially when someone goes to the hospital in critical condition. It’s like you’re witnessing that someone got brutally murdered by another man in the ring. I know that boxing is an exciting sport that everyone watching spectacularly but there’s can be too dangerous and very fatal. That’s the reason why, Manny is now always being too cautious about fighting with his opponent in the ring, A potential KO victory is an option for every fighter against his fighting opponent. A lot of boxers gotten knockouts by their foes and end getting critically hurt so bad and be in a coma state or died from their own injuries. Don’t you guys feel very sorry that these things happens sometimes in the fight events. Don’t think the knockout victories can makes everyone very happy and truly thrillingly exciting to the fans. As a matter of fact, seeing someone in a boxing match will never make you really rich, unless you make a great bet for the other guy to win the fight. It is somehow a very crazy event. I hope that Manny Pacquiao will win by U.D. in July. That’s my true bet for this fight.

  7. Reymundo Cruz says:

    No matter what will be the outcomes of this fight event betweenManny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn in July. Manny will always be a true champion for the rest of his own life. Not only in boxing but for being a very true humble citizen in this world in particular. Life can be too short for everyone on Earth. It doesn’t matter how famous or wealthy or prestigious lifestyles you having right now, life can be cut short to anyone’s life out there at any unexpected moment, including my own, of course. I realised that people living in a very simpler lifestyle out there could able to live longer life span than any other people who are living in the rich lifestyles. It is not the rich and fame that will brings you the best in life. It is the way you deal with life’s problems that makes people live as long as you wanted to be in life. Rich people has more personal stresses than very poor people. So I thinkMannyPacquiao must take it easy now. A true rich life is being truly humble to yourself, not all about being too famous or too rich to let other people trying to be too envious what you have. Look at Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa, they both wasn’t that rich people during their own times on Earth. But of course,their true legacies lives on forever more than those super rich people onEarth. Living a very humble and simple life is the true happiness on Earth. You are free from being disturbs and trash talked by other people out there.about your own personal reputation. Very rich people have so many complicated things that they always have been concerned about in their own lives, including their own personal safety. That’s why they are too stressed out, like what happened to the great music pop superstar (Michael Jackson).

  8. Lucas Ilidan says:

    Taller opponents have to chance 5″10 and above have no chance with Manny, look what happened to Oscar, Margarito, Vargas and Algieri

  9. Elps says:

    What are you talking about dude! Why bitter on manny not knocking out anybody now. Did floyd knock out anybody who is smaller than him. Cmmmon guys.

  10. Menard says:

    Pacquiao always fighting a guys bigger and taller fighter than him. Having said, it doesnt matter whether he did’nt knock out his opponent.

  11. Elps says:

    These expert boxing “kudos” does’nt know what boxing is. Dont know what they’re talking about. Manny fought giants. Floyd fought faggots! 2x below his weight or same body build. Manny fought 10x bigger than him. People does’nt see that. Manny bone structure is for featherweight. Floydie’s bone structure is for superwelterweight.

  12. Reymundo Cruz says:

    All the past opponents that M.P. had fought is no longer the same now. I do believed that Manny might go easy on Jeff Horn in their upcoming fight even in July. Unless if Jeff Horn act very much cocky towards Manny, then Manny will definitely give this Aussie guy a good boxing lesson by doing his fighting power skills and speed, but somehow, Manny is very compassionate and very much cautious to do what he really wants to do in the ring. Of course, for this fight, Manny will surely helps Jeff Horn to become a well-known fighter in the world of boxing after he wins or not. Jeff Horn will definitely will have more international exporsures by then how good fighter is he is, whether he win or lose against Manny. But Manny is not underestimating Jeff Horn at this time before the fight. Jeff Horn is a tough undefeated fighter in his own rights. Only us fans are making all these bold predictions now before the fight’, but we are going to see the right outcomes of this fight in July 2nd. God bless for both fighters.

  13. Anonymous says:

    pacquiao sucks he should get put to sleep by Terrence Crawford

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