Peter Quillin: “Golovkin & Cotto are the fights that are ahead of me, the only two fighters that are ranked before me”

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Peter ‘Kid Chocolate’ Quillin is the former WBO middleweight champion and an undefeated boxer having never lost his belt in the ring. In his last fight, Quillin suffered the first blemish of his career, as he scored a draw in his attempt to win back his title, but showed championship heart after battling back from a knockdown in the bout.

During the 241st edition of “On The Ropes” boxing radio, I had a chance to speak to Quillin about his upcoming fight this weekend against Michael Zerafa. Quillin talked about what he hopes to get out of this fight and if he thinks his opponent could be dangerous due to him being unknown. Peter also shares his views on Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming bout against Andre Berto. Lastly, Quillin gives his official prediction for this weekend’s bout. Here is what Peter Quillin had to say.

Jenna J: You got a fight coming up this weekend, it will be part of the Premier Boxing Champions card on NBC, you will be facing Michael Zerafa. What do you think of the fight?

Peter Quillin: It’s basically a showcase fight for me, a “stay busy” fight. I’m just taking Michael Zerafa as if he was the champion of the world. Camp has been really well and I’ve learned a lot about myself during this camp and I’m thankful.

Jenna J: Michael Zerafa isn’t know by a lot of people out there, does that pose any risk at all?

Peter Quillin: Yes I think that’s always a case in this matter. I’m just trying to stay focused and that’s why I live by just learning the guy right there in the ring, take it one round at a time. I’m just very thankful that I have that kind of mindset and I don’t overlook anybody.

Jenna J: This fight is taking place at Foxwoods, do you think the fans will be coming over from Brooklyn to go see you fight?

Peter Quillin: Of course, I should keep that in my mind that I’m gonna have fans there in attendance to watch me showcase talent. For me, I’m worried about the fight right now and trying to do my best.

Jenna J: The last time we saw you in the ring you were taking on WBO middleweight champ, Andy Lee. It was a very close encounter and it was scored a draw. How do you feel about that fight?

Peter Quillin: I learned that within that fight I just had to accept what happened. I have a draw and I’m dealing with the fact that I have a draw and I have to move on. That’s what I’m doing with this fight, just putting all those things behind me and just being who I am and staying true to myself and to inspire myself to be the best that I can be.

Jenna J: What do you think troubled you in that fight with Andy Lee?

Peter Quillin: In the last couple of rounds, my tooth broke in the fight and I had to learn how to deal with that in that moment. If I could go back to that moment, I wouldn’t even care if I had gotten my tooth knocked out. For me, you just don’t even care about what you can’t control, just fight and whatever happens, happens.

Jenna J: The fight with Michael Zerafa in a lot of people’s minds is a tune up for a potential fight with Daniel Jacobs. Are you thinking about that fight in the back of your mind?

Peter Quillin: Yeah of course, it’s a good fight right here in Brooklyn, but the number one thing I can’t do is overlook Michael Zerafa. I’m taking him on as if he’s Daniel Jacobs now. I just have to stay focused on him, winning one round at a time and one fight at a time.

Jenna J: You’re thirty two years old and have a record of 31-0-1 now. What do you think you’ve improved the most in your career this far?

Peter Quillin: Just staying smart and staying true to myself and don’t lose the fact that I’m trying to be a hard worker in the gym. I’m very thankful that I’m a father and I’m thankful that I’m just working for my family.

Jenna J: You’re fight is on September 12th, and Floyd Mayweather is also fighting that night, he’s taking on Andre Berto in Las Vegas. Who are you picking to win that fight?

Peter Quillin: Well I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan and Mayweather is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m just very thankful to be fighting on the same day. We would have loved to fight on his undercard, but for the most part I’m making my own story on another network which is just as big. Hopefully we have some big numbers of people tuning in that day and then going to watch the Mayweather fight later on that night.

I think it’s a very interesting part of the story to have two Grand Rapids natives fighting on the same day on two different places. I just can’t believe it and I’m thankful that I’m able to create my own story. He’s just inspired me so much, so I’m gonna pick him to win just in terms of that aspect.

Jenna J: Do you think that’s gonna be the last fight of his boxing career or do you think he goes for 50-0?

Peter Quillin: I think he’s able to say that and he’s making enough money where he can retire at any time. I think if he says this is the last one, then we have to take his word for it.

Jenna J: The middleweight division is really heating up. We have Golovkin vs. Lemieux and Cotto vs. Canelo. Do those fights interest you? Do you see yourself being in the ring with them sometime in the future?

Peter Quillin: Yes of course, those are the fights that are ahead of me, the only two fighters that are ranked before me. That’s always on the horizon, I just have to keep building my name and working to be the best and hopefully those fights will happen and come to the limelight of boxing.

Jenna J: If you had to pick the winners of those fight, who would you take?

Peter Quillin: I’ll take Gennady Golovkin only because he hasn’t lost. Cotto vs. Canelo is definitely a good fight, I think Canelo is just a little bit savvier at the prime of his career, so I look for him to be the winner over Cotto.

Jenna J: Back to your fight with Michael Zerafa this Saturday, what is your official prediction?

Peter Quillin: Me just doing my best and going in there and win, whether it’s a knockout or a decision. I come to get paid for twelve rounds and we’re looking to just stay focused and showcase the talent that I have.

Jenna J: How great has the Premier Boxing Champions format been for the sport of boxing?

Peter Quillin: It’s been very good in terms of boxing now being available in primetime TV in over thirty years. It’s always making history and I’m very thankful to be on the winning squad which was created by Al Haymon with the PBC things. It created a league for fighters to build a brand and build a story and be showcased among the millions that are watching around the world.

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