Timothy Bradley: “I’m going to take it to Pacquiao’s ass. Plain and simple, I told you the fight is personal!”

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In part 2 of my interview with undefeated WBO Welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, he gives his thoughts on a upcoming match up that could effect the direction of his boxing career, Pacquiao vs Rios, speaking on who he thinks wins the fight and why. Tim also spoke on how he thinks he would go about fighting Manny Pacquiao in a rematch, and if he thinks he would be able to get a decision if the fight takes place in china. Additionally “Desert Storm” talked about a potential fight between himself and Floyd Mayweather, and also if he thinks that fight can happen despite the promoters bad blood. Here is what Timothy Bradley had to say.

Jenna J: Now Tim, people are saying the same thing with Manny Pacquiao, that they were saying about you, wondering how he will comeback. Do you see any kind of risk for Pacquiao in his upcoming fight with Brandon Rios?

Timothy Bradley: There is always risk when you are in there with a big puncher, absolutely, but like I always tell everybody, speed kills, speed kills in every sport, it does not matter what sport it is. If you are faster than a guy, then you should be able to beat him. I just feel that Pacquiao is super fast, super strong, punches well with either hand.

I think Rios is gritty, he’ll withstand however much he possibly can to go in there and get the win, and I think it’s a great fight, but I still got to favor Pacquiao because I honestly think he’s tailor made for him. I just feel Pacquiao does well when guys come at him and let their hands go.

Rios is not a real big defensive guy at all. He keeps his hands high, but Pacquiao is the kind of fighter that punches through guards. You keep your guard up, he punches through guards and I feel that he’s going to punch through Rios’ guard and pick him to pieces. That’s just what I feel. I don’t know if he’ll knock him out, but there’s a possibly that he can, he can bust him up and possibly get him out of there.

Jenna: Tim, if Pacquiao does win that fight against Rios, do you think you can dictate some of the terms of the rematch, being that already have a win against him, and beat the man that knocked him out?

Bradley: That’s the way it should be, but it’s not always like it’s boiled up to be. Let me tell you, the business part of boxing sucks. I love the boxing game, I love that you always have a chance in the fight, but the business part just sucks. So Pacquiao even though he’s coming off a loss, he is still a huge, huge draw. He’s still the money pig in the business, he can pick and choose who he wants to fight at any time.

I feel that the fact that I beat Marquez, I feel that I should have more rights going into this fight, absolutely, and I’m going to fight for every inch if the fight were to go down, because I’m the champion coming in. With that being said, we are definitely going to have to talk if he wins this fight.

If he wants to fight me and I want to fight him, I’m letting the world know I want a rematch with this guy. I know I turned it down the first time, I turned it down cause I wanted a new chest, I wanted something new and I got it with Marquez, I beat him and now we are moving on.

Jenna: This fight is about redemption for you, but for Pacquiao, he may want to have a rematch with Marquez more then a rematch with you, because of the way that fight ended for himself. Do you think Pacquiao might choose a fifth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez instead?

Bradley: Them guys have already fought four times already, I don’t understand why they need to do another one, I honestly don’t. I think it’s a dangerous fight for either guy. Both guys know each other very well, if that’s something he wants to revisit, it’s great, that’s fantastic. It is what it is, it’s on him, I’m just letting everybody know I want to face him and regardless, if he don’t want to face me, then he don’t want to face me, and there is nothing I can do about.

Jenna: Tim if you were to get that second on opportunity to face Pacquiao, what would you do differently to comes away with a clear cut win?

Bradley: I’m just going to take it to his ass, me I’m going to take it to his ass. Plain and simple, I told you the fight is personal, and everybody was like “Oh he ran the first time” nah, I’m taking it to you buddy, I’m going to tell you the game plan right now. Game plan is to bite down on my mouth piece and I’m taking it right to you from round 1 and we are going to war.

It’s plan and simple, I’m going to war this time, without a doubt in my mind, I’m going straight at him and I’m attacking him from every angle. I’m always going to have my great defense, I’m always going to use my defensive skills and my foot work to get out of range, but for the most part I’m going forward, I’m coming to get him.

Jenna: Ok, now it’s interesting you say you want to come right at him because when you had your best success against Pacquiao, you were actually giving him angles and boxing him. Why would you want to change that up and go right after him for this fight?

Bradley: Why not? If I’m going over to Asia, I have no chance of winning the fight, so I might as well just go at him and make it a dog fight because if I’m gonna take that trip over the big sea, there’s just no way in hell I’m gonna win a decision over in Asia. There’s no way.

Jenna: Now Tim, for yourself, you said after the fight that you’re the top 3 pound for pound, you got Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward and yourself. Now, with Mayweather being at 1, I know that must burn at you. He’s in your same weight class, he’s the guy who’s regarded as champion at welterweight. Does it bother you that, that fight is very unlikely to happen because of two promotional companies that can’t work with each other?

Bradley: Right, it does hurt the sport a little bit, the fact that this is going on, but at this time, that’s the way the sport is right now. A lot of these promoters are building monopolies basically and they’re trying to buy up all the fighters and they’re fighting in house and a lot of stuff is going on with the different networks and all that.

At the same time it sucks because I would love an opportunity to fight a great fighter like Floyd Mayweather and get in the ring with the best. I wanna continue to fight the best but you know, it’s just not the nature of the sport anymore. It definitely has transitioned and it’s definitely different now, so it sucks, but what are you gonna do? These guys don’t do business together, I truly believe that, they don’t do business together, for whatever reason.

Jenna: Now if you clearly beat Pacquiao, do you think that can overcome the business angle, that it becomes a fight that is so big that it will overshadow any promotional issues and that fight can be made?

Bradley: I think anything is possible, if my promoters are willing to work and their promoters are willing to work to make this fight happen. I think that both sides gotta be willing to work to make it happen. I think that anything is possible in this life so I would never say never but at this moment I just feel honestly deep in my heart that the fight is still some time away because of the promotional differences that these guys have.

Jenna: Alright if you get that fight that you desire, a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, what would the result be, how will it play out?

Bradley: Oh I just know that at the end of the day, like I always say, I never say I’m gonna knock a guy out or stop a guy, I wasn’t born with that god given power. I was born with ring smarts, speed, stamina out of this world, and great defense as well, I make guys miss.
I think honestly at the end of 12 rounds my hand should be raised. I will be in Asia probably if the fight was to happen, so we would definitely have to see how things would be over there, especially if I win the fight and everybody sees that I won the fight, will I get the decision?

Jenna: Pacquiao’s people tell him what’s going on in the press and here’s your opportunity now, if you had any message you could to pass directly to Manny Pacquiao, what would that be?

Bradley: Good luck (laughs). Good luck on November, I hope you do well, I hope you win and lets go back to the drawing board baby and lets get it on. Lets talk about this rematch.

Jenna: Finally, to all your fans out there, the Desert Storm fans out there, any message you want to pass along to them?

Bradley: Yeah, all the fans out there, I just want to thank them for all the support, thank you for just riding with me and shutting up all these haters that’s around. I’m happy that they getting that money, cause I know they put some money down on me and we won so all those haters are pissed off because they have a little less money in their pocket now.

So we will just continue on to shine and continue to show the world what we’re made of. I’m gonna continue to work hard and prove to everybody that I’m one of the best fighters in the world pound for pound. I’m not gonna stop until I get that number one spot, I wanna be number one in the world pound for pound.

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43 Responses to "Timothy Bradley: “I’m going to take it to Pacquiao’s ass. Plain and simple, I told you the fight is personal!”"
  1. Dan Rightcross says:

    Bradley’s statement “If I’m going over to Asia, I have no chance of winning the fight, so I might as well just go at him and make it a dog fight” is pure rubbish. World title fights are always held in Asia and handled by the most competent and fair judges. Compare that with Las Vegas who gave Bradley a gift decision. Statements like this shows ignorance and inability of some Americans to perceive a world that goes beyond US shores.

    • fm says:

      I agree with you Dan. What is that word Tim Bradley? ah.. prejudice… well Americans tends to do that all the time you were racist too. In fact white people in your beloved country don’t like colored ones, like you Tim Bradley. Please look at Asians like that before doing it try to look around first. You said boxing is played not the way it should be but business, and the fact of that is Americans were the people behind. Knock yourself out Tim Bradley because all your statements don’t favor with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      right on the dot…

      • to: Bradley

        all your words are Bu…… nobody will believe that you come to fight. we all know that you can not even fight toe to toe with marquez. you will end up in the hospital if you will do that. you better look for guys like Alvarado. who could not last against pacquiao sparring partner.

    • macau says:

      well if he went to asia, its most probably going to be macau again.

      and if hes concerned about racial issues, people from macau are like hknese, they dont like philippinos in general, so being an Asian doesnt really help at all.

      besides, this is not a hometown thing, they are going to bring the competent judges hopefully.

  2. firelungs says:

    bradley don’t deserve the rematch. the whole world knows except the judges that he lost that fight. he missed his opportunity when he opted to fight JMM (who is still crying from the defeat) for a lesser purse. he is just making noise so that he can have that payday with the pacman.

  3. Anonymous says:

    mr bradley you talked to much man you should be ashamed to yourself coz clearly the last fight you been running like a chicken in the ring, honestly you didn’t won the fight according to the four judges that they looked after your fight. Just wait coz pacman will not say no to you as boxing follower we know that you try to hype your self so that you can get the fight relax sir people who love boxing maybe won’t watch you any fight that you have just keep your big mouth shutt….

  4. franny balanay says:

    that’s an insult statement to the people of asia.. it seems you are afraid to face asia’s boxer in their home continent.

  5. Mayweather Liker says:

    Hope PAC will win over Rios and immediate rematch with Bradley. Whoever wins Floyd should be ready for it.

  6. resty abkilan says:

    Hehehe, wanna beat pac? Then dont fight like a chicken, fight as a man.

  7. Bo Raoth says:

    Bradley thinks he’s not gonna win in Asia because no fucking judges in Asia is gonna give him a gift decision.

    • macau says:

      the gift might not happen twice, unless its really close..

      hes just worried because of racial issues i assume, but last time i checked macau ppl didnt like pinoys that much anyways.. so if racial issues is the thing hes concerned for, then he doesnt have a concern there.

  8. chitae tarzan says:

    Bradley is no difference with Mayweather, he is afraid with the Pacman. The next rematch you wanted will be a big disappointed to the way how you fight before….a chicken man…….hohohohoho!

  9. Anonymous says:

    bradley is like a monkey ..look a like a monkey!!hehehehehe

  10. artjd says:

    This guy Bradley is now sounding like Floydie the Chicken, He’s contradicting himself, you were offered a rematch and you don’t accept now you’re calling Pacquiao out. Is it because it’s now safe to call Pacquiao out after Pacquiao said he’s no longer interested to fight you after you turned down his rematch offer? And bringing the fight to Pacquiao???? C’mon, man, stop that nonsense!!! You know deep in your heart you cannot do that, you won’t last a round!!! Remember what you did the last time? Your feet got entangled in your haste to get away from Pacquiao. you were so scared you looked hilarious, hahaha!

    • macau says:

      yea, he twisted his fukin ankles trying to escape from pacquiao, and that was mild aggression..

      now imagine if pacquiao stepped on the gas which he didnt do in the first encounter because he actually tho he was ahead on the scorecards.

      im sure pacquiao wont make the mistake again and try to fuk bradley up so if brad goes toe to toe im 100% sure he will be laying on the canvas,

  11. Bradley is a chicken with yellow feet says:

    Bradley is a chicken with yellow feet

  12. Leon says:

    It’s funny how the mind of a pactard works. Bradley says he wants a rematch, you say he is ducking Provodnikov. If Mayweather talks about fighting someone, you say he’s ducking the great pacman. Basically anyone that can beat Pacquiao is ducking him. I think you would all feel better if you just admit that. Bradley outclassed Marquez easy, Mayweather dominated Marquez…..Pacquiao? He lost 4 times to Marquez! Face it, the healthy version of Tim Bradley we saw last time out whoops Pacquiao, and might even stop him. You want to know the main reason why Timothy Bradley will win? Because that’s all he does.

    • Anonymous says:

      stupid!!! marquez was lucky to have a draw in their 1st fight becoz of the stupid judge(doesnt know how score the 3 kd’s)…bradley changes his sytle when Pacman hits him becoz he cannot withstahd pac power…Bradley (big head with a tiny brain…

    • marquez says:

      Yeah Right! That’s all he does RUN like a headless chicken. Now that’s funny!Now he’s saying hes gonna bring it on after turning down Pacs offer? Bring on the running shoes yeah baby!

    • marquez says:

      This is how I see PAC TB 2.Either break your feet from running or have a concussion if he decides to Man up with PAC.Desert Storm yeah right! Chicken Storm is better yeah baby!

    • Rich says:

      Keep on hallucinating Leon. Probably you’re on drugs when Tim fought Pac. You’re just like Floydie KFC…saying different things. LOL

    • Guerero says:

      Stupid Leon, read previous posts before posting (better read artjd’s post). Pacquiao offered a rematch with Bradley and JMM but they both turned down the offer so Pacman decided to carry on and fight Rios. Now there’s no more big payday for Bradley after winning to Marquez so he tries to hype himself so that he could have a fight with FMJ or Pacman.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes Leon. Bradley and Mayweather are the greatest boxers of all time. that is what you want to hear right? yes. They are the best and greatest boxers ever. Pacquiao is nothing, he never won anything. You happy now!?

  13. shaun says:

    Againts Alexander / Pacquiao / Provo / JMM. Bradley wins either via split decision or an out of this world controversial decision running all over the place except the parking lot. How can you earn respect & sell tickets or call shots on negotiations with such performance ??? You should fight Provodnikov again & die !!!!

  14. Sonny of Sydney says:

    This desert worm love to lie – he would not fight toe to toe with Pac as he tasted Pac’s power – he just ran and hugged – a yellow blackie boy. No way he would bring it to Pac – Cross eyed Diaz knows – he he he – Pweh!

  15. Anonymous says:

    You should call out Provodnikov for a rematch not with the Pacman. Manny won’t fight you again because you wore a running shoe not a boxing shoe last time you both fought. Go pass Provodnikov in a rematch first and let Manny decide if he’ll fight you again. I think Manny isn’t interested anyway and the world too!

    • macau says:

      hes interested in that title for sure, manny will be champ again if bradley really decides to go toe to toe with the pacman!..

      seriously, no one in their right mind would go toe to toe with pacquiao, not even floyd could do that..

  16. adam says:

    Not fighting Floyd will not hurt the legacy of Pacquiao and neither a fight with this black chicken bradley. This guy is just a waste of time and money for the audience who payed a large amount of money to watch boxing. If ever Manny wins against Rios please consider other boxer but not Bradley there are lots of exciting Mano y Mano boxer out there.

  17. nwo says:

    lolz floyd and bradley.. same skin clothing.. cant walk the talk.. this runners who pose as fighters arent worth 5 bucks to see.. geeeeez how many dumb peeps are going to get duped by them.. just freakin funny

  18. erap estrada says:

    Tsk. Tsk.

    Typical black ass blunder.

    Provod’s punches still affects Tim.

    Tim used to be quiet and nice guy.

    But now he’s become swellhead (figuratively and literally).

    And delusional.

    Anyways, get in the ring again with anybody and start exchanging punches instead of running and playing touch. I doubt he’ll stand long when Pac or Provod is in front..

  19. […] an interview with On the Ropes Boxing Radio, Bradley said he already has a plan of action against Pacquiao should a rematch push […]

    • PACMANUSA says:

      Bradley is a chump and an ego inflated one to say the least !

      But then the same can be said about Fagweather .

      Bradley talks very much like Fagweather and that wetback Juicer Marquez .

      Pacman has more class and dignity as well as ability then Fagweather , Bradnutz and wetback Marquez combined .

      I would truely love to see Pacman fight all three of them and beat them all down enough so they never fought again .

      I’m a white Amrican and I gotta say I do not care for Fagweather , Boner , Bradhead or the juicer Marpeds .

  20. Hahaha says:

    “…so we would definitely have to see how things would be over there, especially if I win the fight and everybody sees that I won the fight, will I get the decision?”

    Hmmm…this sounds very familiar!

  21. BahoPuwet says:

    Assuming Pac gets past Rios……….
    If there’s a rematch, Dessert Pudding should consider the following:
    – Pacquiao is a better boxer than he is if he chose to implement that tactic;
    – Manny is a better slugger than him.
    – If there’s a rematch, don’t leave it to the judges. Go for a knockout !!!

  22. Manny Niyut says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Manny can challenge the IBF and/or WBA titleholder after Rios fight. Forget about the WBO and WBC champ because it ain’t gonna happen and you already know the reasons. Go Manny!!!

  24. Cielorain says:

    Pac will rise again…

  25. James says:

    I noticed how careful and respectful Bradley was about fighting Mayweather. He may accept the fight if it’s offered but I don’t think it’s a fight he’s going after. I think he realizes a Money fight gets his ass whupped.

  26. E-Man says:

    Hey Champ (Bradley). You are blessed with fast hands, fast feet and natural reflexes, so continue using your blessed skills because it’s not running – it’s exercising the sweet science of boxing which has been traditionally used for at least 60 years in the urban circle and worldwide (maintain the tradition, Bradley). Bradley, it’s not your job to “fight down” to a brawling style fighter, but it’s the brawling style fighter’s job to make adjustments to counter your style. Bradley, boxing is a “thinking man’s game.” Peace out. E-Man.

    • marquez says:

      Yeah Right “exercising the sweet science by running and ducking”.Hit but very scared to get Hit! Yeah Baby that’s Chicken Shit talking! Run Chicken Run!

      • boxingfan says:

        Boxing is about hitting and not getting hit. Only an idiot boxer would take unnessecary punishment if it can be avoided. That doesn’t make a fighter a chicken. Even Pacman tries to avoid punches.

  27. Mr. Piero Evenson says:

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