Roger Mayweather: “Floyd’s legacy needs a Manny Pacquiao rematch. Close that door in terms of victory”

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The boxing event the world long waited for, ended up disappointing many. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was the most hyped boxing event in history with over 5 years of build up, but when the two titans of the boxing world finally met, the fight did not produce anything memorable with what actually took place in the ring. The fight did however break every monetary record, grossing $71 million in live gate and over 4.4 million PPV buys. With such astronomical numbers produced by the event, the fight did live up to a portion of it’s hype, but many wonder if there should be a rematch just because it was a hit on paper, when it flopped in the ring.

In the third and final part of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with trainer, Roger Mayweather, I talk with him about the possibility of a rematch and why he thinks there should be one. Mayweather talks about health of both fighters going in and if he thinks Mayweather and Pacquiao owe the fans a better performance. Roger also discusses his nephew’s legacy and how he thinks a Pacquiao rematch could play into it. Additionally, Mayweather shares his thoughts on his nephew retiring and what fans could expect from a rematch. Here is what Roger Mayweather had to say. (

Jenna J: Do you think both Floyd and Pacquiao owe it to the fans to be one hundred percent healthy and have a rematch?

Roger Mayweather: That’s what they should do. If you’re going to give the fans a hundred percent of your performance, then you need to do that and go in the ring healthy and produce what you would have produced the first time, a good performance. That’s what boxing’s about.

Jenna J: What do you think this win over Manny Pacquiao did for Floyd’s legacy?

Roger Mayweather: Floyd’s legacy is going to be good but he needs to close that legacy with Pacquiao. He needs to go back and him and Pacquiao need to do it again. That’s what I think. To close the door in terms of victory, that’s what he needs to do.

Jenna J: If Floyd does that, where does that put him amongst the greats?

Roger Mayweather: That would put him amongst the greatest fighters, but Floyd had a good, long legacy anyways. He will be amongst some of the greatest fighters but he’s got to close the thing with Pacquiao before he ever does that, because that’s one of the known guys that people respect and I think that’s the guy that he’s gonna have to beat or have to show something with.

Jenna J: Do you think Floyd being as wealthy as he is, that he will be comfortable in retirement, unlike of a lot of other fighters?

Roger Mayweather: No, he ain’t gonna be comfortable either. Floyd ain’t gonna be comfortable staying in retirement. There ain’t no fighter that I know that ain’t never came out of retirement, that was still fighting. The guys like Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, all of those guys came out of retirement. All of those guys came out of retirement and they kept fighting. If my nephew can do that and walk away from boxing, then it’s a different thing.

Jenna J: Do you think boxing likes it’s fighters to retire undefeated? It’s so rare that they do, do you think boxing would even want him to retire undefeated?

Roger Mayweather: I don’t think that boxing really cares if he walks away undefeated or not undefeated. If he determines his career about having never lost, then that’s what he needs to do.

He’s gonna have to make his mind up, if he’s gonna walk away and retire of if he ain’t gonna walk away and retire. He’s gonna have to make his mind up, one way or the other. You can’t have another career if you’re still fighting, so you have to make your mind up one way or the other. That’s what he’s gonna have to do.

Jenna J: A lot of fans were disappointed with the fight. Is there anything you’d like to say about the fight they saw and what they could expect in a rematch?

Roger Mayweather: I think that the people didn’t see the performance they should have seen. Since they didn’t get the performance that they should have seen, I think that Floyd and Pacquiao should do it again and close out what they have in a performance of what the people should have seen. That’s what I think.


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23 Responses to "Roger Mayweather: “Floyd’s legacy needs a Manny Pacquiao rematch. Close that door in terms of victory”"
  1. glen says:

    Ahh.. NO!. I didn’t payed for that fight. Not going to pay for any Floyd Mayweather fight, ever. Not worth a penny.

  2. LeCramping James says:

    Team JailWeather figured easy fight & easy money if there’s rematch.
    Roach & Pacquiao will negotiate hard in the contract to disallow Fraud Jr. from SPRINTING & BEAR-HUGGING if they do fight again

  3. Teodoro S. Celeres says:

    Yah Mayweather may win again but of what kind? If he will not fight like a man agaiinst Pacquiao then what’s the point of a rematch.

  4. bug says:

    Mayweather jr won by fraud decision not unanimous decision.I think nobody will watch this rematch anymore.I will prefer to watch pacman vs Garcia or pacman vs maquez 5.

  5. Bobby says:

    Another boring fight.. Floyd is a runner not a fighter … he will just continue to hug and run.. one is enough pls. !!!

  6. donnie isaac says:

    Not at MGM anymore , referee and judges should be selected from different independent countries not from America or Philipine . It is very diffifult to regain trust of the fans. The first matched was too much hyped ,turned into deep frustration. Both are to be blamed ,i.e. Floyd was ranning,hugging and arm clipping not a single warning or deduction penalized by the referee Manny’s team had the injury 3 days before the fight wich they never revealed,,he pretented he was 100% in condition by trusting God’s Power as well. Although Manny did his best despite of the shoulder injury yet he needed kinockout score against Mayweather to convince the three one sided judges . In pinciple Manny had more replayed slowmotions.

  7. PACMANUSA says:

    Let there be a rematch . And if Pacquiao’s rotator cup heals properly and he regains his agility in that shoulder hopefully he will kill the woman beating runner !

  8. samson mwile says:

    Floyd is a coward from the start that’s its taken him years to accept with Manny. Imagine 10yrs he’s been avoiding the fight. So a rematch will do and select judges not from the US. Go. We need to see a real fight not run and hug like the Fraud Floyd and those fraud judges…..

  9. redentor says:

    manny won the fight fair and square but the judges want flyod to win! and take note pac won fighting one hand that tells much how paper champ flyod is!

  10. Jeff says:

    This fight has been reviewed over in slow motion. PAC Won this Fight. Now it needs to be PROTESTED !!!DID YOU HEAR THAT LOL PROTESTED !!! THE BOXING BIG DOGS WON’T NO BALLS. SO THE PAC FANS MUST !

  11. Leon says:

    Yeah, they must do it again! for free! they owe the public bigtime, they promise a good fight but it was a…….I hope next time they change the rules for “Palabra de Honor’s sake. please!

  12. Kidd Kulafu says:


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  14. John Belcher says:

    I am so discusted in the fight, i paid 100 dollars to watch a floyd mayweatherrun and hide like always just like the fight with ortiz, mayweather succer punched ortiz and it was discusting. Mayweather needs to go away for good. We are sick of his antics and crybabby attitude. Just go away

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  16. Lynda Wagner says:

    I didn’t pay for the first fight and will not pay for another. I like Manny Pacquiao but cannot support anyone that has committed domestic violence and served time for it. I also think the fight should be held in a neutral country with neutral officals. No one will ever beat Floyd in Las Vegas where he owns the judges and the referee. If there is another fight maybe they can find a boxing analyst that is not so biased in Mayweather favor as Roy Jones.

  17. […] on the On The Ropes Boxing Show, Mayweather’s trainer and uncle Roger Mayweather believes his nephew could’ve knocked out […]

    • Anonymous says:

      Amazing things happened, first thing in human history THE BEST RUNNER defeatedmulti division boxing champlon in boxing match, this will qualify for Ripley’s believe it or not.@_@

  18. girly says:

    Floyd sucks!! You better go away you’re done in boxing..go away!

  19. Jose German says:

    Maywather suck mi dick and buy me lunch

  20. Clayton says:

    So many haters on here, u guys though Manny was going to do it huh? Went out bought t shirts and hats and watch Manny get his ads kick. Take the ass beating and move on. Then he cried my shoulder hurts get the fuck out here Freddie roach had and excuse but there is no excuse to the out come. Stop buying the g fight if all u going to do is complain.

  21. Gil Cordis says:

    Lol, hahaha… even if it is free viewing, I’m not interested anymore, a waste of time !!!

  22. Paul says:

    Clearly…..Everyone posting here are not true boxing enthusiasts. Floyd clearly won the fight by decision. All of boxings sports writers agree that Floyd won. I can understand the frustration for those ppl who don’t watch boxing often wanting a knockout. That’s not floyds style. He is a true boxing technician who controls fights. Pac-Man is a careless brawler who is lucky he didn’t get knocked out……again!

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  24. We know the fight was a fraud of course manny won but was ripped off you know jy
    Judges were bought in favor of gayeweather lets forget thatIf theres a second fight wudd the gay man accept to fight in a neutral country? Lets say a non racist country lets imagine China? Mexico? Russia with no fucking american judges. Well why not dreaming its free is in ite