Nonito Donaire: “From what it seems, Manny Pacquiao has been kind of underestimating Jessie Vargas”

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One of the final PPV events of this year will happen on November 5th, with the main event headliner of 8 division world champion Manny Pacquiao vs. WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas. The PPV will also feature a stacked undercard that has boxing stars Nonito Donaire and Zou Shimming fighting in title bouts. Top Rank promotions will distribute the PPV, which will mark the first time in years a significant event has been put on that format without a major TV network.

In part 2 of my interview with “the Filipino flash” Nonito Donaire, I get his thoughts on the upcoming Carl Frampton-Leo Santa Cruz rematch and the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jessie Vargas bout. Donaire breaks down Pacquiao’s upcoming fight and talks about the chances for a upset. Additionally Nonito shares his views on Kovalev vs. Ward and Golovkin-Jacobs. Here is what Nonito Donaire had to say.

Robert Brown: Carl Frampton and Leo Santa Cruz are going to have their rematch. Who do you think will come out on top in that one?

Nonito Donaire: I think that Santa Cruz is going to figure him out. There’s only thing that he should have done in the fight, which was keep his distance and throw that right hand. I think he’s going to try to do that this time, but if he tries to do the same thing, Frampton is going to beat him. You can’t fight a shorter guy with shorter arms on the inside. If they change it up and use his distance and his length, he’s going to beat him.

Robert Brown: Manny Pacquiao is fighting Jessie Vargas in that card. What are you expecting from that fight and who do you think will win?

Nonito Donaire: Jessie Vargas is a formidable fighter that people are looking past. It depends how focused Manny is, but Vargas is going to have a big chance if Pacquiao lacks the focus. Whoever shows up in there will definitely win the fight.

Robert Brown: Do you think Manny will be focused for this fight or do you think there’s a danger that he’s focusing too much on his political career?

Nonito Donaire: I think the latter is what is going on, that’s where his focus is and that’s where he’s consuming his time. He hadn’t gone to LA to isolate himself, he’s been in politics and the senate, but you can’t underestimate him, he’s been training hard as well. It seems that the focus is towards the politics but we will see in the fight.

Robert Brown: Do you feel there’s a good chance of an upset due to the wavering focus of Pacquiao?

Nonito Donaire: Well, Jessie Vargas has the height, he’s focused because this is his biggest fight. You don’t really know how Manny is training but from what it seems, he’s been kind of underestimating Jessie, but I can’t really say what goes on in his camp but if he goes out there and is fully focused, he’s going to be a formidable Manny Pacquiao.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the upcoming fight between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev?

Nonito Donaire: That’s going to be an incredible fight. I would definitely look towards Andre Ward because I’ve known him and he’s always been the type who fights everybody and takes away people’s weapons. He’s going to take Kovalev’s weapon away from him and win the fight.

Robert Brown: Do you think the fight will go twelve rounds?

Nonito Donaire: Yes.

Robert Brown: It looks like Gennady Golovkin is going to fight Danny Jacobs next year. Do you give Jacobs a chance in this fight?

Nonito Donaire: I think Jacobs has a great chance because he saw a lot of flaws with Golovkin in the last fight. Jacobs has a lot of range and he moves as well. It’s going to be an incredible fight and I think that out of all the people that Golovkin has fought, Jacobs has the biggest chances of upsetting Golovkin.

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33 Responses to "Nonito Donaire: “From what it seems, Manny Pacquiao has been kind of underestimating Jessie Vargas”"
  1. glen says:

    Shut up loser. You ass got beat to pulp by Rigo. Walter knocked you out silly. Your last fight was not impressive. You do not speak about Manny or what so ever.

    • Jerry Lynch says:

      Glen just exactly WHO have YOU beaten in the ring? Until you get in the ring you may not be a loser, but you sure are not a winner either diba! Donaire has fought most of the guys his own size that would fight him, Losing to Rigondeaux is no disgrace whatsoever because Rigo is an outstanding boxer who ranks among the best anywhere. No boxer who ever gets in the ring goes undefeated if the face the best at their best (See Mayweather).

      You, Glen, are a typical Pinoy onion-skinned Pacquiao nut hugger who gives all Filipino boxing fans a bad name. I’m an American and I was watching Pacman on American TV before most Filipinos had even heard his name. In recent years I’ve almost been embarrassed to be a Pacquiao fan just because being one puts me in the same basket as ignorant, pignoys like yourself. People like you, Glen, are why The Failippines is a 4th world country and not a major world power in anything but being butt hurt easily.

      • Cesar says:

        Mr. Lynch,

        Wow! you’re a typical cool-aid drinker.

        • Boxing Helena "Bonham Carter" says:

          I am curious Cesar what “kool-aid” are you referring to? Just because idiot Duterte and equally idiotic Trump are basically alike, it doesn’t mean Jerry’s statements are “kool-aid” substance.

          In fact the only thing I disagree with Jerry is his statement of, “No boxer who ever gets in the ring goes undefeated if the face the best at their best (See Mayweather).” My only problem with that opinion is Mayweather did not face the best at their best. Manny Pacquiao at May 2, 2015 is totally different from Manny Pacquiao at May 2, 2010. Other than that Jerry is spot.

          The ironic thing about May/Pac is even if they fought back on 2010, I still think Mayweather wins by decision but it would’ve been a much closer and one hell of a fight.

          • Alfonso Deriquito says:

            Nothing against anybody here. Not with Pacquiao neither but the first time i saw the fight it truly appeared that May won easy but after looking at the fight in slowmo its a complete 360 (or is it 180), for me. Manny won that fight in my novice opinion, and with one bad shoulder at that. Re Donaire’s comment, I agree with him. If Pacquiao will not come in this fight, 100% focus and just fights for the money, he will be in a rude awakening. Vargas is not easy pickings, to the least.

    • Nicolas Walters says:

      Donaire, you know i took your soul away. Now you said you wanna go back to 126lbs coz i aint there no more? imma go back down and take that body. If taking your soul was not enough, let me retire you with thy axe.

      Btw, youve been asking how come my boi manny hasnt been putting you on his undercard? well this explains it.

      Nov 5th, Jesse Magdaleno will be the new champ.

    • Boxing Helena "Bonham Carter" says:

      Glen, the man gave an honest opinion about a fighter and evaluated it in a clear manner. He didn’t say anything negative about Manny Pacquiao as a person. I also agree with Donaire that Pacquiao is not fully focused on boxing anymore and his attention is on politics, which I respect, but he cannot do both. I like how people (mostly Filipinos’) get offended when someone says something about Pacquiao. Makes me laugh. Nonito Donaire gave his opinion about the state of Manny Pacquiao, the boxer, and not the person. As a Filipino himself I am quite sure Donaire wants Manny to win his fights but has to be an objective analyst for a fight.

  2. Reynaldo R Lansangan says:

    Donaire is just saying his own opinion and everyone have the right to express it. Its a free country (USA), unlike in the Phillippines and its president are busy killing his own people. #Peace

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you’re not a drug addict Mr. Reynaldo Lansangan, you shouldn’t be afraid, but if you are a drug addict then you must hide because you will die, All drug addict must be killed, no right to live,

  4. Anonymous says:

    Everyone needs to be afraid ;;; we all
    Know at one time or another weve all been wŕongly

  5. Panti Timo Butas says:

    Pacquiao by TKO Round 8.

  6. wbox says:

    why nobody focuses on Vargas trainer? WHO is the DRUG TESTING AGENCY? Isn’t he the conditioning coach the one who made PEE Marquez superman overnight?

  7. Ruds says:

    Why? Has Pacquiao lost his boxing prowess because he became a senator? I hope not. Maybe Donaire is underestimating Pacquiao and so is Vargas.

  8. James says:

    Nonito has all the right to his comment…his accomplishments Gives him that right.Let is be thankful for pinoy like him that giving the Philippines a good name for a change.

    • Boxing Helena "Bonham Carter" says:

      Amen to that brother. At least Nonito Donaire had the balls to say something even if he receives negative responses from his own countrymen. Say what you want about Donaire but the man has fought the best at a given time. Yeah he got destroyed by Walters and got humiliated by Rigo but you all have to remember that those 2 fighters are no push-overs by any means. They are world-class elite boxers.

  9. Al Ramos says:

    Pacman and Donaire deserves much respect from all Filipino boxing fans around the world and all Filipino workers abroad. Even you don’t agree what they are saying. These two Filipino gives happiness to a lot of Filipinos specially those working abroad. These two keep our head high. Because of them Filipinos were getting notice or much more attention than before. Lahat naman kayong mga Filipino na gumagawa ng negatibong commento sa kanila ay lalong wala rin magandang nagawa para sa bayan. Kong meron man maganda kayong nagawa para lang sa pansarili ninyong kapakanan. Kaya pabayaan ninyo sila sa mga ginagawa nila. Di ninyo kaya ang mga ginagawa nila. Tanggapin niyo nalang mga ordinaryo kayong pilipino. Pati si duterte sinali niyo pa. Kong palagay niyo magaling kayo dapat tatakbo kayong presidents mga potang inang pilipino kayo.

  10. Mr.Leech says:

    Tumahimik kana Mr. Lynch o letse ba! parang wala kang kinatandaan.halata naman talagang puro inggit kay Manny ang makikita mo at maririnig kay Donaire.tumanda na ang gago di pa rin naging PPV quality na fighter.pareho lang kayo ng pag iisip! STFU!

    • Anonymous says:

      Opinyon ni donaire yun,so bakit naman maiinggit si donaire ehh may sariling accomplishment naman siya,simpleng opinyon lang pinapalaki kaagad

    • anonymous says:

      Ipakita naman po ang respeto sa kapwa- tao.. I applaud Nonito Donaire for being a very good analyst. He is a whole lot better analyst than Buboy is. To say that Vargas will fall down before the championship rounds is ignorant of Buboy because Pacquiao team does not even care to monitor what the other side is doing. I hope he doesn’t faint when Pacquiao gets knocked out. But on the other hand, i hope and pray that Pacquiao truly humbles down during the fight and still wins in the end.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nah, there are too many collateral dmgs in this campaign against drugs that such renders meaningless your make-believe argument that “if you’re not a drug addict, you shoudn’t be afraid.” Anyway, it’s wrong to take away life, more so if without due process, even more so if at times innocent people are involved. You are no better than the drug users. In fact, you’re worse! Not all of them are killers, and I dare say that only a small fraction are, but you dutertards sure are. Criminals!

  12. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Manny loves boxing and we have to respect that. Donaire is also entitled to his own opinion but saying that Pacman is understimating Jessie Vargas is a huge mistake, otherwise Pacman would not have picked him as his “resurgence” opponent. Manny sAys that Vargas is a champion so he must not be overconfident, he respects Vargas just like his former opponents in the ring. I think Nonito should be more updAted if he wants to know the “facts” sorrounding Pacquiao. Politics is way different from boxing and Manny Pacquiao loves these both. Pacman is training hard as always. If he looses this fight who cares? Sport is all about winning and losing!

  13. anonymous says:

    I agree very with Donaire as to Pacquiao vs Vargas. I think that whoever has a more powerful punch that lands first and lands it often will win, provided both punches are of the same power, or whoever takes another punch better will likely win. I also think that deep in Manny’s heart, he is underestimating Vargas just as Vargas is underestimating him.

    I have Kovalev winning the fight, on the other hand.

  14. Tory says:

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  15. Priest says:

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  16. Trixie says:

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  20. vesta car says:

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