Floyd Mayweather Sr: “If Pacquiao loses this time, he should not be thinking about no retirement, he should just quit, because it’s over!”

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When it comes to outspoken people in the sport, few seem to find themselves in the boxing headlines as much as Floyd Mayweather Sr. He is the father and trainer of his son, Mayweather Jr. and is widely regarded as one of the best trainers in the sport of boxing, and recently has been seen making the news for some of his outside the ring efforts. He has had public scuffles with fellow trainer Ruben Guerrero as part of his upcoming reality show “The Knockout” and got fans interested in seeing the 61 year old former boxer enter the ring against Guerrero to settle their differences.

In part 1 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr. I discuss with him the ongoing beef between himself and the Ruben Guerrero, and if he thinks they will officially step in the ring. Floyd also gives his thoughts on the recent announcement of Pacquiao-Bradley II, the amount of money Pacquiao is making for the bout, and how he thinks the fight will play out. Additionally Mayweather gives his thoughts on whether or not Pacquiao should retire if he loses the rematch, and if he could see if son facing Bradley. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna J: Floyd you have been seen in public having a few stir ups with trainer Ruben Guerrero during the filming of your upcoming reality show, what’s been going on with that?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I think he’s upset because his son lost to my son, Floyd Mayweather Jr, so I think he’s upset about that, and I’m going to tell you this right here, if he decides to take a fight with me, I’m going to do him worse than my son did his son.

Jenna: As part of this whole reality show Floyd, have there been talks about you two meeting in the ring to settle your differences?

Mayweather Sr: They’ve been talking about it pretty much, they are talking about a date. I’m going to tell you the truth, I ain’t got to run for him, I ain’t got to do no road work, I ain’t got to do nothing, all I have to do it get in there and whoop him and knock him out, that’s all I need to do. Whatever the date is, I don’t care if it’s tomorrow, I’m ready!

Jenna: What has your experience on “The Knockout” been like?

Mayweather Sr: Everything has been going good, it seems like it’s really going to come off good. These guys been fighting and stuff, and they’ve been fighting real good, things are just looking good. So far I still got two fighters that left, I think only one guy has got all his fighters gone now, it’s only me and Guerrero that got fighters left.

Jenna: Floyd recently it was announced that Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao are going to meet in a rematch, what do you think about that fight being next for Pacquiao?

Mayweather Sr: I’ll be honest, he keeps talking about my son, he wants some money. Pacquiao wants some money, and it don’t look like it’s happening right now. The only way he’s going to get some money is if he fights Floyd, that’s no money what he’s getting right now.

He might be getting a good lump sum of money, but it ain’t the kind of money he wants by fighting Floyd. He want him and Floyd to go 50/50, and Floyd ain’t got to settle for that cause Floyd is way beyond Pacquiao right now. Floyd ain’t got to settle for no 50/50, none of that stuff, Floyd can call the shots now, Floyd is not going to settle for that.

Jenna: Now Floyd, being the fact that he is fighting Bradley next, do you see any danger for Pacquiao in that fight, a chance of him losing?

Mayweather Sr: Well like I said, I really can’t tell you about the fight, I have seen the fight before, I really was not into the fight because it was no real exciting fight. It was no fight where you could say, “Oh man, we want to see a rematch,” it was no fight like that.

I can’t say either one of them are going to knock the other one out cause I don’t know, but I’m just saying I think it’s going to be a long fight, long lasting fight like it was before, and neither one of them are going to look good, cause neither one of them looked good before.

Jenna: Floyd do you think Pacquiao will be looking towards retirement if he loses the fight?

Mayweather Sr: If Pacquiao loses this time, he should not be thinking about no retirement, he should just total, just quit, over, he don’t have to think about, just stop, quit, because it’s over. If he gets beat this time, because he’s been stopped, that showed one thing right there to me when he got stopped the first time, you know what the showed me, so if he gets stopped again it’s time for him to quit. It’s over.

Jenna: If Bradley beats Pacquiao, do you think we could see a Bradley-Mayweather fight?

Mayweather Sr: Oh yeah, well of course Bradley wants to get the same thing that Pacquiao’s getting. Right now there ain’t no fighter that don’t want to get that paycheck that my son is giving them. Any of them are willing to fight Floyd, they are willing to fight King Kong, they are willing to fight anybody for that kind of money fight now.

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39 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Sr: “If Pacquiao loses this time, he should not be thinking about no retirement, he should just quit, because it’s over!”"
  1. Barok says:

    Da Manny got better as a result of the KO loss from Marquez. Da Manny has more footwork and defense now. With the same style he did with Rios, Da Manny will win on points with Bradley, then Marquez, and finally Gayweather. Da Manny will give Gayweather a dose of his own medicine, olympic-style boxing winning on points without a risk.

    • Anonymous says:


    • ed says:

      But if Pacman wins, you should be prepared to face him. No excuses. And keep your mouth shut and that goes to your son too.

  2. Edgar Nacario says:

    The Ducks Gayweathers are really scared of the Pacman they want Manny to retire now so the call for a Mayweather-Pacquiao will die out. Goes to show that they are running out of excuses for ducking Pacquiao or are getting tired running from a Pacquiao fight.. LOL. I remember this Mayweather Sr. telling an interviewer after the Pacquiao-Cotto fight, “I would advise my son not to take the Pacquiao fight. I fear for my son’s life/health if he fights Pacquiao”

  3. Alviend says:

    Dang this old fool. If TIM wins, Floyd will not be dancing with the guy for two basic reason (1) he made ducking a REAL challenge, an acceptable art form (thanks to Floyd’s die hard fans who buy Floyds PPV) and (2) He will not give TIM the kind of money he’ll be getting with TR, Floyd is too GREEDY and SHOWTIME, will not be able to give Floyd the guarantee Floyd is expecting. Sr, is really getting crazy. Is it because of old age or the drug use????


  5. ironmike says:

    Floyd sr:

    “Well like I said, I really can’t tell you about the fight, I have seen the fight before, I really was not into the fight because it was no real exciting fight. It was no fight where you could say, “Oh man, we want to see a rematch,” it was no fight like that.”

    excuse me sir! when your coward son fights, it’s always a damn snooze fest! always running! your son should compete in 100 meter dash with Usain Bolt because Floyd jr runs faster that Usain Bolt!

    ya’ll Mayweathers are a big fuckin joke to boxing! y’all CLOWNS of boxing!

  6. joe pepter briol says:

    How about if win haha! …well obviously your son hide again under your long pants.run run run away.your son well recognize as best coward pound for pound fighter.

  7. juliusherald says:

    Floyd Sr: You better tell your coward son to quit boxing because cowardice is strictly pROHIBITED AND VERY EMBARRASING in boxing.

  8. noelzki says:

    the Sr Gayweather, Sr Coward, Sr thrashtalker and Sr Ducker is doing what he does best again!!!

  9. boydura says:

    I stop reading after I saw the name Floyd Mayweather.

  10. eduardo says:

    Mayweather is the ONLY …,I repeat the ONLY black American boxers that has white EGGS / BALLS that makes him unique.Just imagine black skin with WHITE EGGS / BALLS.So,what does it means.It means HIS A COWARD.

    What a shame !!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Floyd Sr is forever nutty. Pacquiao didn’t lose to Bradley the first time. Just as Floyd Jr didn’t fight Canelo to a draw the last time.

  12. Zaldy says:

    Well it’s pretty obvious now to is real boxing fan. Junior is duckin, senior and even floyd fans are ducking the Pacman!

  13. LIO says:

    And this is coming from DUCKER Sr.

    Stop talking Duck Family , start fighting cowards !

  14. Glen says:

    If Pacquiao loss this time, Floyd jr still wont fight him cause he(Floyd) is a pussy….

  15. oga tatsumi says:

    Why would we believe you ” predator” , you have no credibility to comment about Manny Pacquiao. Why don’t you convince your coward son to fight Pacman, you are tarnishing the good reputation of black people, the brave and courageous.

  16. aginesjr says:

    What do you expect if you interviewed a CLOWN? Of course it will be FUNNY, soooooo FUNNY and full of LIES too. LOL

    • Gomaking says:

      absolutely…….just look at the face of Gayweather Sr. no need for him to use a mascara …..lols

  17. Edgar Nacario says:

    To All Boxing/Fight Fans, Please join FLOYDCOTT to force these clowns to put up or retire. BOYCOTT all Mayweather fights until he fights the Pacman. Please stop buying the Duck/chicken’s PPV’s because he gets encouraged to go on ducking the Pacman. FLOYDCOTT! FLOYDCOTT! FLOYDCOTT! To pressure Showtime to give us the fights that we want.

  18. FOK the Mayweathers thye’re bad for boxing practically ruined it

  19. Lokey says:

    Blah blah blah. Typical BS. Manny will destroy bradley easier than last time bc the real manny will show up. Bradley has NO fucking chance despite his last 2 fights. Easy night for pacman.
    Floyd is all excuses and will never fight manny bc he is a threat. Poor excuse for a champion. He will go down as the dude who avoided the best fighters.

  20. phil borda says:

    A genius proposition from Mayweather, Sr. A retired Paquiao is the surest way to avoid the embarrassment of continually eluding Pacquiao and being branded a coward.

  21. ed says:

    but if manny wins, you must prepare for another excuse for your coward son to duck pacquiao.

  22. Gochie says:

    From what you are saying in this interview, you and your son are really afraid of the Pacman.

  23. mike says:

    Gayweather family

  24. Anonymous says:

    Mayweather family is a joke in boxing.The most coward boxer of all time.

  25. Johnny says:

    Fuck you Mayweather!! Fight Pacmam.

  26. edel says:

    TBE ??? Please fight our humble fighter.Pretty please!

    • edel says:

      “if in the eyes of our creator we are all equal” how come the self proclaimed TBE??? THINKS HE IS ABOVE ALL!!! lol

  27. shawn rey says:

    Another moronic view, another old man just afraid of Manny to fight his son….Ha haha he wants Manny to quit boxing so to avoid a possible fight with his coward son.

  28. John Famous boxer from boxerOxer category, says:

    Readin all you people comments is more fun than owing an ant farm, almost!

  29. Jeff says:

    YA its in Floyd sr and KFC JR’S WISHING MANNY WILL Quit and the MONEY WHY KFC JR WONT FIGHT MANNY IS BULLSHIT,US True fans know hes scarred and he hides behind the money excuse along with daddy and uncle roger.WHY IN THE HELL DO THEY CARE ABOUT HOW MUCH MANNY OR SAY EVEN BRADLEY WINS OFF OF JR THERE FILTHY RICH?? Pacman said hed fight for no money so whatcha gotta say NOW !!! FELLAS.

  30. Jeff says: