Roger Mayweather: “If Floyd’s hands are well and right, I think he will stop Amir Khan!”

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One of the most debated topics when it comes to boxing is where to place the fighters of today, amongst the all-time greats. In the final part of my interview with trainer Roger Mayweather, I talk with him about the all-time great standing of his nephew, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Roger also talked about how long he thinks Floyd can fight, and whether or not he believes Floyd will fight beyond his Showtime contract. Additionally Roger gave his thoughts on the potential Mayweather-Khan bout and his official prediction. Here is what Roger Mayweather had to say.

Jenna J: Roger, I’m wondering about your nephew’s legacy, you mentioned before that he’s starting to do some all-time great things. When it’s all said and done, how do you think he will be remembered? Do you think he could go down as just one of the greatest or the greatest?

Roger Mayweather: In my opinion, what he’s done is great. My nephew is the longest reigning champion in the history of boxing, before him it was Joe Louis and that was 15 years ago. Floyd’s been champion for 16, going on 17 years. He beat everybody in the sport that they said he couldn’t beat, but he still won. But I don’t think that he’s gonna go down as the greatest fighter ever.

He’s gonna be one of them but they ain’t gonna say he’s the greatest fighter ever because there’s too many guys that were named well before him. Guys like Ali, guys like Sugar Ray Robinson, guys like Henry Armstrong. I mean Henry Armstrong won the featherweight, lightweight, welterweight and fought a draw for the middleweight.

When you start talking about big names in the world of boxing, yeah my nephew is a big name in the world of boxing, but there are still guys that were there before him. People ain’t gonna take them down to put him up there, I don’t think so.

People are gonna say, “Well what if he would have fought him?” or “what if he would have fought that guy?” That’s what people are gonna say, “what if he would have fought Sugar Ray Robinson, what do you think would happen? What about Henry Armstrong, what do you think would have happened?” Nobody knows, so since nobody knows, they’re gonna always have an opinion, and that’s why he ain’t gonna be the greatest amongst fighters. It is what it is, when you start talking about elite fighters, you got to do things that people didn’t think you could do.

Jenna: Your nephew now being 36, he’ll be turning 37 in February. How long do you think he can keep fighting and winning like this?

He can fight till he’s 40 years old. You know why he can fight till he’s 40 years old?

Jenna: Tell me why.

Mayweather: Okay, who was the last guy who fought till he was 45 years old and won a title?

Jenna: George Foreman.

Mayweather: Okay then. Do you think George Foreman could fight 45 years old as big as he is, and you think my nephew can’t, as small as he is? He can fight till he’s 45 years old.

Jenna: I think when you see guys like Bernard Hopkins that are winning fights at 48, anything’s possible.

Mayweather: Bernard Hopkins got skills, but he ain’t as crafty as my nephew. It is what it is, if a guy can fight till he’s 48 years old, well my nephew can fight till he’s 48 years old, he could probably fight long past that. It is what it is, people do get old but that don’t mean they lose their trade.

What about the old fighters back in the old days? Them dudes were fighting damn near 50 years old then, and that just shows you what Bernard Hopkins is doing. He’s proving to you what a guy can do at 48. So there is still something that can be done even if they say, “Oh you’re done,” but they ain’t done.

Jenna: Let me put it to you this way, Floyd has 4 fights left on his deal with Showtime, do you think he will do those 4 fights and retire, or do you think the draw of having a 50 million dollar payday every time out will draw him back into the ring?

Mayweather: Hey I don’t blame him, I don’t blame him if he wins these fights. Say he wins these fights, these 3, 4 fights, you think he’s going to want to step down? You get 4 fights and you win all of them, well what you going to step down for? You will say, “shit, I can still beat most of these dudes,” that’s what’s going to be said.

It’s crazy, but one thing I have said, when you start talking about when guys get old, and guys are done, and guys are this and guys are that. It shows you when guys get 48, 45, 42, 43 the motherfuckers can still fight, what people say makes no difference, cause you got guys out there that can do it at that age. The oldest heavyweight champion in the world was George Forman, so that tells you a little about boxing.

Jenna: Roger final question for you. If Floyd and Amir Khan do fight each other, how do you go about fighting Khan, and what do you think the result of the fight will be?

Mayweather: Well the thing about my nephew fighting Amir Khan, I know Amir Khan, he came to the gym in the summer time. Him and Floyd never boxed, but I’ve seen him box some other guys. He was just like a normal guy, he wasn’t to me like something super special, he wasn’t that. To train my nephew to fight him, that’s pretty much easy.

I believe my nephew will beat Amir Khan. Either way he is too smart for him, too crafty for him, and he will find a way to whoop Amir Khan, he is too slick for Amir Khan. I mean Floyd is going prepare for it, get ready for it and he going to show the world what he is, even at his age. Skills pay the bills, that’s it. I think my nephew would probably stop him actually. If his hands are well and right, I think he’ll stop him.

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  1. Bigfoot says:

    Sorry Roger but your “NIECE” khan’t stop Amir you know why? cos your niece is a fucking PUSSY PUSSY P U S S Y you know what I mean? >:(

  2. Bigfoot says:

    Mayweather clan are bunch of idiots. they are all pussy roger sr is a bum when he’s active as a boxer, now they’ll will protect Fraud to look good but in reality Jr is well planed fraud.

  3. lil fraud will be having a hard time dealing with amir! Styles makes fight! lol!

    • Bigfoot says:

      Sorry but Amir Khan’t is fucking bum did you watch his fight against Julio Diaz guess what? Khan’s butt was on the canvass again and everybody knows Julio Diaz is a class Z boxer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why would a fighter use a pain killer like Xylocaine for her hands? Why would someone numb there hands before a fight with Xylocaine?
    Any one?

    • sissy-floyd says:

      xylocaine is a numbing agent. floyd jr is using it according to some to relieve Her of pain whenever She has a fight.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Amir Khan…isn’t he Manny Pacquiao’s sparring partner? Who is Floyd going to fight next…Fernando Beltran??

    • Anonymous says:

      that’s a good point dude.. he called manny has-been. and now he is fighting a guy who is not at the same level of manny? if asked if he will fight manny, he is not answering directly.. unlike manny, he is not thinking twice.. i believed floyd has great skills compared to manny but he is afraid of manny.. just look at his eyes if the name of manny is being to him in interviews hahaha

  6. dave sacre says:

    this is a pre-conditioning of minds of the public that mayweathers will fight khan d soonest time. why? because pacquiao vs rios fight is coming soon, and when pacquiao wins convincingly, they will have no choice but to give in to clamor of the people that floyd should fight pacquiao. i bet, they will announce the fight a day before pacquiao fights rios..tsk tsk..what a chicken floyd…

  7. tonyxxs says:

    Mr Roger. Tell your nephew to fight Pacman. In that way, the world will consider him the greatest fighter ever.. even if he lose. Otherwise your conscience will be haunted of not fighting that guy……forever