Timothy Bradley wants Pacquiao rematch for redemption. Roy Jones Jr. on comeback. Also with Ruslan Provodnikov ~ “On The Ropes” Boxing Radio #202!

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On The Ropes” Boxing Radio is back this week with host Jenna J to cover all the recent fights and news going on in boxing. In this episode I review the fights which took place this past weekend on HBO, the main fight being Ruslan Provodnikov vs. Mike Alvarado. This was a fight for Alvarado’s WBO light welterweight belt, but aside from the title at stake, this was a bout that drew the attention of many fans due to the exciting style of both men. The fight was competitive until the 8th round when Ruslan knocked Alvarado down twice, and ultimately the fight ended in the 10th round after Alvarado‘s corner chose to stop the match. I will talk about the significance this fight had for both fighters and what the future could hold for them.

Aside from this, I will also talk about the controversial story that took place mid week in Australia. The scheduled fight between Shane Mosley and Anthony Mundine was less than 48 hours from happening when Shane Mosley pulled out due to contractual issues leaving many fans upset. I will give my views on the situation and what the next step is for Shane Mosley.

Lastly I will preview the upcoming fight between Bernard Hopkins and Karo Murat. Hopkins at 48 years of age looks to add another win to his record against this mandatory challenger. I will also discuss the other major fight on the card, with Peter Quillin and Gabriel Rosado squaring off for the WBO Middleweight title. Just click on the audio player to listen to the show!

Kicking off this weeks show is Ruslan Provodnikov. Coming off the biggest win of his career, Ruslan gives his thought on becoming champion and what he thought of the fight with Mike Alvarado. The second guest is former IBO champ and current HBO analyst, Roy Jones Jr. Roy makes his 5th appearance to the show and talks about his recently scheduled bout with Bobby Gunn and also gives his views on the biggest stars in the sport. The main guest for this weeks program is welterweight champion, Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley. Bradley talks about his recent victory over Juan Manuel Marquez and what it means to be considered now amongst the top pound for pound fighters. Timothy also speaks on his future plans and calls out for a rematch with Manny Pacquiao!

Mailbag Segment
The mailbag segment is back this week. Fans have been submitting their questions and today they get answered. Topics covered in this episode include:

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. enlisting Robert Garcia

Timothy Bradley’s legacy so far

Guillermo Jones vs. Lebedev rematch being ordered

ESPN’s 30 for 30 ‘No Mas’ documentary

Brandon Rios lashing out at Max Kellerman

And more!

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12 Responses to "Timothy Bradley wants Pacquiao rematch for redemption. Roy Jones Jr. on comeback. Also with Ruslan Provodnikov ~ “On The Ropes” Boxing Radio #202!"
  1. Shower Punches says:

    To Bradley, maybe you focus on Provodnikov next and not to Pacquiao and you know why?
    maybe the next time you meet Pacquiao you will be landing to coma.
    Before you’d just in a wheelchair ,maybe the next will be in a stretcher…..

    • erap estrada says:

      “…Before you’d just in a wheelchair ,maybe the next will be in a stretcher…..”


      You made my day and made me to smile big. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • marvin says:

      money,money money..thats the only reason why bradley wants a piece of pacman again..he knows and all of the boxing world knows that he is a gifted champion,,pacman cant proved anything against him because pacman already whoop his ass,,

  2. Deondre says:

    I think Bradley knocks out Pacquiao in the rematch. Maybe not like Marquez did, but I can see him wearing him down to the body and winning late in the fight.

    • erap estrada says:

      When was the last time Bradley knocked out somebody ? With Ruslan, when he got a bit courageous, Bradley was doing the chicken dance and was almost KTFO. With Pacman, If Bradley’s got balls to go toe to toe, the runner will become a dreamer.

    • shawn rey says:

      you know nothing about boxing

  3. so Bradley said redemption so he accepts he was bitten badly, proved yourself you can bet Pacquiao in a convincing way no to rely on this corrupt judges.

  4. Manny Alkuino says:

    !!! there’s going to be an exciting match up now with Top Rank stable after the spectacular win of Ruslan Provodnikov against Alvarado… yet do not discount the win of Bradley against JMM the young Bradley, just schooled the old JMM, Bradley is toying the old man he cannot pulled his timed bomb right punch to get a lucky shot…. as usual JMM & old man Berienstine cried the judges rob them of the win FAMOUS WORDS OF THE BITTER LOSER, the difference is that JMM fought PACMAN 4 FIGHTS HE SAID HE WON THEM ALL BUT DID NOT HAVE ANY BELT TO VOUCH HIS CLAIM, BRADLEY FOUGHT THE PACMAN ONLY ONCE BUT HE GOT THE BELT TO PROVE HIS CLAIM, so let’s give him the credit most especially now that he conquer also the old man JMM that give the PACMAN a sleeping pill it give a little validity to his fight with the PACMAN so now he has to prove it once again to the PACMAN by a rematch Bob Arum should table this out as soon as possible also the PACMAN should prove that he was really the winner of the first match, in that makes it interesting, the second is JMM is really aching to be a legend back in Mexico by becoming the first & only boxer to have 5 belts in different weights that was denied to him the by the Bradley fight, so now give him a chance to try to get the belt again this time with Ruslan Provodnikov, this fight will suit his fighting style as counter puncher against the aggressive Ruslan IF HE IS STRONG ENOUGH HE MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET THE 5th BELT HE IS ACHING TO ACHIEVED THEN HE CAN REST IN PEACE WITH THAT WIN,…now the interesting side comes in if the PACMAN’s rematch with Bradley will give back the WBO belt to him then, both the PACMAN & JMM HAS A BELT IT WOULD BE EXCITING TO SEE THEM AGAIN SQUARE OFF BOTH PROTAGONIST ARE A CHAMPION!!! FORGET ABOUT THE WEATHER BOY!!! THAT’S GONG TO BE A HIT MAKER MATCH TO HAPPEN IF ALL THE STARS WILL ALIGN IN UNISON!!!

  5. ram ozar says:

    only for the sake of money….he will be running again like chicken…boring fight from bradley…

  6. For everyone moaning about fighters ‘Running’ etc – put it like this…….If Paqcuiao had the skill and ability to fight in a style of a Mayweather, a Rigondeaux, a Tim Bradley, do you think he would fight the way he does?

    Its hit and don’t get hit the last time I checked. No rules that say you have to take one to land one.

    Just because a skilled, slick, technical fighter wins a fight on the back foot and out points the other fighter does that mean he is running? Certainly not, far from it. It’s professional prize fighting and being professional and using your ability to win as opposed to using your face as your guard is certainly unprofessional and foolish.

    You do what you need to do to win with what you have. Why cant people see that?

    • cj moore says:

      people are sheep. If you press the mind long enough it will flatten out. You can make a person think what you want him to think by marketing his thoughts to him. Its funny all of a sudden we have gone away from the sport the science of boxing. They worked hard to take the what boxing is and turn it into something else. Slowly created more belts slowly created catch weights slowly make you forget about past accomplishments. Then you judge things based on the new perception of boxing and discredit you for the real aspects of boxing. Guiliermo is encredible Foyd is incredible, bradley is incredible, They are black and stylish slick quick and strong. To even the playing field take the those attributes and discredit them and you become boring non excepted. That who black fighter are before they are boxers. That is just what it is, So be some else and be excepted to even the playing field. Gatti Ward look great together. Slick boxers whipped they’re ass. Floyd beat a young DelaHoya at his weight. An undefeated Hatton a young undefeated Corrales, A strong young Castillo, it goes on and on. An undefeated Canelo. Now Manny beats an older DelaHoya dehydrated at a weight he had not been at in 10 yrs, A Dehydrated Cotto an already knocked out Hatton, A payolla Mosely, A Payolla Clottey. All of them way after Floyd eat them on the other fighter s terms. If Floyd looses his career will be promoted as over and he will be discredited. Manny gets kknocked out he is still seen as the guy to beat. If you look at the ranking non black fighters loose and maintain status a black fighter looses he drops off the face of rankings. The public believes what you tell them and they run with it. Its pushed on so hard that a person who has no knowledge of something swears by it, do to marketing. Floyd cherry picked Canelo I knew that would be said.