With Pacquiao’s return to dominance he is now the biggest threat to Floyd Mayweather Jr

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Manny Pacquiao made his return to the ring this past weekend in Macau, China against Brandon Rios and did so in very impressive fashion. The former 8 division world champion dominated the fight from the opening bell to the finish and won almost every second of every round. Pacquiao showed no ill effects from his KO defeat to Marquez, and with the speed, skills and athleticism that he put on display, he looked like a fighter that would be a tough man for anyone to beat.

Around the boxing circles today, it is widely regarded that Floyd Mayweather Jr is the number 1 pound for pound in the world, but there has always been one question surrounding Mayweather, how do you beat him? It is the question that few boxers have come close to answering and it’s a riddle that no boxer today seems close to solving. The current pound for pound king is currently 45-0 and most recently was seen climbing up one weight class to beat formally undefeated, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Since that fight, many people have had theories on how to beat Mayweather.

On recent editions of “On The Ropes” radio, the theory that most guests shared was that with the right amount of aggression, pressure and speed Floyd Mayweather can be defeated. The issue is, you need a special fighter carry out this plan of attack, a fighter who has the speed and conditioning to go at Mayweather from opening bell. We’ve seen fighters like Robert Guerrero attempt a straight forward attack but have zero success. There is one fighter that has the ability to do this, and that fighter is none other than Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. 

If he does meet Mayweather in the ring, I believe he will give Floyd the toughest fight of his career. The speed and power of Pacquiao, along with his southpaw style have been too much for a lot of boxers out there, besides Juan Manuel Marquez, every fighter that has met Pacquiao in the ring has been either outworked, outclassed, or knocked out. The southpaw style has given Mayweather issues in the past, as he was losing the early rounds again Zab Judah until Judah’s poor stamina and temper got the best of him. 

If Mayweather and Pacquiao do have their long awaited match up against each other, I believe that Manny Pacquiao can not only compete with Floyd, but has the ability to be the first man to defeat him. Pacquiao’s attributes will give Mayweather issues and cause him to be more defensive minded and also cause him to tire. The relentless pressure of a man with the speed and quickness of Pacquiao will wear on Mayweather and either cause him to lose a fair amount of the late rounds or even cause a scenario in which he actually folds down the stretch. 

Brandon Rios is obviously several steps below a fighter like Mayweather, but one thing that was evident in the fight was that Pacquiao is still hungry and motivated. From Mayweather’s point of view, he should welcome a fight with Pacquiao, as he is running out of elite competition to face. I don’t think anyone would argue that a Mayweather – Pacquiao fight would be the biggest boxing event in recent history.

With Floyd Mayweather Sr. recently stating on “On The Ropes” that he would be open to making a fight with Pacquiao, then this fight that was nothing more than a fantasy of boxing fans, could become a reality, and if it does, don’t be surprised if Manny Pacquiao becomes the first man to defeat the greatest boxer of our time. Styles make fights and Pacquiao has the right style to beat Mayweather.

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36 Responses to "With Pacquiao’s return to dominance he is now the biggest threat to Floyd Mayweather Jr"
  1. ricardo divinagracia says:

    let’s get it on come May 2014 Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, don’t prolonged the demands of the people…we waited for so long for this blockedbuster fight. The time is right to fight now. Go pacman…go Mayweather let’s see who’s the best fighter in our time.

  2. lefthandbomb says:

    Biggest threat? based off of what! He beat a tune up guy and could only beat him by points. Mayweather would toy with this version of Pacquiao. and would probably knock him out late. Just because this guy got his first “win” since 2011 does not make him back, what makes him back is he can defeat the bums that beat him, then this silly talk can start again.

    • cecille reyes says:

      hey lefthandDUMB…..quit drugs first okay? The gaypower cant even KO the ghost and the cutie pie canelo huh! tell him to stop running…..and you? go to rehab first!

      • johntor Del Corro Tero says:

        Yah lefthandbomb go to rehab first and pls quit drugs after rehab coz your getting paranoid kid 😛

    • Deo de Guzman says:

      just to refresh you Mr Lefthandbomb. Mayweather KO’d Hatton in the later rounds, Paquiao in the 1st then finally in the 2nd. He had a hard time defeating Cotto winning by decision only whereas Paquiao not only defeated but KO’d Cotto in devastating style. In fairness, Mayweather defeated Marquez easily where Paquiao had a hard time and was even kayoed in their last fight. Paquiao was then winning and was ahead in all scorecards when this lucky punch came. Overall, Paquiao was still ahead in their head to head clash 2 to 1. By the way, Mayweather defeated de la Hoya via split decision only whereas Paquiao had him Via TKO. So if you are not satisfied with the way Paquiao beat Rios on points, you have to be fair reading my stats above and be the judge.

    • BoxingFan says:

      who would you have floyd fight next? your kidding yourself if you think manny isnt the best opponent for floyd. not saying he would win but who else would you rather have floyd fight. if he fought guererro then surely manny is worthy. if you say he would toy with manny then let him, cause he’d for sure toy with everyone else. so whats the difference?

    • JunRom says:

      Of course Floyduck can’t KO the Pacman because Gayweather will not fight him.

      1. Floydie has records of ducking boxers like the prime Cotto, Margarito, etc.
      2. Floydie made many demands from Packy like blood testing, weight at 154,
      40M U$D offer with no PPV share, Arum should not be involved in the fight,
      and many more demands.
      3. In one interview he said, Pacquiao you’re next, but later on denied he said
      that and accuse the media to put WORDS in his mouth.
      4. His first action to avoid Packy is the fake retirement, the latest and very obvious
      one is he switch to Showtime to ensure he won’t fight Manny.
      5. He accuse Manny a PED user but later denied it after paying a cash settlement
      for his no proof accusation. He agreed to pay Manny when Pacman’s group
      tried to secure records of his drug testing results, maybe he’s the PED user.

      You should be a moron if you can’t understand that Floyd is avoiding Manny, wake up dude.

      Floydie being a one-two puncher will be overwhelmed by one-to-eight combo puncher
      Pacquiao. If they meet in the ring I can see Floyd always running or be like Clottey hiding
      in the shell.

    • reyocs says:

      we will wait in any days from now the other demand of lil floyd..

    • rey says:

      Floyd had many alibi in the past! The obvious and very obvious is his cowardness! Pacquiao give him a lesson in his entire life, a defeat and humiliation that floyd never had! Floyd is full of talk, his tounge is faster than his hands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really! how? Floyd don’t wanna fight pacquiao because he’s a has been.. Now that Pacquiao proved his not a has been, what’s Mayweather have to say right now? Is he running out of excuses? Probably thinking another one!

    • rey says:

      Floyds level is not impressive! His entire career is to RUN & Talk!
      Run, run run!

    • dekahana says:

      Don’t think so bro! Except for Ortiz, which he sucker-punched, when was the last time Floyd knocked out anybody?By the way, for Floyd to even have a chance of knocking out Pacquiao, he would have have to take RISKS and engage him, the same way Marquez did (he did knock out Pacquiao, but he got busted up real bad and was in line for being taken out himself, until he uncorked that perfect counter-punch). But RISKS and FLOYD don’t belong in the same sentence. Floyd’s game plan: pot-shot and run! So despite the big expectations, Floyd’s going to make it a very boooring fight…and probably win! Unless, Pacquiao manages to get to him …and I don’t think it’s beyond him being able to actually do so, as Floyd struggles with southpaws. Floyd has that “0” because he has not made any mistakes…. …so far! But there’s always a first time!

    • Willy Luceda says:

      Idiot!!! If you hate Manny’s attributes in boxing and you don’t want to see how your gay Mayweather compete to Manny, you’ll be sorry to see the greatest fight of our time. You just simply hate and hate. Get inside your room and suck Masyweather’s dick.

    • Anonymous says:

      boxers box for money and honor. mayweather box for money and honor. if mayweather believes manny is a has been then that would be good for him. for sure he will win with money and honor. fans will pay for it then u got the money. then fans will praise mayweather for beating manny whom they think the greatest threat for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s get fighting and we will see too much talking …

  3. his not the best fighter of this time.but pacqiuao will.his undeafeted record will not elevate him as the best fighter.

  4. Manny Niyut says:


  5. lefthandbomb says:

    Pacquiao fought most of the guys that Mayweather fought only after ruined them, or while they were weight drained. Hatton was ruined after that KO defeat in 10 rounds, PAC took out left overs. De La Hoya was weight drained and was a zombie out there after having to fight at a weight he had not fought at in 8 years. Mosley did better against Pac then he did against Mayweather. Cotto was not weight drained with he fought Mayweather, Pac FOUGHT him at 150 and drained. Oh and Marquez beat Pac 4 times. So I think Pac should fight the guy that destroyed him, and actually beat him for once, before talking about anyone else

    • cecille reyes says:

      no point arguing with this sick dumb!

    • rey says:

      Floyds level is not impressive! His entire career is to RUN & Talk!
      Run, run run!

    • Deo de Guzman says:

      Reg what Mr Lefthandbomb said that Mosley did better against Pacman than he did against Mayweather, here are some facts & datas to dispute your knowledge. Mayweather was almost knock out by Mosley in the 2nd rd during their fight on May 2010, whereas Paquiao knock down Mosley in the 2nd rd the following year. MAYWEATHER MOSLEY judges scorecard, 119-109/118-110/119-109; PAQUIAO MOSLEY scorecard, 119-108/120-108/120-107.

  6. cecille reyes says:

    and can i borrow your “and oh” Mayweather was beaten by Castillo in their 1st bout and by DLH. hahaha

  7. Deo de Guzman says:

    Mayweather fought Alvarez at a catch weight also(I think 152 instead of the light middleweight limit of 155). Paquiao fought Cotto at 145 and not 150. Cotto use to fight at welterweight(147 lbs) and Paquiao fought him first before Mayweather. You mean to say Cotto is also ruined when Mayweather fought him? Did you see the face of Mayweather after he fought the damage Cotto?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lmao. You idiots just don’t get it! Pacquiao was never or never will be on Floyd’s level. Bob (i was lying yesterday but today im telling the truth) arum knows this. That why he keep lying to the dummies that will believe him! It’s no doubt in my mind that both of the fighters want the fight, but bob don’t want it until its most likely the last fight of Manny contract with Top rank! And Floyd is not gonna do business with Arum hence De la Hoya and Cotto. As soon as they all left top rank the fights was easily made. If Manny doesn’t re-up his contract with Arum after 2014, I think the fight will happen in 2015.

  9. Gregg Padolina Bautista says:

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao…

  10. Gregg Padolina Bautista says:

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao is the best choice for 2014, It’s not for money, it’s for boxing sport…

  11. emerson manacap says:

    it’s time for floyd Gayweather to stop making excuses. he’s a fighter with a second thought to fight the pacman..

  12. nwo says:

    guerrero ortiz canelo better then pac?? hahaha there is a big reason why floyd wont pick a fight with pac.. if pac is so easy.. why not him? this is comical how floyd and his intelligent fans twisted it.. just cant accept truth.. pac will go down in history better than floyd.. even today historians are already secured pac ahead of floyd.. research on it!
    All the talk how floyd can do all sort of this and that to pac.. lolz don’t kid yourself.. pac is the only threat to him.. ask Floyd why for so many years he has avoided him if he was easy picking as he was saying..

  13. supersonic says:

    Well said, Mr. Author. A very interesting event if it happens indeed. To put a halt to all these disaggreements, I’d say…No one and absolutely no one can say who the better fighter really is, UNTIL THEY FIGHT.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It don’t matter if Floyd fights him or not!!! Win, lose, or draw haters are going to criticize him. If he wins critics will say Pacquaio was over the hill, or to small, wasn’t a good enough boxer, and so on and so forth!! So really what’s the point in talking about this fight, its a lose lose situation for Floyd either he wins and gets hammered by critics for fighting a little guy or he loses and gets hammered and mocked for losing to a little guy!! So what’s the point?