Floyd Mayweather Jr sweepstakes, who should his next opponent be between Amir Khan & Marcos Maidana? Vote!

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In a recent poll conducted through this website I asked the boxing fans a simple question, “Who would you REALLY like to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight next.” Over 1,100 boxing fans answered and the result was overwhelmingly clear. Manny Pacquiao was voted as the fighter that boxing fans most want to see be matched with Mayweather. Pacquiao garnered 92% of the vote, 1068 total votes, with the next closest fighter being Gennady Golovkin at 2% and 26 total votes.

(first poll results here)

Part of the goal of the poll was also to see who fans wanted to see meet Mayweather in the ring on May 3rd, as Floyd asked the fans to choose between former light welterweight champion Amir Khan, and reigning WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana. The vote through the website actually saw the two boxers finishing dead even, with 2% of the vote, and 20 votes each. But in a poll that has so many fans going in one direction, it is not an accurate result.

Who do you want to see Floyd Mayweather Jr fight on May 3rd? Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana
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This new poll will have only two options to pick from, and you can only vote one time. You can choose either Amir Khan, who is coming off a decision win against Julio Diaz, and has won two straight fights, or Marcos Maidana who is coming off arguably the upset of the year against Adrian Broner and has won four bouts in a row. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is giving the fans a chance to have their voices be heard so here is your chance to tell him which of these two fighters you would prefer to see him in the ring with.

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43 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Jr sweepstakes, who should his next opponent be between Amir Khan & Marcos Maidana? Vote!"
  1. Gregory says:

    Maidana because he beat Broner

    • mayweather says:

      NEITHER! no point at all! mayweather wants us to vote who he should fight next yet he’s leading us to who he really wants to fight by making us choose two fighters not including pacquiao. he already knows who the boxing world wants him to fight next, and that’s the pacman. demeaning us fans and making us look like jackasses by doing his stupid poll survey! THERE IS NO NEED FOR A SURVEY FOR CRYING UT LOUD! FIGHT PACQUAIO!

      • Anonymous says:

        Right! Boxing ia MANO A MANO! Always fight the best fight available! Be the TBE by fighting the best fight out there not by endless alibis and bs! You don’t need to be a boxer to face somebody who’s questioning your manhood! Only a coward will look away.

  2. free mercado says:


  3. PACMANUSA says:

    Let Marquez fight him !

    Then it can be the all time championship of WHINERS !

  4. jonax says:

    fight pacquiao..

  5. Anonymous says:

    You need to fight Pacquiao! !!!!

  6. balagtas says:

    Depending of what kind of fighting style we want to see.
    If we want a fight running all around the ring better choose Khan (or even Rigoendoux), this fight is anybodys ball game.
    But if we choose Maidina, we know that Maidina is flat footed but if he is lucky enaough to throw just one solid punch in early round like what he done to Broner then small chance is possible.
    I still beleive that only Pacquiao has the 50/50 chance of giving Mayweather a non stop punch that will give Money a hell of a fights.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Maidana & khan are easy fight for Mayweather. Fight Pacquiao.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I prefer to see mayweather vs pacquaio…they need to stop making these stupid fight…

  9. Iriga city boy says:

    Jenna J has much more credibility than the camp of the Mayweather in asking the fans of their preferences in a poll.
    Jenna sprinkles the poll with a variety of boxers.There is a multiple selection.Very fair and democratic.
    But the Mayweather poll only limits the choice to two boxers.So what kind of logic is that? Very Unfair to the fans.It’s tantamount to dictating.How if I don’t like the two boxers?
    But I bet you there are people who will still defend that unreasonable polling by the Mayweather side.
    People,see the difference? People better think what is right.

  10. he5ro says:

    lets boytcott mayweather fight not until he figth the pacman

  11. ric says:

    Maidana is an easy opponent for Mayweather i think Khan is more deserving since he has speed and styles.Floyd knows he can beat easily maidana by using his running tactics just what had happened to his previous fight with Robert Guerrero.Khan couldn’t be an easy opponent for Floyd since he is faster than him and this will bother his defense mechanism.

  12. pikkon says:

    Floyd Mayweather is looking for a sparring partner to please himself?..

  13. RumirNemo says:

    The Fans had spoken…so … its useless and pointless for AMER KHAN to state his case… Amir Khan is NOW questioning Floyd Money May on if Floyd really wants and easy fight i n Marcos Maldana?…. ow come-on Amer khan… you have no RIGHT TO QUESTION PRETTY BOY… FOR The REASONS that it is the fight Fans who chooses MARCUS MALDANA

  14. bernie says:

    I’m not choosing between weak opponent 1 and weak opponent 2. Floyd can either fight Pac or GG or he can stfu about how great he is.

  15. Barok says:

    The Khan fight would be a financial disaster for Showtime. Maidana fight would also be boring although better than Khan. So either would result in low PPV , maybe 100-200K. That’s good news for Da Manny coz his fight with Tim would surely outsell Gayweather v Maidana/Khan. Then Da Manny would get a leverage in negotiation with Floyd. It does not matter who Floyd fights. The fans will boycott it anyway.

  16. Alviend says:

    So its back to those two. My vote… NO VOTE.

  17. Alviend says:

    If its free TV, I pick Khan…. he he he.

  18. Edgar Nacario says:

    I would prefer that all boxing fans do a FLOYDCOTT of all Mayweather fights until he agrees to fight the Pacman. BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! ALL MAYWEATHER FIGHTS. WE DON’T WANT MAIDAN NOR KHAN, WE WANT PACQUIAO.TO SHUT UP MAYWEATHER JR.

  19. Spectator says:

    He wants fans to pick between the two that he picked? Funny lol…

  20. Spectator says:

    Floyd is afraid to make a choice, he might fuked up again like when he picked the broncos and lost at least $10M.

  21. Ed says:

    HAHA LOL..The fans really know what’s best for them, and Floyd does not care

  22. mac2x says:

    Boycott mayweather fight..until he fight pacman..

  23. Albert Gatbonton says:


  24. saniboy says:

    if you think because Maidana won versus mayweather copycat,he can’t win with the real Mayweather Jr.

  25. floid says:

    include the pacman in your survey and you will get the right result!

  26. Danny Martin says:

    Maidana is flat footed and he won’t have a chance against Floyd

  27. Joe says:

    So will fight the one fans pick first, and the other guy next…what a joke.

  28. Gary Taylor says:


  29. Darius says:

    Maidana will inflict the first defeat on Mayweather, he will catch him early and what follows will be shocking on a level reminiscent of Tyson Douglas. Maidana is underrated and that will be his surprise strength.

  30. El Critico says:

    Pac must go back to doing what he loves best….selling cigarettes in the streets….nyahahahahahhaha.

  31. El Critico says:

    Pacquiao is fighting for his taxes…..ahahahahahahahah.

  32. El Critico says:

    Every pedquiao fan will be taxed for watching free live streaming pay per view…….you bunch of freeloaders.

  33. El Critico says:

    Pacland will be called Floydland in the future……..coz money talks and bullsh!t walks…hahhahahahahahaha

  34. El Critico says:

    You guys if you’re reading this, don’t ever go to Pinoygreats thats where all the criminals reside, bunch of leeches and freeloaders, fcc should close that site for illegally showing pay per view without any permission from HBO and SHOWTIME, someone here should report that site to the FCC and make them pay for their crime.

  35. FraudHype says:

    Fight Pacquiao. Floyd wanna run surveys and whoever the people pick he is gonna beat. And when he gets booed after the fight, all he has to say is “I fought who the people wanted me to fight!” He knows fighting Maidana will sell more tickets because Maidana whoop his lil brother Broner’s ass! There is an angle to hyping up a Maidana fight. Khan is just another sparring partner. Floyd is a businessman pimping anyone who would listen to the hype!

  36. honey says:

    Maidana has power but it will be useless against Floyd… Khan has speed but weak chin and not enough power… neither of them can beat Floyd…

  37. KOartist says:

    Both boxers are paid losers so what can I do? Boycott the show.

  38. Pro-Box says:

    People picking Miadana for FMJ clearly knows nothing about boxing…Maidanas got nothing to create problems for Fraud. Yes hes got a punchers chance, but thats about it. Im no fan of Kahn by any means but hes got attributes that will create problems for fraud.

  39. dobidoo says:

    el clits is here again!! the ultimate pactard!! bwahahha

  40. Edgar Nacario says:

    No boxing fan should pay for this cherry-picked highway robbery of the Fraud Mayweather. We should continue with FLOYDCOTT! FLOYDCOTT! FLOYDCOTT! BOYCOTT all of the Greatest Ducker/Coward of All Time’s fights. FLOYDCOTT! FLOYDCOTT! FLOYDCOTT! The fans have spoken. We want Mayweather-Pacquiao not Mayweather-Khan nor mayweather-Maidana. We want to see the greatest runner/ducker fight the greatest offensive fighter of our time. Duck Mayweather, PUT UP OR RETIRE.