Timothy Bradley: “I’m going to beat Manny Pacquiao fair and square and then nothing else can be said about it!”

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Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao first met in the ring on June of 2012. It was a fight that people expected would test Manny Pacquiao, as many people within the boxing media were favoring Timothy Bradley to pull the upset and end Pacquaio’s streak of success. The fight was competitive, but at the end of the match, most felt that Pacquiao earned a victory and that it was just a matter of his name being read. When the scores cards were read, to the surprise of many, Timothy Bradley was named the winner and the result set off a fire storm of controversy and the life and career of Timothy Bradley was forever changed.

In part 1 of my “On The Ropes” interview with Timothy Bradley, he talks about his most recent performance in the ring, a decision win against Juan Manuel Marquez. Besides discussing that fight, Bradley talked Ruslan Provodnikov’s impressive win against Mike Alvarado, and the possibility of himself having a rematch with Ruslan. Additionally Tim gave his thoughts on the fight he wants to have most, a rematch with Manny Pacquiao. Here is what Timothy Bradley had to say.

Jenna J: Tim, you’ve had a some time now to reflect on your last fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, how do you feel about the fight now?

Timothy Bradley: It feels fantastic to finally get a really notable win over a top quality opponent in Marquez–especially after knocking out Pacquiao. This has definitely been a goal of mine, I wanted to fight Marquez before he left the game and he chose to fight me and I beat him. It looks great, another win, another great fighter on my resume and I’m just gonna continue to fight the best out there.

Jenna: Alright Tim, people had a lot of questions about you going into the fight, they wondered how you would respond coming back from the Ruslan Provodnikov fight being that it was so tough and so grinding. With this fight here, did you have any doubts in yourself that you’d be okay going into it?

Bradley: No, I didn’t have any doubts in my mind because I remember sparring (Lucas) Matthysse the first day I came back to actually start sparring. I was training for a month and that fifth week I sparred Matthysse and he hit me with some good shots, solid shots, and I was okay. I didn’t feel stunned or dazed or anything like that, so I was like “Oh I’m gonna be fine, I’ll be just fine.” I got hit by one of the hardest punchers in the game during sparring and I didn’t get rattled whatsoever, I knew I was ready.

Jenna: Now do you think people made too much of Marquez’ power coming off of that Pacquiao KO win? You were in there with him, you fought 12 rounds with him, what did you think of the power that you faced?

Bradley: You know what, he hit me with a big left hook in the first round and caught me with two really good uppercuts, I mean I felt the power but the lights definitely didn’t get turned off. I took the shots very well, I didn’t get dazed or anything like that, but I definitely felt the shots on my chin.

He has some power, he has power in both hands, his left hook was really solid, left hook to the body is really solid, uppercut was solid. The straight right hand he didn’t really land that often on me, I took his best weapon away from him, we worked on that in practice and we avoided it.

Jenna: For yourself, what was the biggest change between the Ruslan Provodnikov fight and the Juan Manuel Marquez fight?

Bradley: Well the big change was just mentally I was more relaxed in this fight and I proved and showed the world what I was made of in the Ruslan fight, I chose to fight that way even though I didn’t even train like that, I trained to box, kind of like what I did in this fight against Marquez.

If I would have fought Ruslan smart and just box and pick him and move, he wouldn’t have even touched me, he wouldn’t even have been a close fight, at all. When I did that for the majority of the rounds after the third, it was quite easy.

The difference was just me going back to the drawing board, basically I got that fight past me–the Ruslan fight I showed everyone what I was made of, got a lot of credit for that fight and now it was just–I’m gonna step up and fight a legend in the sport, I have to be smart, I have to box smart, I have to listen to my corner–and that’s what was the main focus on the gym, to follow directions, listen to my corner and box. That’s what I did and I said “If I box my game, he wouldn’t be able to beat me” and it was true.

Jenna: You mentioned Ruslan Provodnikov just a second ago, he recently fought against Mike Alvarado. I’m curious, did you have another chance to see that fight?

Bradley: Yeah, I watched bits and pieces of it, but I knew Ruslan would win the fight. I knew he had a really good chance of winning the fight. I actually bet on him to win the fight and he did. I knew Mike had the ability to actually box, but I didn’t think he would due to the fact that he was in his hometown and after he struggled making weight too, I thought “Oh he’s doomed.”

It’s kind of the same thing I went through, I had problems making weight when I fought Ruslan and I was very dehydrated going into the fight and it showed. I mean, I can take a punch and this guy punches like a mule, he’s the hardest puncher I’ve ever been in the ring with. I’ve been in there with Kendall Holt, Abregu, Pacquiao, Marquez, but nobody punches like Ruslan. Ruslan punches hard, and anybody that might face that guy, they better be careful.

Jenna: Yeah, after you faced him you said that he would be a champion one day. What I have to ask you is, do you have any need to revisit that fight with Ruslan Provodnikov, to beat him more clearly than you did and to not have the problems that you did in the first fight?

Bradley: (laughs) For what? The thing is this, if I go back and revisit that fight, for what? I won a unanimous decision against Provodnikov. Even though he gave me problems early, I chose to fight that way just to prove a point to everybody that I’m a real true champion. I have a heart like a lion.

I decided to trade with this guy to put on a show for the fans and show everyone what I’m made of. I won the fight, and the rounds that I did win, I just boxed. Everybody wants me to go back and fight this guy, for what? He’s gonna get a boxing lesson the next time we fight, then everybody’s gonna criticize me for moving around the ring–saying I ran all night.

There’s no point in revisiting that fight because it will not be the same fight. He will not touch me at all. Ruslan is a champion at 140 lbs, I told everybody he would be a champion because he’s very strong, he’s a big puncher and it’s true, another world champion on my résumé.

People gave me a hard time about fighting him, this guy is a real fighter, he was a dangerous fighter when I got in there and signed the contract, I said “This fight is dangerous because this guy can really fight.” He’s a world champion now, my résumé’s just getting better and better each day because all these guys that I’ve faced and beaten are champions, or former world champions.

Jenna: Tim you are in a unique position in your career now that you have these wins over Pacquiao and now Marquez, and you can really pick your own path. Who do you want to be in the ring with next?

Bradley: Pacquiao, I want the Pacquiao fight. I want the Pacquiao fight for a couple of reasons, one reason is because I can’t move on with my career, I can’t move forward, it’s always a dark side of my career every time someone even mentions Pacquiao, it bothers me. It bothers me because, I don’t know if they are being honest or not.

I have had people come up to me and say ” I thought you won that fight.” That’s great and everything, but the majority of the world that watched that fight said I lost. I don’t think I lost, but a lot of people said that I lost, so I have to go do back and revisit that. I got the guy that knocked him out, Marquez, now I got to go back and seal the deal with Pacquiao.

Hopefully he will get into the ring with me, hopefully we can fight again, and after I beat Pacquiao, then there is nothing else said about it, there is nothing else said about Pacquiao, “Oh he beat you once.” No, I’m going to beat him fair and square and then I can move forward, then I can go forward, but I have to go back revisit that fight, I have to fight this guy.

Jenna: So that fight for you, in your own way, would be for redemption?

Bradley: Absolutely, absolutely, it’s redemption. Fighting Pacquiao actually hurt my career, I couldn’t believe it. Fighting Pacquiao again, the fight will definitely be personal, it wouldn’t be business, it will be personal. It’s going to be cracking if we get back in the ring, and I can’t wait. I just hope this guy wins, beats Brandon Rios, and I hope he calls my name and says he wants to rematch me or something.

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58 Responses to "Timothy Bradley: “I’m going to beat Manny Pacquiao fair and square and then nothing else can be said about it!”"
  1. Manny Niyut says:

    GOOD LUCK, TIM……Just remember he beated you the first time. Be careful you won’t get knocked out though.

    • Bradley you lost to MANNY. MANNY was ROBBED.

      I want to see A BRADLEY vs PROVODNIKOV re-match let us see if BRADLEY is TRUE DESERT STORM FIGHTER or will BRADLEY will CHICKEN OUT. Let us see if he can OUT BOX PROVODNIKOV.


    • laughing hyena says:

      he now thinks he won the fight against pac. prior to the announcement of the winner he thought he lost.

  2. Pedro says:

    You want to fight Pac again? Well, most people have seen that fight and you lost. Pac can say, Bradley again? For what? I already won that fight. The whole world saw I won that fight! For what? You’re the only undefeated boxer with 3 losses. LOL.

    Fight Provodnikov instead. That fight was closer and could have gone either way. I thought Ruslan won.

  3. Quiachon, Leo John says:

    You talk too much TB. It’s a denial in a highest sense what you are doing. Only people who will believe on you are the 3 blind mice and you know that well. The whole planet earth saw how you survived in the hands of Pacman. For sure you feel that lose and just comforting yourself till this time. In my own honest opinion, you are not worth to be given time for a rematch by the Pacman ..

  4. Really Bradley, You want to beat Pacquiao again? I think it’s just right to call the name of Manny because he made you disable after the first fight. You be better carefull of what you are asking, you might end up sleeping without bed these second fight.

  5. sam says:

    you wanna fight pacman?i thought they gave you a bigger offer than the fight with marquez? why the change now?don’t you think that he still command more money?don’t give us that sh……that it’s not money..ca’mon don’t lie…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ruslan won the fight I can’t understand boxing it’s very clear Ruslan won………….

  7. Anonymous says:

    like what Nacho Beristain said in in Bradley Marquez 24/7, after that knockout you just woke up the beast..

    • Anonymous says:

      actually he was talking about the first knockdown. no the actual KO. yes, the KO unleashed the beast… but im sure the beast has been tamed a little bit after that KO.. he will no longer fight as reckless as he did before, i don’t care what he claims he is gonna be a bit more hesitant against rios and u can count on it.

  8. PACMANUSA says:

    Bradley , Fagwether whats the difference they’re both loud mouthed hoodrats !

    Anyone with decent vision KNOWS Paquiao beat that bumm .

  9. Bong says:

    Don’t be bother with all the comments here Timmy, but it seems nobody believe what you say. Seeks the big fight Timmy, Pacquiao, rematch with JMM, Floydie Gayweather, Sergio Martinez, and yes Cotto. The one who can give you a PPV, cause outside these opponents for sure your not a PPV fighter. You can’t even fill a 5,000 capacity venue and if you can, half in attendance are production people, and team members of fighters.

  10. GeargeG says:


  11. GeargeG says:


    • Don Juan says:

      Hold on your horses dude! One at a time, let him fight Pacman first then Provo next ok?

    • leon says:

      that’s why in the middle of the fight, you did hear coach roach telling ruslan that he will stop the fight if his inactivity and defense will not improve. yes, ruslan badly hurt bradley but the former was taking punches almost 5x from the latter too. if only tim has a fraction of pacman’s power, i don’t think the fight would go to the distance! but enough to make ruslan’s corner worried, right?

  12. Don Juan says:

    Now you’re talking! You got my respect Tim, wanting to fight Pacquiao and even mentioning a lot of people think you lost. You really are one of my favorite boxers now win or lose on your next fight.

    • leon says:

      he’s got my biggest respect when like pacquiao, he tried to please the fight fans by standing his ground against ruslan.

  13. Scotty says:

    Lets be honest here, you all know Bradley would outbox Pacquiao in a rematch, thats the reason you don’t wanna see that fight.

    • Anonymous says:

      You saw what really happened on JMM vs Pac fight. Pac was pulverizing JMM until Pac accidentally tripped on JMM left foot that led his momentum to that devastating loss. Pac called u but decided to turn ur back because u know for the fact that u are scared. I bet u just hoping Rios win against Pac so ur rematch wont be taken place…lol… Bogus Champ!

      • leon says:

        you have to learn how to move on. pacquiao is not a God and can be knocked out by any fighters who can land the same way marquez did!

    • leon says:

      that’s also i can think of. although i think pacquiao will win this time as bob will do his best to rebuild pac’s legacy and fame if he will win against rios, leading to the last and perhaps the biggest fight of manny before he retires.

    • Kim says:

      I don’t think so. He didn’t win the first fight. And to say that fighting Pacqiao “hurt
      his career?”. What a whiney, ungrateful little bitch. I saw an interview with Bradley
      before the Pacquiao fight where he claimed he and his father cried with joy
      when Manmy offered him the opportunity to fight. He goes on to rob Manny then says
      it hurt HIS career? These type of comments are why people don’t like him. Manny
      not only made his career, but he was robbed of the obvious win. Geeeeesh

  14. GeargeG says:


    • Phillip Geezy says:

      shit my homeboy Bradley going to have 2 good legs in this fight so I want to c what all these little punks are going to say after Tim beats pacman it not going to be easy but Bradley will win baby

  15. Anonymous says:

    You saw what really happened on JMM vs Pac fight. Pac was pulverizing JMM until Pac accidentally tripped on JMM left foot that led his momentum to that devastating loss. Pac called u but decided to turn ur back because u know for the fact that u are scared. I bet u just hoping Rios win against Pac so ur rematch wont be taken place…lol… Bogus Champ!

  16. Anonymous says:

    You’re full of shit. It wasn’t competitive. Pacman beat the the hell out of that clown.

  17. erap estrada says:

    Really Tim ?

    I will believe you once you stopped running. And when you do that you will no longer end in a wheelchair but in a stretcher as mentioned by another comment.

    Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

    A lot of people were saying you were a nice guy. Was bout to believe them until you became delusional and had your mouth running.

  18. allen says:

    hahaha, fight pacquiao? for what?, dude you just mentioned that same question to this reporter who asked you if you could revisit a fight with Ruslan,, the you said that you have nothing to proved, problem is people shares the same opinion in that fight, majority seems to have ruslan winning,

    move on with pacquiao man, better fight CJ ROSS first, that way you can get mayweather attention.

  19. BERN says:

    You chose to fight Marquez for a lot less money so why beg for Pacquiao now. But I have to give you credit for still fighting Marquez even though he refused to be tested with VADA and is with Angel Herdia well known PED dealer on his training camp. You would lose to Pacman for sure 2nd time around he won’t be nice to you.

  20. Jamal says:

    Timothy had fractures in both feet and Pacquiao still couldnt beat him. Bradley is the superior fighter now so he would knock Pacquiao out in a rematch. Oh and for the record I thought Bradley beat Pacquiao in the first fight.

    • marquez says:

      TB broke his ankles because he was running scared of PAC same thing happened with mosley.If TB did’nt break both ankles will be watching the 100 m dash. He should be in track and field with the Boltman.

      • leon says:

        is this the reason why marquez did not manage to catch tim?manny should join tim and the boltman and learn their techniques. otherwise, manny has to bring pillow on their 5th fight. that if marquez will gamble to risk his greatest victory over fortune!

  21. leon says:

    why all the hate about this guy. he’s just doing what he exactly needs to do. to train hard, fight the best and win the fight. yes, a lot of people thought pac won the fight except for the three judges but was it actually tim’s fault? then another highly contested win against ruslan and again it’s tim’s fault according to pactards. here is more interesting, bradley won against jmm. a lot of people agreed to the three judges this time except jmm and his camp plus his fans and what pactards had to say? yes, bradley for some reason is hard to sell according to bob arum but i think he’s getting there. and what can be better than to erase the doubt who’s actually the better man between him and the pacman. please do not forget that tim just schooled the mexican champ who knocked manny out cold! and perhaps by beating manny fair and square, he will earn the respect he deserves. people should realise that just like pacquiao who has been criticised even by his blind followers of losing his killer instinct that resulted to a humiliating defeat (due to manny abandoned what he has learnt for years and going back to an old reckless offensive machine just to please his fans), bradley chose to fight ruslan toe to toe. and like pacquiao, he almost paid it dearly. the only difference was he had managed to stay on his feet until the final bell!

    • marquez says:

      I don’t hate TB.I just don’t like people who run and call themselves champions.Fight toe to toe and man up Hombre. Boxers who run should’nt be in boxing. 100 m dash will definitely be best for them.

    • marquez says:

      Don’t wanna see pac and Tb 2.Like TB said if he fights Ruslan again he’ll chose to box in otherwords RUN like hell . Imagine that in PAC TB 2! Definitely a snoozer!

  22. DevilDogTodd says:

    Timothy Bradley is a terrific fighter. But he is also a bit of a clown and loud mouth. Timothy…young man….you did NOT beat Pacquiao. It was one of the worse decisions in the history of boxing. One of the judges that scored the fight for you, the woman, also had Mayweather and Alvarez in a draw. She is totally incompetent.

    Pacquaio won the fight….he did not have the killer instinct against you. After he beats the hell out of Rios I hope you do fight him. You are probably going to see the Pacquaio that destroyed De La Hoya, Cotto, Hatton, Mosely, Margarito, and beat Marquez twice before.

    Don’t be fooled. Pacquaio beat you rather easily. He was close to knocking Marquez out but got caught with a great shot. Please fight Manny again. Please. You are a really good fighter. But you are NOT great.

    Pacquiao is great.

  23. Glen says:

    The only reason why Pacquiao offered Bradley a rematch was to lure him with nice guaranteed prize that would somehow leave JMM with no credible opponent. But he choose JMM. Now that things are said and done, I don’t think Manny is going to give Bradley another chance and if he does, it wont be the same handsome prize. Maywether is not giving him a shot… at least not yet.

  24. Baho Puwet says:

    Clearly, there a lot of DEGENERATES in here hating on Bradley:
    – Ruslan lost but should’ve won the fight. He was inactive for a few rounds and gave those away to Bradley. Ruslan himself thought he won the fight BUT after watching the replay, he admitted losing that fight due to inactivity;
    – Bradley clearly LOST to Pacquiao but 2 blind mice, including CJ Ross, unfortunately scored it for Tim;
    – Hey Tim, what’s ur reaction to Pee Wee Marquez and Nacho Wacko crying & whining that they got robbed? I heard they wants to fight u 3 more times….. hoping to get lucky in the 4th fight – LoL

  25. Bigfoot says:

    Hey timmy i’m glad you beat the shit out of sore loser Marquez but 98% of the world thought Pacquiao beat you fair and square. 2% is your family and friend they are lying to you tim!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    try a rematch from Ruslan first before going into pacman fight….obviously your afraid of getting hit again by provodnikov..run desert storm!!..

  27. Anonymous says:

    Yot tim bradley, you are so boring fighter that you can never be as great manny. You are just a bobby pacquiao caliver, or worst. U know uv lost to manny by a wide margin. Even in ruslan fight, u lost. Ur sport should have been on track and field. Bcoz all u do is run. Boring fighter!

  28. SPORTSMAN says:


  29. Ruslan give you concussed and slurd speech while pacqiuoa put you in a wheelchair with broken ankles.now choose how you will fight next. ahihihihi

  30. Regina says:

    Why cant Timmy sell tickets after all of those wins???
    Show me any dominant win Bradley ever had, with Alexander or Pacquiao,
    Provo or Marquez…… there u go.

  31. cjross says:

    seemed odd that past 2 fights by timmy he decided to go toe to toe with ruslan and jmm. but when it came to packy he decided to run. if he had fought like a boxer rather than a track and field athlete people might have more respect for him. so now he’s reborn as a fighter and thinks he’s gonna engage when he’s always been a runaway bride? well, let’s see if you get in the ring with manny if you’ll do what you claim (like in original fight) timothy. i believe that you are mentally scared of the angles, speed, and power possessed by the pacman and that’s why you ran. If you think those skills and that talent has disappeared because of the last fight with jmm you’re so wrong. during the jmm fight manny looked like a beast as i’ve never witnessed. yes he got kod but that’s cuz he fought and didn’t run giving the people a show and what they’ve bitched and moaned for since clottey, mosley, jmm3, and yourself bradley, if bradley fought manny toe to toe he’s gonna have to change his name to dessert brain timmy cuz his head would be tenderized by so much combined punishment from all his previous fights.

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  33. PONG says:

    Sorry Timmy, you miss your chance on Packy…

  34. laughing hyena says:

    now he thinks he won. prior to the announcement of the winner he believed he lost.

  35. jr says:

    im back to my old self…boring…..

  36. Ehl says:

    You always boast that you can beat Manny but the truth is you’re only the Punching Bag of Manny Pacquiao. Lol!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Boxing is fought by fists not by mouth. Boxing is fought by wearing a boxing shoe and not a running shoe! Lol

  38. Anonymous says:

    Rematch??? The last time was a MISMATCH!!! Lol!

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  41. my homeboy Bradley will beat pacman I know so

  42. Bradley will beat many with 2 good legs it will be a very good fight but again my little homie will be victorias

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